Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Giveaway

TLB is excited to bring you this giveaway from new sponsor Arm’s Reach®.  A struggle that is common to most new parents is what to do in regards to their baby’s sleep needs.  Arm’s Reach® CO-SLEEPER® may be a part of the solution for you.  This giveaway is an opportunity for you to get better acquainted with them and your chance to enter to win one of their adorable bassinets.  Arm’s Reach is also sponsoring our series on night weaning.  Check them out over here!  Let’s start with a bit of general information about Arm’s Reach and then owner, Sharon, will answer a few questions for us. 


The Arm’s Reach® CO-SLEEPER® comes in a wide variety of styles, fashions, and sizes. Some features include: co-sleeping mode, bassinet mode, and, in select products, a play yard mode.  The product line has something for everyone – whether you have a preference for a particular style, or have limited space requirements, Arm’s Reach has a Co-Sleeper® for you. We are also proud to offer a high-quality line of Organic accessories. The Arm’s Reach® CO-SLEEPER® is widely distributed throughout the U.S., and is even available in many countries around the world. Our patented CO-SLEEPER® technology is highly recommended by leading experts: James J. McKenna Ph.D. (author & Director of the Mother-Child Sleep Lab at the Notre Dame University), and Dr. William Sears (renown Pediatrician and author of 40+ books on infant care that are translated to over 40 languages around the world).


You can sleep better knowing your infant is in arm’s reach.


TLB:  What inspired you to start Arm’s Reach?

Sharon:  As parents, we wanted to experience the bonding and ease of feeding but were concerned for the safety of the baby. We realized that there was a way to still have both, the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® was born out of that belief. It allows the best of the two worlds – safe co-sleeping and easy breastfeeding!

TLB:  What would you like TLB readers to know about Arm’s Reach?

Sharon:  The safety and welfare of babies is our utmost concern here at ARC. We would like to have all Mothers and Babies have a positive, and safe, co-sleeping and breastfeeding experience while they use our Co-Sleeper® products.  Our goal is to improve our society, one Co-Sleeper at a time.

TLB:  What is your favorite part of co-sleeping?

Sharon:  For 9+ months you carry your baby and you feel safe knowing that your baby is with you at all times.  Then they are born. Co-Sleeping gave the peace of mind that our baby was right next to us and still safe and it sure made those nