Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Giveaway

TLB is excited to bring you this giveaway from new sponsor Arm’s Reach®.  A struggle that is common to most new parents is what to do in regards to their baby’s sleep needs.  Arm’s Reach® CO-SLEEPER® may be a part of the solution for you.  This giveaway is an opportunity for you to get better acquainted with them and your chance to enter to win one of their adorable bassinets.  Arm’s Reach is also sponsoring our series on night weaning.  Check them out over here!  Let’s start with a bit of general information about Arm’s Reach and then owner, Sharon, will answer a few questions for us. 


The Arm’s Reach® CO-SLEEPER® comes in a wide variety of styles, fashions, and sizes. Some features include: co-sleeping mode, bassinet mode, and, in select products, a play yard mode.  The product line has something for everyone – whether you have a preference for a particular style, or have limited space requirements, Arm’s Reach has a Co-Sleeper® for you. We are also proud to offer a high-quality line of Organic accessories. The Arm’s Reach® CO-SLEEPER® is widely distributed throughout the U.S., and is even available in many countries around the world. Our patented CO-SLEEPER® technology is highly recommended by leading experts: James J. McKenna Ph.D. (author & Director of the Mother-Child Sleep Lab at the Notre Dame University), and Dr. William Sears (renown Pediatrician and author of 40+ books on infant care that are translated to over 40 languages around the world).


You can sleep better knowing your infant is in arm’s reach.


TLB:  What inspired you to start Arm’s Reach?

Sharon:  As parents, we wanted to experience the bonding and ease of feeding but were concerned for the safety of the baby. We realized that there was a way to still have both, the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® was born out of that belief. It allows the best of the two worlds – safe co-sleeping and easy breastfeeding!

TLB:  What would you like TLB readers to know about Arm’s Reach?

Sharon:  The safety and welfare of babies is our utmost concern here at ARC. We would like to have all Mothers and Babies have a positive, and safe, co-sleeping and breastfeeding experience while they use our Co-Sleeper® products.  Our goal is to improve our society, one Co-Sleeper at a time.

TLB:  What is your favorite part of co-sleeping?

Sharon:  For 9+ months you carry your baby and you feel safe knowing that your baby is with you at all times.  Then they are born. Co-Sleeping gave the peace of mind that our baby was right next to us and still safe and it sure made those nighttime feedings much easier and more enjoyable

TLB:  Share how sleeping near their baby can help moms reach their breastfeeding goals.

Sharon:  Research had shown that when Mother and Baby sleep in such close proximity their bodies tend to sync with one another. Breastfeeding becomes stressless. Mom is right next to her baby,  tending to their feeding needs becomes second nature. It makes breastfeeding at night a more satisfying experience .

5161-TS Bas

Sharon is giving away a Mini Arc Co-Sleeper® Bassinet to 1 lucky Leakie.
Retail Value: $179.99

5161-TS CoS 5161-TS Mesh Highlight

Currently Leakies can find this and other Co-Sleeping items in the Arm’s Reach Concepts website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from August 28, 2013 through September 4, 2013 .  A big thanks to Sharon and Arm’s Reach Concepts for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter (@cosleep on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. I’ve had my eye on the arms reach co-sleeper this whole pregnancy, what a cool giveaway!

  2. I like the Cocoon.

  3. The Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper® really has great style. A co-sleeper would be so great. I’m not ready to move my DS into his nursery full time. Arm’s Reach would be a great solution for us!

  4. arms reach co-cleeper. I am thinking it maybe necessary for our next kid. As I don’t think I can sleep when the baby sleeps with a toddler.

  5. I would love to get The Arm’s Reach® Cocoon.

  6. I have wanted one of these ever since our first baby! He is three now and we are expecting our 2nd in November.

  7. I’ve been wanting one since before we got pregnant. It was on our registry but co-sleeping confuses people I guess. So we have a brand new crib that’s never been used these last two months.

  8. I dig the original. Might be a solution to keep our next little one close by without taking over the bed again!

  9. We used the arm’s reach cosleeper for the first couple months of life. It was wonderful and I love that it attached to the bed so it was always stable. I will definitely be using Arm’s reach again if we have a second one.

  10. The Cocoon looks like it would be comfy for baby

  11. What a great concept! I wish I has seen this sooner!

  12. Samantha Linke says

    Wanted an arms reach co sleeper throughout my first pregnancy, and would love it for my second 🙂

  13. Grace White says

    I love the arms reach cocoon !

  14. Carrie Talbott says

    I wish I had had one of these when my son was tiny! Next baby it’s definitely on my must-have list! The mini bassinet seems perfect.

  15. Mini arc convertible co-sleeper looks great!

  16. I used the army’s reach mini with my son, and it made middle of the night feedings so easy!

  17. I like all the Arms Reach products. We just used a pack n play in our room with baby number 1. It wasn’t a set up that I loved. I think a cosleeper is the perfect solution.

  18. We have used the Arms Reach Co sleeper bassinet and it is awesome. So much better than even using another brand bassinet in the room. I don’t have to get out of bed to pick him up. Then I can feed him and put him right back down. I love how he is so close and I don’t have to worry about my pillows or blankets being a suffocation hazard. I hope I win this for my friend who is pregnant. Everyone should get an Arms reach.

  19. Erin Landis says

    This looks perfect for a small bedroom

  20. I’d love to try the arms reach cosleeper!

  21. Jenn McClearn says

    The sleigh bed co sleeper is gorgeous. Would love to win the mini arc for travel (and at home) have wanted one of these since my first child was born 4 yrs ago, just had my 3rd a month ago

  22. Love the sleigh bed co-sleeper. It looks sturdy and stylish and would allow my to keep the baby close by without the fear of rolling over on him/her.

  23. I loveeee the sleigh bed cosleeper, so precious and would look great in my room! 🙂

  24. Deidrea H. says

    I love the mini arc convertible (in blue!). Can totally see it next to my bed!

  25. Sarah Schiro says

    We’re a co-sleeping family. I used an Arm’s reach co-sleeper bassinet with my son until he could roll over at 5 months. It made me more comfortable co-sleeping with an infant [since he had his own space.] I want to win this co-sleeper to give to my sister. It really is so great for breastfeeding.

  26. sherry moore says

    I love the sleigh bed cosleeper. I just love to look of it and that its a sleigh style my absolute favorite.

  27. I love the cocoon and how there is so many different styles and sizes of co-sleepers.

  28. We used a borrowed Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper for the first 4-1/2 months of my oldest child’s life. I loved it! It was great for traveling, too. I hope we can get another one for the next child.

  29. I would love to try the clear – vue co sleeper. These look so nice! I have not had a co-sleeper before! Would love one for baby #3!

  30. I”d love to try the Cocoon. I’ve heard rave reviews about it!

  31. I love the mini co sleeper. It’s a life saver.

  32. The co-sleeper is perfect! We couldn’t co-sleep during infancy b/c my husband is too heavy a sleeper. This would have been amazing.

  33. The sleigh bed is cute but I think I am in love with the Mini Arc Sleeper, I think I would get more use out of it and it just seems comfier and lighter to move about if needed. 🙂

  34. Miranda Welle says

    From its varnished wood, to its elegant shape, the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper® bedside bassinet has a beauty that’s hard to match. It also happens to be one of the more versatile products out there. It transforms from a Co-Sleeper® to a freestanding bassinet, and to the “read to me” love seat. Like all of our Co-Sleeper® bedside bassinets, the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper® bedside bassinet allows you and your baby to sleep comfortably next to each other from the moment your baby arrives. This bedside bassinet enables you to reach over and draw your baby close for comforting and bonding. The innovative design also makes breastfeeding easy. The Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper® bassinet is the ideal sleep solution for any concerned parent.
    **For bed heights starting at 24″, measured from the floor to the top of the adult mattress.
    Freestanding bassinet
    “Read to me” Love seat
    Removable fabric bumper pad
    Fitted sheet
    Nylon strap & plate

    $359.99 +
    Natural – 8200
    and Cocoon both look great!

  35. I’ve used the Arm’s Reach Cosleeper and loved it. Baby’s not in it every night, but it has definitely been worth it. Now I’d love to give my sister one for her upcoming baby. 🙂

  36. I love the cocoon. Wish they came in an adult version!

  37. Love the Sleigh Bed style!

  38. Samantha F. says

    The clear vue co-sleeper is my fav! :o)

  39. Rochelle Luaders says

    How cool. I have had my eye on these for awhile. I like the original for the playard feature but the mini for the compact size… hard to choose.. they are all awesome.

  40. The cocoon looks awesome!

  41. I like the sleigh bed co sleeper.

  42. I’m loving the Mini ARC Convertible! It looks like an ideal co-sleeper!

  43. I like the Cambria co-sleeper, especially with the storage underneath.

  44. I love love love the arms reach co-sleeper and I’m entering to see if I can win it for a friend who just had a baby. I have a 3 month old so I’m definitely not giving it up.

  45. I borrowed one for my last pregnancy and boy would it be handy for the next one!! (since I will probably still have my toddler snuggling up to me)

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  46. I’d love a co sleeper! The sleigh bed cosleeper is gorgeous

  47. tyler jack says

    We had a co-sleeper with my first daughter and loved it. We didn’t plan on having another, so I gave it away. I wish I had another Co-Sleeper!

  48. Stephanie H. says

    I wish we would have used one of these for my first baby. We would love to use one for #2! This is an awesome giveaway!

  49. Anna Stallcup says

    I really like the versatility of the Sleigh Bed sleeper.

  50. I love the sleigh bed co-sleeper!

  51. amy pugmire says

    i like the cocoon

  52. Nicole Marshall says

    Love the sleigh bed co-sleeper! Beautifully made, gives you peace of mind having your baby so close all night, and my favorite part about this one is how it converts to a reading bench!

  53. I’d love to try the Cocoon!

  54. Jennifer K. C. says

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway, I would love to try ANY of their products… after looking at the website, I could not decide but my favorites are the sleighbed, the cambria, and the cocoon!

  55. Jenny Travis says

    I would give my left foot for one of these co-sleeper’s! I didn’t know they existed with my first. He ended up in a bassinet in the bed. For my second this would be absolutely incredible! Honestly I like all of them but the Curved Mini Co-Sleeper bassinet looks great for a newborn.

  56. Melissa C. says

    The mini would be awesome for our small apartment!

  57. I have wanted this since I discovered it online. My daughter sleeps with us most nights and it would have been so helpful.

  58. Randi Wiggins says

    I used a arms reach mini cosleeper with my first child until he was about 6 months. It was great having him so close to night feedings. Plus it was easy to pack up and go when needed. For my baby now we are using the full size arms reach cosleeper which is awesome because it turns into a play yard when she is big enoughfor it.

  59. Looks genius!

  60. I’m expecting my first child in October. An Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper would be such a blessing to have and would greatly help me reach my breastfeeding goals!

  61. I really need a Co sleeper!! Hubby and I were so cramped when we co slept with our youngest!

  62. This would be an awesome gift for my friend who is expecting her long-awaited first bub 🙂

  63. We have a two year old cosleeping and new baby due in two months–we think the cosleeper will be a comfortable and safe for us all to be together at night 🙂

  64. I’m due in 7 weeks and would love one of these!!

  65. I like the original but what I really love are all the organic bedding options!

  66. The co sleeper is awesome! I’d love to have one.

  67. Leslie Angerer says

    The arms reach cosleeper would be an awesome addition for us, as we cosleep with our five month old and are looking to transition him to his own space while still keeping him near, 🙂

  68. Katrina van Allen says

    I have loved the idea of a co-sleeper

  69. jenny pizana says

    I love the arms reach. LO doesn’t like her crib and she co sleeps with us. This would be oh so helpful.

  70. I think I would love the arms reach co sleeper. I’m due in a little over a month and am hoping that breastfeeding actually works out this time, as it didn’t with my son. If I had one of these it might make it easier to be more successful with it 🙂

  71. Sara Hines says

    Am in the process of donating all our gently used baby gear to mothers in need. Would love to have this as a replacement!!!

  72. I would love the arms reach co-sleeper for our little one due in January. It would make nursing easier, especially if I end up with another c-section.

  73. Andrea Bittner says

    Having a hard time deciding which I like more – the original or the sleigh. But 1 think the sleigh in cherry may have won me over!

  74. Angelina M says

    My two favorites are the original co sleeper and the cocoon.

  75. What a great giveaway!

  76. I love the cocoon and the sleigh bed co-sleeper.

  77. I’ve wanted one of these for months! It looks so convenient to have the baby safely snuggled right next to my bed.

  78. Brandy Haid says

    I love the idea of the co-sleeper! We like to bed share with our oldest but when our new baby is born it would be nice to let the little one sleep close without being in the bed with us to start! Great product!

  79. Rachelle T says

    I’ve been borrowing an ARC bassinet from my sis in law, and would love to have my own. It’s a fantastic product.

  80. Love this! Great for travailing too!!!

  81. I love the arms reach mini co-sleeper!

  82. Would love one! Planned on registering for it.

  83. Crystal Booth says

    This is the cosleeper I have been wanting to find for my newest little one!! Love cosleeping but always made me nervous when they were little bitty.

  84. Kristy Estomin says

    This is awesome for moms who breastfeed! With my first I co-slept because she would only sleep if I nursed her to sleep!!

  85. I had an arm’s reach with my first 4 and LOVED it!!! I wish I still had it for this little one and would love to win one as we just found out we’re expecting another one!

  86. I used to have the co-sleeper with my oldest, it was great!

  87. This seems like a must have for us! Such an awesome product!

  88. Courtney Paquin says

    A co sleeper would make our nighttimes easier!!

  89. Victoria Savo says

    The Mini Arc co-sleeper looks awesome! We’re planning on purchasing one for our baby boy due in January 🙂

  90. I love the functionality of the cosleepers. The sleigh bed co sleeper is really fancy but the mini arch will fit perfectly beside our bed 🙂

  91. How awesome to have the piece of mind that your partner won’t roll on top of baby! <3

  92. I’m 7 months pregnant right now and I’ve been wanting one of these so badly!!

  93. diana ferree says

    My sister had one and abssolutely loved it! With baby number 2 on the way and a toddler not ready to leave the bed, this may be exactly what I need.

  94. Amber Gutowski says

    I need one of these so badly! My newborn absolutely hates her pack n play!

  95. This would be so handy!

  96. I would love to win one of these, thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Brooke Courtney says

    What an awesome tool! This would be helpful.

  98. I just found out i am pregnant and convinced my husband we neee this for our second!

  99. This is so needed! I really want to co-sleep with my new baby but don’t want to have to kick our toddler out of bed.

  100. How neat!

  101. Hope I win! Wanted one so bad!

  102. Love the cosleeper. Would love the bassinet

  103. melissa watts says

    Totally want/need one of these!

  104. Would love one of these! I love bed sharing, but would feel safer with the cosleeper!

  105. Another vote for the Sleighbed coSleeper! So nice looking!!

  106. Kara Smith says

    Started looking into these when my newest was born a couple of weeks ago. Wish we had it now!

  107. Kourtney Graham-Rice says

    We co-slept with our first babe and are now doing it with our second. This would be very convenient, especially for travelling!

  108. I like the arms reaxh co sleepers

  109. Christina Skinner says

    I haven’t tried one but wanted one so bad with my first baby. they look perfect f or co sleeping!

  110. Lindsay Watt says

    I think the cocoon would be my favorite just from looks. Haven’t yet had the opportunity to use one!

  111. I’d absolutely love an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. I want one so badly. I’m 6 months pregnant am a big fan of co-sleeping, however, I’d rather not put the baby directly in our bed until he is 3-4 months old. I’d be over the moon happy to win one of these!

  112. I really want one of these! My old bassinet just about gave out after the past two kids!

  113. This would be great for my twin boys

  114. Tegan Gear says

    Would love the mini-arc convertible for my 6wk old!!

  115. I would love a co-sleeper

  116. Great giveaway!

  117. Yay! I want to win!

  118. These things seem great! Co sleep and still have room to stretch out.

  119. I’ve been wanting to try the co sleeper with my twincesses

  120. jessika debruhl says

    I just registered for this exact one!!! My first child slept with us til she was 17 months boy was our bed crowded.. im due Oct 1st!

  121. since I already co sleep with my one year old this would come in handy for baby number two who is due in eight weeks! I would feel mych better knowing baby is still in reach and not in danger of getting clonked in the head by my tossing and turning toddler.

  122. Fallon Nardi says

    I have always wanted an Arms Reach CoSleeper. Currently my little one is sleeping in a Rock N Play Sleeper due to some digestive issues but a co sleeper would be great for when she has to go back to sleeping flat. We don’t have much room in our bedroom so this little CoSleeper would be perfect!

  123. I want one of these so bad. Lo sleeps better with us but then I don’t sleep. I like the cosleepers in between factor.

  124. Linda Giangregorio says

    So excited for this giveaway. My fav. Arm’s Reach product is their full size co sleeper, you can fit twins in it and the fact that it goes right in line with your bed is the best of both worlds for co-sleeping.

  125. We currently have our newborn in a cot in our bed and would love to try this! !!

  126. Alissa McIvor says

    Exactly what I need!!

  127. I hadn’t heard if the arms reach co-sleeper until it was a little late with my first baby, but I think it would be great to have the second time around.

  128. The Sleigh Bed Co sleeper is my favorite! Love the color and the idea of the co sleeper. This is a great idea for breast feeding mothers!! I want one!!

  129. Jessica H. says

    I’m pregnant with baby #2 and would love this cosleeper! We cosleep a lot with our 21 month old and only have a full sized bed (we can’t afford a bigger one right now). We keep wondering by what sort of miracle 4 people could sleep in our bed…this would help so much!

  130. I would love to win this for my little cosleeper!

  131. I’ve been thinking of trying this with baby #2, I’m determined to make breastfeeding successful from the beginning this time around.

  132. How amazing is this? I co sleep with my 5 month old and always wake so still and sore as I contort all around him at night. (That is when I am getting sleep)
    This would be so much easier than putting him in and out of the cot in our room hurting my back in the process.

    • Making this my favourite arms reach product. All I ask for is a good nights rest while keeping my little dude secure and feeling safe.

  133. Fallon Nardi says

    I shared this awesome giveaway on my FB but it didn’t give me an URL because I did it on my iPhone app. I have a screen shot of my share though. Does it still count? Thanks!

  134. Love the co-sleeper.

  135. I would love to have this for our next baby.

  136. This would be so much easier than sleeping in the same bed, love it!

  137. I wanted a co-sleeper for my last baby. I am really considering it for my next baby! The EuroMini Co-Sleeper is beautiful! I love the neutral color. It’s like an Angel’s bed 🙂

  138. The co sleeper is definitely my favorite item! I hope I win!

  139. I love the idea of the sleeper we just use a crib but this would be so much better!

  140. I can’t wait to get this for our next baby. I’ve heard great things.

  141. Cant wait to own this product

  142. Terri Ann Blakely says

    This would be amazing!

  143. I plan to breastfeed my son who is due in October, I plan to co-sleep but am a little afraid of rolling him over in the night as I toss and turn a lot. One of these co-sleepers would be great!

  144. The cocoon co-sleeper looks awesome!

  145. Love this! The co-sleeper is awesome!

  146. i am totally in love with the cocoon… i just added it to my registry 😉

  147. Love the coccoon! We had a different brand hammock for my little ones and loved it (was pretty much identical to the coccoon).

  148. Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper

  149. brigette yerke says

    We have the full size arms reach and LOVE it!!

  150. This mini arc is my absolute favorite and on my wish list for our little one!

  151. That would be so handy with our next addition to the family.

  152. i always wanted to get a cosleeper! I’ve heard great things about this product and got to try it out at a friend’s house while traveling.

  153. I really like the sleigh bed, but have been obsessed with the cocoon since before we were ready for a baby!

  154. Christina p says

    The Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper® in espresso is beautifulk but I also like the cocoon co-sleeper. THanks

  155. Rayla Voigtlander says

    I like the mini ARC convertible. Seems so practical!

  156. Would love one of these for baby #2.

  157. Mariah Arnett says

    Love the co sleeper

  158. Sarah Osborne says

    I’ve been eyeing these co sleepers for years, very clever

  159. Would love to have one!

  160. This is a great product! I want one so bad!

  161. I wish we had the cosleeper with our first baby – would love to win it to use with our future babies!

  162. Hayley Elliott says

    I think the Cocoon looks really cool. Would’ve loved to have tried that out. The Sleigh Bed Cosleeper is quite beautiful. I really like them all and I think I would sleep a bit better having one of these.

  163. I would love to try the arms reach co-sleeper.

  164. The Cambria co-sleeper looks really nice – though the mini arc convertible would be most useful!

  165. Sonya Morris says

    I love the Cocoon!

  166. This mini arc co-sleeper is my fav!

  167. Have been looking at these arms reach cosleepers for months! How convenient would it be to have one!

  168. I just had my 2nd child last week and she absolutely will not sleep in her pack n play. This would be a lifesaver to have!

  169. Amber Bourne says

    Borrowed an arms reach co sleeper mini for a vacation with our first child an fell head over heels in love with it and the ability to safely co sleep! I knew as soon as we found out we were expecting number two that we had to get our own!

  170. Been wanting one forever!!

  171. Arm’s reach co sleeper – will be on my list for my next kiddo!

  172. I had the original arm’s reach co sleeper for my DS and absolutely loved it.

  173. I have had my eye on an arms reach co-sleeper for some time now. I am a FTM and I would love love love to win this co-sleeper!

  174. Rachel Kate says

    Love the Cocoon! We’re thinking of a co-sleeper for baby number two, since the crib is currently occupied…

  175. Marie McCumber says

    So excited for this giveaway. I really want one of these for the new baby in February!

  176. Bernadette N says

    I like the Euro Mini ARC Co-Sleeper. We have a low bed and this would be great to use. Right now, baby ends up in the removable napper from our Pack N Play. It’s too low though when it’s on the floor. This looks to be at a better height.

  177. katherine d says

    I’m digging the MINI ARC CONVERTIBLE

  178. I live the mini arc convertible ive been looking at it for awhile trying to convince hubby that we need it lol

  179. Vanessa Coker says

    I really like the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper.

  180. We have an older model of the co-sleeper, and it has been a lifesaver. DD would wake up every 2 hours and nurse for almost an hour every night in the PNP at the foot of the bed. Now she sleeps up to 5 hours between feeds, and when she is hungry she just moves closer to the bed (which wakes me up, but not her.) I can feed her and get her back in the sleeper in 10 minutes! I don’t know why we didn’t just go with a co-sleeper in the first place.

  181. this looks like it would be perfect for us. Mini ARC Convertible

  182. My friend has one and loves it!

  183. Had an arms reach with me first baby and loved it!

  184. I love the brown one with blue polka dots. It’s so adorable! I would love to win one of these.

  185. Used for months! The perfect bedroom companion for a tiny one.

  186. I like the sleigh bed co-sleeper, very pretty.

  187. Dorothy Mary says

    I love these products and hope I win!

  188. The co-sleeper would make nurseing my little one when he/she gets here so much better since I will be tandum nurseing the new babe and my toddler in April. I hope the co-sleeper goes to a good home <3

  189. I was able to borrow the arms reach original from a neighbor while my husband was deployed I had my baby super close but not in the bed with me. I had a C-section and wanted to breast feed but was so tired with the medicine I did not trust my son in the bed with me. This item is a must have and I would love one for the next baby.

  190. I have a mini next to our bed (freestanding so the dogs don’t crawl in with her) and its a life saver! Baby and mom sleep great. Daddy loves it too!

  191. Bethany Adams says

    The Cocoon looks neat!

  192. Amy Martin says

    I love the idea of the arm’s reach cocoon, I wonder how well it really works.

  193. The sleigh bed co-sleeper is beautiful!!

  194. I have been wanting an arms reach co-sleeper forever! I have a 17 month old who has been sleeping in her crib that has been side car’d to our bed but we’re trying to get pregnant and with a new baby wont want to buy another crib. having an arms reach co-sleeper will give the next baby a place to sleep next to me until our LO is old enough for a big girl bed

  195. I like the convertible cosleepers. Never tried one but planning on it for our next baby.

  196. We have the full size arm’s reach and it is wonderful!

  197. I’d so love to have the co sleeper! I need my bed back!!!

  198. Daisha Vaughn says

    This is currently on my baby registry!

  199. We ALMOST got the cosleeper, I really wanted one! The original is too big for our room, so I’d love to have the mini version or, if we can spare the room, a convertible one!

  200. It would be wonderful if I could win this for my daughter!!!

  201. It would be perfect for us!

  202. I would love any if the Arms Reach Co Sleepers!

  203. The original or mini would be great for us! We loved co sleeping with our first and it really helped in the breastfeeding department. I almost bought one at a consignment sale!

  204. We used the arms reach mini with our first baby and it was perfect for our family. Baby #2 will be here soon and the co-sleeper is already set up and waiting!

  205. This would be great to have instead of the pack n play we use now! I think the original looks great and the cocoon looks good too!

  206. Elizabeth bullard says

    Any of these products would be amazing but I particularly like the classic co-sleeper.

  207. I love the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper!

  208. I’m due in April and would LOVE this!

  209. I’d love a cosleeper for this baby since bedsharing tends to be difficult for my husband and I (we’re both large people in a queen bed, and our bedroom is too small to fit a bigger bed). What I really love is the Cocoon, though. It looks like something I would have loved for my toddler when she wanted to be moving during her naps.

  210. Judith Martinez says

    My favorite is the mini convertible!

  211. Sarah Boye says

    I had borrowed an Arm’s Reach Mini with my first daughter and loved it. I would love to win one for our third daughter! We used a fisher price rock and play with my second and she wound up with flat head as a result, so I don’t plan on using it again with this baby (due around xmas).

  212. This would be great for my little one on the way!!

  213. I would love to try the Mini! Perfect size! 🙂 been wanting one forever.

  214. I’ve had my eye on the original cosleeper – we didn’t have our older daughter in our room, but the baby (2 months) is, and I really like having her close at night.

  215. I love the Cocoon and the ideas that went into designing it. It seems like a great option for mothers of babies with digestive issues. I would love to try it with my first little one due in April!

  216. I think my answer got delayed by an error but I love the mini-arc convertible

  217. Rebecca Peters says

    I love the Cambria that they have. Never tried a co sleeper, but would love to, I slept horribly when my baby was first newborn so Im sure this would be a nice solution.

  218. Megan Voight-sellers says

    I would love to try the original. I am a NICU nurse and have been on a few codes in the emergency room for babies who were suffocated while sleeping with their parents. Due to this I am very against the baby sleeping in the bed with us, plus my husband sleeps like a rock and I don’t think he would wake up if he rolled on the baby. But I am breastfeeding and would love to try a product that I feel safe keeping the baby so close. Right now my lo is 1mo and feeding hourly sometimes and I’m stuck in the recliner because I don’t want to take a chance on falling asleep with her in the bed. I would love to win an ARC product to try.

  219. My sister had one of these, when we were pregnant with our boys. It was so handy for their nursing relationship.

  220. Alexandria says

    I was just talking to my hubby about how bad I wanted one of these.
    Awesome giveaway! !! Yay!!

  221. Loving the look of the Cambria for the practicality side of things… more storage for babies blankets and clothes has got to be a good thing! Such a great concept the co-sleeper!

  222. I love how easy this co-sleep is to use, especially when breastfeeding in the middle of the night! The sleigh bed co-sleeper is my favorite but I’d be happy to get any co-sleeper in the collection!

  223. I would love the mini co-sleeper. I always pull my babies into bed with me, but would sleep better with them beside me in this sort of bed. Thanks for the giveaway.

  224. Jasmine Shipp says

    I really like the look of the sleigh bed co sleeper & the mini arc. They are all just fantastic products! I’m due with my second bub in November so here’s hoping I win! I haven’t even gotten a basinette yet 🙂

  225. Anne Perry says

    I like the arms reach cocoon

  226. I’d love to win this for my sister, she’s having twins!

  227. We love the mini-cosleeper!

  228. Samantha G. says

    I would love to try the Cocoon!

  229. I really like the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper

  230. Alisha Wallace says

    I would probably pick the original if I could have any, but I’d take them all if I could!

  231. I used the Arms Reach mini co-sleeper when my son was an infant. I’d love to win this for my upcoming little one.

  232. The Cocoon looks so cool!

  233. I think the Cocoon looks so cool and I am totally curious what it looks like in person and how well it would work!

  234. Carly Brown says

    I LOVE this co-sleeper! I think this is a fantastic idea and would love the opportunity to use it.

  235. I LOVE the Arms Reach Original Co-sleeper in black/toffee because it can also be used as a play yard once baby is too big to sleep there. I also like the sleigh bed co-sleeper because it is absolutely gorgeous!

  236. Melanie G. says

    I wish I had gotten one of these for my little boy, it would have helped out so much. I really like the original co-sleeper. I’ll definitely have to get one for my second!

  237. Stephanie Gomez says

    FTM here I hope I win this giveaway as I would love to co sleep with my baby 🙂

  238. Britni Bradford says

    I love the look of the Ideal Co-Sleeper too! Would love one for baby #2.

  239. Blayne Blandford says

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for my LO due in December.

  240. this is such a great idea. with #1 still sleeping in our bed on bad nights this would be a safe place for #2 to sleep near us without getting hurt!

  241. I love the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper®.

  242. Linda Trinklein says

    I have never tried one of their products but would love to try the
    what an awesome concept!!

  243. Lindsey Kettenton says

    I would love the original! It. Would be so nice for the new LO on the way.

  244. Sara Grillot says

    Love the Cocoon 🙂

  245. I really like the Cambria. It looks like it could double as a nice changing table as well as bassinet.

  246. Claire Rheinheimer says

    The new Cocoon would be so perfect for taking my daughter out by the pool!

  247. Karen Gill Hinshaw says

    The Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper!

  248. We used a mini for our first baby! Loved it!

  249. Our baby girl is 5 days old and currently sleeping in bed with us. This would be so wonderful!

  250. These look great! I would love to have one to try out! My third daughter will be here around Halloween and we are super excited for her arrival. I hope I get to try this out!

  251. Would love to have this for a friend!

  252. Michele R. says

    I’d like to try the euro co sleeper. I breastfeed and this would be great to just roll over in the middle of the night rather than get up.

  253. I wanted one of these with my first and never got it – now I’m pregnant again and would love to get an Arms Reach with my second!

  254. I’ve got a co sleeper for in the bed. I’m always worried the hubs or toddler will roll over into it! This would help me sleep so much better!!

  255. we loved our cosleepers! i had two with my second kiddo, bc the cat got stuck in our room once…. sad face… but it was worth it to get another one. that’s how much we loved it! we’ve also had a full size, i love how that goes to a pack and play.

  256. Ashley McRoberts says

    I really love the cosleeper and think it would be a great option for my family!

  257. I’ve tried the convertable co-sleeper and loved it. It was easy to switch it to a playpen and small enough to fit in our room

  258. I would love one of these! They seem to be so convenient and would save room in our bed.

  259. Sam McAtee says

    the cocoon looks amazing! Ive never seen a product like that!

  260. I think the Cocoon looks so amazing and I would love to get one for this little baby we are expecting in December!

  261. I would love to have this for my little girl who is currently cosleeping with us with her bassinette right by the side of my bed. She is outgrowing her bassinette and i know she could use something like this longer.

  262. Kathy Laird says

    The mini arc convertible would be perfect for my daughter who had a c-section for her last baby. It was very difficult for her to get up for awhile.

  263. Michelle M says

    I’d love to get an arms reach co-sleeper! They seem like they are the perfect solution.

  264. Perfect option for tight spaces! I’m enjoying co-sleeping with my 12 week old but love this “close by” option!

  265. I’ve wanted one of these with each of my children, but haven’t been able to get one yet. I really like the Cambria’s shape and size.

  266. April Peter says

    I love the co-sleeper! Would be perfect for my little one that’s due in October!

  267. Melissa Fries says

    If I had known at all about the Cocoon when my lo was a newborn, that would be my favorite! But I would LOVE the Co-Sleeper to help us all sleep a bit better at night!

  268. I’ve been looking into buying an Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper!

  269. I really like the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper® in Espresso. It would match our bedroom decor perfectly!

  270. I love the looks of the cambria. We used the mini with our first child and will definitely use one with future children, it made it so much nicer for me to nurse her in the middle of the night – no getting out of bed, just roll over!

  271. Jesharelah says

    Looks like a wonderful product.

  272. The cocoon and co-sleeper look like fabulous items to have…..I recently had my fifth child and never had any of these type of products… neat!

  273. Elizabeth Huval says

    I really need a co-sleeper for baby #2. I’m in a much smaller place and even my pack n play is too big for our bedroom, or my daughter’s smaller bedroom for that matter 🙁 I love the idea of co-sleeping, especially for nursing late at night. So much easier 🙂

  274. I would love to try a co-sleeper. It would make night time feedings so much easier.

  275. Would LOVE this!

  276. We’re expecting our first child in a few days and this would be awesome to win!

  277. I love the sleigh bed co sleeper 🙂

  278. I love the Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper, I also have it on my baby registry 🙂

  279. I borrowed one and loved it! I need a new one! I have a baby due in 2 months.

  280. What a neat product. I cosleep and this would just have been amazing to know about. Bought baby a bed she never uses this would have been a more effective investment. Love this product want to try it out!

  281. this seems very handy to have! wonder how well it would work with twins!?

  282. I love co-sleeping but have always been concerned about my baby’s safety. Would love to try out the arms reach co-sleeper!

  283. Mini arc convertible looks wonderful!

  284. Laura Ball says

    This would be PERFECT for us!!

  285. Definitely the arms reach co-sleeper! We are expecting baby # 3 and I have been eyeing one of these desperately but it just isn’t in the budget right now.

  286. This would be amazing to use for middle of the night feedings with baby so close to my bed!

  287. Leslie Smith says

    i’d love the mini arc bassinet!! my hubby is about to switch from night shift to day shift, so he’ll be back in bed with me after over two years and one co-sleeping baby (now toddler) and I’m due in 3 weeks with #2! so this would make our queen bed not feel so cramped!!

  288. Vanessa S. says

    I would love a co-sleeper. We’re thinking about having another child and that would work so much better than the pack and play we used last time!

  289. Rachel Freeze says

    I’ve never tried a cosleeper, but I’d love the ideal co-sleeper.

  290. I will have one of these for my baby! Winning it would be awesome! 😉

  291. I always wanted one with my first never had the money really want one!

  292. I would love an arms reach! It will help me nurse my new baby at night and keep them close. I am due with my second this winter!

  293. Heather Johnson says

    I want the arms reach Co sleeper side car in pink 🙂

  294. My sisters have both used the arms reach co sleeper and love it!!

  295. I’ve heard wonderful things about these.

  296. This would be so awesome. My goal this time around is to foster slightly more independent sleep earlier on as babe will have to nap without me when I return to work 🙁 but I still want to keep her(or maybe him) close!

  297. Mary Jimenez says

    I never put my first baby I bed with me but I didn’t have a co sleeper and I was breastfeeding so I had to walk in the other room to feed my baby. I am now about to have my second baby and would love a co sleeper it would really help me out alot with sleeping better at night and having to wake up every hour and a half

  298. Would love to have this for my next baby 🙂

  299. Been weighing a bajillion options to manage sleeping at my house with a 3yo who still cosleeps, and the certainty that the baby due in 2 weeks will be cosleeping, too. Much as I love the *idea* of baby-snuggle-sandwhich, it doesn’t seem particularly safe or comfortable for all night every night….

  300. I co-slept with my son in bed since he was born until he was two. I want to do the same for this little one I’m expecting, but I also considered using a co-sleeper.
    I would love to try the arms reach!

  301. This would be SO AMAZING!!! I love to co sleep but lately I been more nervous. This would be a dream prize!

  302. I love the Sleigh Bed Cosleeper!

  303. Deidre Davis says

    I’ve been wanting this exact product (co sleeper) for 3+ years!

  304. I like the cocoon.

  305. Amanda Spencer says

    Used a mini-cosleeper with my daughter in the first few weeks, before we felt comfortable bringing her into the big bed. Loved it!!! Now that we’re trying for our next lo, we’d love to have a mini cosleeper again!

  306. I loved the Arm’s Reach with my oldest. We just co-slept with middle children. I am currently pregnant with a baby that has been diagnosed with a serious heart defect. This would be very nice to have.

  307. Marti Tarmichael says

    I’ve wanted one of these since my first baby arrived. Now anticipating #2 in 2 weeks. This would be an amazing help!

  308. Donna Armknecht says

    I was looking at these with my first daughter and was hoping to get one with my second which is due in October very cool give away

  309. This would be amazing!

  310. We were looking at these with our first child and couldn’t budget it in. He is still sleeping in the bed with us and I’ve been ruptured in the hospital for 13 days now at 32 weeks today. Needless to say o havnt been able to get the house ready or anything else. We didnt even get to have our baby shower this time. This would be such a blessing to us.

  311. Danielle Barlow says

    I’ve been wanting the Arms Reach Cosleeper for years!!!

  312. One of the best ways to sleep/bond with your baby! =)

  313. Adrianne Marcum says

    Would love to win! 🙂

  314. The sleigh sleeper looks really sleek!

  315. Alissa Hollander says

    I have always wanted an arms reach co-sleeper! I would love to win this giveaway!

  316. Trisha Berens says

    MINI ARC CONVERTIBLE with blue poka dots is so cute! This would be an amazing blessing to have wiht baby #4! 🙂

  317. Sheri Dunham says

    I LOVE the sleigh bed style co-sleeper

  318. Would loooove to win this cosleeper for my 2 days old baby boy! We coslept for just over a year with our daughter and would love to keep Lyric close as well so having this option would be really nice 🙂

  319. Our family bed is getting crowded, would love to win one of these.

  320. Kayla Bryant says

    Would love to win this! We have found that co-sleeping is a lot of work. We try to move baby girl to her bassinet but she only lasts a few hours. I think this would help solve the problem!

  321. Melissa Blades says

    I’m 9 weeks this is my first baby this looks so cute

  322. I’ve been wanting one of these, they are all so awesome

  323. I love the idea of a co-sleeper as I love co-sleeping but my SO is terrified of it! This is the best solution for us!!

  324. I love this co-sleeper!

  325. Oh me Oh my! My husband has been sleeping on the couch for the last 6 weeks because our 7-week old infant is a mover & a shaker & a grunter and he keeps him awake. This would be such an amazing gift to our baby AND our marriage!!

  326. Would love a mini arms reach cosleeper!

  327. I had a regular bassinet with my first born and would love to try the co-sleeper with my second!

  328. We loved our co-sleeper! Makes a great porta crib too!

  329. I have owned the full size Arm’s Reach for years and passes it around for my friends and family to use, so it has had lots of love. Seeing as how I’m expecting number 4, the mini would be super awesome to save on space!

  330. I love the idea of co-sleeping!

  331. Meghan Corey says

    I would love any of the cosleepers but the cocoon looks great!

  332. Jenna Ferguson says

    I’d love to win! Thanks for hosting the giveaway

  333. I love the look of the Cambria. This would be so great for or ds.

  334. I’ve had my eye on the cosleeper for awhile!

  335. Great idea! Would love to win!!

  336. Irene Sommerfeld says

    I would love to have the cocoon. That looks totally awesome 🙂

  337. Valerie Brown says

    I would love to try any of the cosleepers.

  338. I love the mini co sleeper

  339. I would love a cosleeper for my new baby!

  340. Could really use one of these for baby #2!!

  341. This would be so much easier than a pack n play

  342. Jamie Kasprovitz says

    I would LOVE one of these! Such a great idea!

  343. I would love the mini co sleeper. Hubs will be deployed when new baby is born and this would be a godsend.

  344. This co-sleeper looks awesome! The cocoon looks neat :)) We’d love a Co sleeper for or new addition! Wish i knew about them for our first child!

  345. Kim Barnes says

    This would be a wonderful addition to our bedroom. I love all of the options and would definitely love one for baby boy 2 expected in early December!

  346. The Mini-ARC Convertible looks awesome. I like that it can convert to a play yard so it keeps being useful after the baby outgrows the cosleeper component.

  347. I’d love this. I’m trying to figure out a way to ensure our whole family gets safe sleep (right now baby is in bed with me and my husband is on the couch), and this would allow my husband the space to move back in to our bed!

  348. I had an Arms Reach Co-sleeper with my first baby 4 years ago. He was born at 27 weeks after I developed severe pre-eclampsia. After a long 5 month NICU stay he finally came home on oxygen and monitors. It felt so safe having him right next to me in his co sleeper. We finally gave it away last year as we were told it would be risky having more children and had planned to be done. But OOPS, another is on the way, and I would love another for this little girl. It is amazing how much a quality product can make life easier when you are going through a stressful time.

  349. I seriously like them all. I think the mini would probably be better for us though because we have super limited space anyways.

  350. This one, the mini arc Co sleeper looks like my fav. though! Btw, this is the first time I’ve been on this site, I love it! & i love the name, so funny 😉

  351. We love the arms reach co-sleeper in our family!

  352. The Ideal Co-Sleeper! Love it!

  353. Casey Napier says

    I want one of these so badly!

  354. I was telling my husband about these the other night! I want one and would love to win it.

  355. The Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper is awesome! It transforms from a Co-Sleeper® to a freestanding bassinet, and to the “read to me” love seat. How cool.

  356. I would love the Mini Arc Convertible cosleeper. At present, we have a bassinet, which is such a pain in the butt. I wish I had gotten a cosleeper instead!

  357. This is such a wonderful product and on my brother and sister-in-law’s baby registry. This is the type of product that can ease the transition into parenthood for both parent and child and provider a better sleep (and nursing) experience for everyone!

  358. Adrianna Semione says

    I love the side sleeper and we are trying for another! This is what I plan to use for the next one!

  359. Beth Hosch says

    This would be awesome for our little one coming!! Fingers crossed!!

  360. I would love the Original Co-Sleeper in Black for my firstborn coming this November.

  361. Sheena Anderson says

    I’m pregnant now with my second sweet boy, we had our eye on the arm’s reach co-sleeper when I was pregnant with our first but opted for a play yard/bassinet instead. Now that we are having our second I would LOVE to us an arm’s reach co-sleeper, it seems like a much easier set up!

  362. I used it with my daughter 3 yrs ago and loved it. I gave it away to my sister when she had her little one. We have an 8 wk old that could benefit from one since we are now bed sharing and he could use his own space. Awesome product!

  363. This would be perfect for keeping my little guy close and safe!

  364. jessica s. says

    I’ve been going back and forth between the co-sleeper and pack n play… I think I might like the co-sleeper best!

  365. I love the mini-cosleeper! It would fit perfectly in our small place.

  366. I have been wanting one of these for my next baby. I’m hoping if they don’t sleep on me from day 1 for every nap and night that I will be able to sleep in bed all night by the time they are 1. We are struggling with sleep with our almost 1 yr old.

  367. I like the Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper.

  368. I’d love the original because my kids co-sleep for quite awhile and this seems so much safer. I’d love to win one!

  369. Melissa Decroteau says

    This would make night feedings so much easier!

  370. I like the cambria and the sleigh bed! I have always co-slept, but without a co-sleeper….this would be perfect for my 4th little babe.

  371. my husband and i registered for this, and would love to win one!!

  372. Hoping to win to try this product!

  373. Ann Shepich says

    I have always wanted one of these!

  374. I have my eye on the cosleeper

  375. I’d love to have one, because I already have one baby who is about to be a year old, and she sleeps with us, and we’re planning on trying for another one soon, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to function with two little ones in our bed lol!

  376. The cocoon is awesome!

  377. Love love love co sleepers!

  378. Stephanie H says

    I think a cosleeper is the perfect solution. We still have our 18 month in bed with us but will be having another in January. This would give me a peace of mind knowing our youngest will have a safe spot to sleep with the added bonus of not having to get out of the bed at night.

  379. Tracy Burke says

    I like the original co-sleeper…would love to have one

  380. I would really like to try the mini co sleeper bassinet. With a toddler running around, I’d like to keep my newborn secured while he sleeps.

  381. I have wanted one of these so bad!

  382. I have a pack n’ play w/ bassinet & I wish I had gotten an ARC 🙁 wasn’t sure how it would fit onto our low sitting platform bed & the expense was too much to risk – now I wish I had tried anyway b/c DH refuses to attempt true co-sleeping 🙁

  383. Would love to try the original with my next baby, I definitely needed this with my first.

  384. I love the mini convertible!

  385. Baby # 3 is on the way and I have been wanting one of these since baby #2! I would so love to win this!!!

  386. Abbie Olson says

    The Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper is ADORABLE!

  387. I’d love to try the mini arc convertible

  388. I love this product and hope to win one for my first due in 6wks!

  389. Ive been eyeballing an arms reach cosleeper with this pregnancy. With my first child we used a bassinet at the bedside but I constantly found myself having difficulty breaching into it during the night. I have a hard time justifying spending the extra money when I’m due so close to the holidays though. This giveaway is great! Thanks for the chance to enter. 🙂

  390. One Southern Girl says

    Love the Cocoon and mini arc convertible!

  391. Torie Schrick says

    I love this mini arc bassinet. I would feel even safer co-sleeping with it!

  392. Dee Johnson says

    I like the Mini ARC Co-Sleeper

  393. Would love a co sleeper!

  394. Lindsey cornier says

    I think the cacoon is really neat!

  395. The cocoon looks fun.

  396. I love the sleigh bed cosleeper. I’ve had my eye on these forever, but just couldn’t fit it in the budget. I know it would be really helpful, because much unlike my son who loved to bedshare, my daughter won’t sleep if she’s in with us. Having a cosleeper attached to our bed would solve that problem, I’m sure! We’d be very grateful for this win.

  397. This would be such a great space saver in my tiny room for #3 and I wouldn’t have to worry so much if another kiddo snuck into our bed at night.

  398. With baby #2 on the way, I definitely want a co-sleeper! My husband is against co-sleeping, and it honestly makes me nervous too with a large dog and a cat. The co-sleeper is an awesome option! I have a pack n’ play but it just doesn’t seem as convenient. My first baby had to be in his room right away because he had a nurse with him at night to monitor medical conditions 🙁 Broke my heart to not nurse (exclusively pumped), I’m really hoping to do all those things with baby #2!

  399. Ashley Mugnolo says

    My sister has an arms reach. I wish I had invested in one myself.

  400. We used the full sized arms reach cosleeper until my daughter was nine months old. We just packed it away and we loved every minute of using it!

  401. We used a pack-n-play next to me in bed. This would be so much easier!

  402. This was on the want list for the first baby but its on my “must have” list for my second!

  403. Love our Arm’s Reach co-sleeper. The mini- was great for the first 3-4 months then we upgraded to the full size and are still using it at 8 months

  404. I would love to win this for our next baby. Due to our first daughter’s medical issues, I had to exclusively pump for her. I’m really hoping to successfully nurse our next baby. We’ve been doing fertility treatments (need them for our first too) for nearly a year now. The cost is getting really outrageous. Winning this would be such a blessing!

  405. I’d love one of these for my next baby!

  406. I’d love any of the cosleepers, but I like the compactness of the mini. Using one of these, I’m hoping would make my second baby a little happier of a sleeper I’m hoping. Due in November!!

  407. I love the Mini Convertible! I need a portable one so when I go to my Dad’s in another state I have somewhere to put baby too. 🙂

  408. Got an Arm’s Reach off Craigslist but my daughter wasn’t having anything but my arms for bedtime. Hopefully will get more use out of it next time…

  409. That would be so awesome to have one of these, so that my son can stay close to us when baby #2 comes!

  410. The Mini looks like the perfect size for our overcrowded bedroom!

  411. Lauren Miller says

    I have always wanted an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper, it’s such a great idea for new moms!!

  412. We are a co-sleeping family. Although we had a much bigger bed when our first was born. I’ve been trying like heck to save up for this co-sleeper before baby#2 arrives for my peace of mind.

  413. Robyn Sheridan says

    My dream co-sleeper! I love it & need it for many reason! I’ve been struggling emotionally as baby girl gets older, on how to successfully get her to stay asleep somewhere other than my arms & chest. I feel she relies heavily on mommas smell to fall into that deep sleepy slumber where she won’t wake for hours. Having this co sleeper by the bed and close to momma might be the only way to start getting some quality sleep, for all of us! I’ve been on our recliner couch for 2 months since her birth. Not to mention how quickly our savings disapeared when preparing for our baby girl. Thanks for this opportunity and awesome giveaway! 🙂

  414. Skadi Hatfield says

    So much nicer than a crib or even separate nursery. Good luck everyone.

  415. I have always wanted an arms reach co-sleeper. I am currently pregnant with my third child and I’ve always used a pack-n-play with the bassinet feature, but after having a new baby it’s such a pain to get up fully to reach baby for a quick nurse and nappy change.

  416. We got a mini co-sleeper before our first baby was born. Baby #3 is currently using it. I absolutely love it! If something would happen to ours and we had another baby, we would buy a new one, no questions asked!

  417. Christina Brundick says

    I’ve never tried one,but my SIL had a Arms Reach cosleeper for my nephew that they loved!

  418. Loved the arms reach mini I borrowed for the first baby. With #2 on the way it’d be great to have our very own!

  419. I’ve always wanted an Arms Reach co-sleeper! The cambria would fit with our bedroom 🙂

  420. I love co sleeping, we would totally get lots of use out of this. 😀

  421. Jennifer T says

    I would be so happy to win this! We plan on buying one for our second child that’s due in October.

  422. this would be awesome, and take up less room in our small bedroom

  423. suzette fernandez says

    I’ve been wanting the arms reach co-sleeper!

  424. I NEEED this

  425. I so want one of these!

  426. Melissa Horton says

    I would love a Co Sleeper for my LO!!!!

  427. The new aurora contempo is gorgeous!! I would love to have one of these co sleepers bc my dh is ready for our lo to be out of our bed, but I’m not!!

  428. Brittanie Tomasic says

    I love the Original co-sleeper design and the fact that it can convert into a pack n’ play later on.

  429. Linda Tang says

    This co-sleeper will be great for my 4.5 month old daughter who outgrew her bassinet already.

  430. Borrowed an arms reach mini with my first and loved it! Would love to have a cosleeper for the little one on the way!

  431. I would lve he mini, it looks like a great functional space saver!

  432. Christen Girt says

    I love love love the sleigh bed co sleeper, it is exactly what I would be looking for! The cocoon is for sure a close second! Awesome co sleeper beds for sure!

  433. I’d like this for my baby who is due in October

  434. Emma Walton-Lowe says

    We need an arms reach cosleeping crib for our next little one. Our toddler is currently in butchered cot which is fixed to one side of our bed, and we will have the crib on the other side. Big up the family bedroom!

  435. I would love a co sleeper for my second baby due January. I didn’t get one with my first but he is still sleeping in his crib and not trying to get out so I want to leave him there as long as possible!!! Great giveaway

  436. Marie Sanchez says

    We just had our third child and this would be perfect for her!

  437. The cocoon looks pretty cool, would love to try one!

  438. I so need one of these. I’ve wanted one of these for quite some time. And baby 3 is on the way.

  439. I would love any of the co-sleepers!

  440. since this is our first, i have no idea what we will need. all of their products look great! I can’t choose just one

  441. shannon lee says

    i would love to win this, we really could use it, but i’m not convinced anybody ever wins these things, they are problem just a marketing scam.

  442. I love the arms reach cocoon!!

  443. Shameekqua says

    This would be so great! It’s almost like extending your bed just enough for the little one. I know my hubby would appreciate having out of the bed, and I would appreciate being able to keep him close. Win win!

  444. we didnt use one at first because i was dead set on our son sleeping is his crib, well after a month of no sleep and getting up to feed him every two hours then reflux set in and he really didnt sleep, i ended up borrowing one from a friend and will use one for every baby from here on out!!

  445. We have the first version of this and LOVE it! However I would love to have the new mini that converts to a pack n play too.


  447. Brittany B says

    Really hope I win this!!!

  448. Heather Mihalovits says

    the sleigh bed co-sleeper is just adorable.

  449. Ellen Ockay says

    I love the mini convertible co-sleeper. It would be perfect for us!

  450. I used a pack and play my first pregnancy since it was given to us for free at our shower, but I’d really wanted an arms reach sleeper since I eventually co-slept with my baby and it would have been so much more convenient.

  451. Would love to gift one of these to a pregnant friend or keep it for ourselves! We have one that’s not portable at the moment. I love it. 🙂

  452. My sister let me use hers but wants it back now. I would love one of my own!!!

  453. Shakeeta W says

    The Cocoon looks like an awesome product!

  454. I love the Mini – we have a really small house but would love to have slept with our first LO next to us all night in it.

  455. I think my favorite product is the ideal co sleeper but the cocoon is so neat and innovative!! I would have loved to have a co sleeper with our first baby and I’ve been looking for one now that we’re expecting our second!

  456. The cocoon looks so interesting. Since my kids like to sleep in the swing it sounds like a good option

  457. Katie Pitcher says

    The Sleigh Bed Co-Sleeper® is so pretty! Love it 🙂

  458. I also like the Arm’s Reach cocoon!

  459. Megan Grant says

    I love all of their co sleepers. When my boys were little we always “side-carred” the cribs but they take up so much room! One of these would be awesome for baby number 3! 🙂

  460. Love the sleigh bed cosleeper and the great bedding!!

  461. I really like the cocoon I think its an awesome design!

  462. Their Cocoon swing looks awesome! Not only do I love the designs and ideas behind these products, but I also love the natural colors.


  463. An arm’s reach co-sleeper would be fantastic to have for the baby we’re expecting in December. I have a co-sleeper for our bed, but worry about my hubby moving around too much still.

  464. Love the Cambria!

  465. Love! <3 <3

  466. Melissa Pratt says

    Love the mini arc co-sleeper in damask print. What a fantastic addition one of these would be when baby arrives!

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

  467. I love the idea of the co-sleeper and would love to have it for my second timr around!

  468. Love this!

  469. we had a snugglenest for our first which was great, but with our second on the way (and the first who still makes his way in to our bed by morning), we really need a cosleeper next to the bed. and I am wishing they made that cocoon in adult sizes, it looks so comfy!

  470. These things are just amazing and I would love to have one. I don’t know that we have room to have that baby in our room any other way.

  471. I would love to get The Arm’s Reach® Cocoon.

  472. Aishah Saint-vil says

    This would be so awesome to have especially because I breastfeed it puts my child right next to me instead of having him lay on my bed and plus it is much safer then have him lay on the bed.

  473. I love our original co sleeper but would really love a mini for the size!

  474. I’d love to win!

  475. Love the cosleeper!

  476. The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper looks PERFECT for our little guy!

  477. With #2 on the way in a few months would love to win this! We cosleep with our 18 month old and can’t wait to welcome another!

  478. tracie nguyen says

    I love the canopy!

  479. We bedshare and I’ve been wanting to get a cosleeper for our little one on the way! This would be perfect!

  480. I love the co-sleeper

  481. I would love to win this for our new baby girl born August 30th!

  482. I really wanted one of these for my first but we just ended uo bed sharing. This would be great for number 2 due in a few months since my first tends to sleep with us more often than not!

  483. This looks great! I’m going to be a new mom and this is something I’ve been looking into for awhile now.

  484. My son hated sleeping in a regular bassinet. So much so that as soon as he was transferred to the crib I got rid of that awful bassinet. I’ve heard aug great things about the arms reach co sleeper!! I would love one for my second son due in November! Thanks so much!

  485. Live my full size co sleeper, baby is right there, but has his own space!

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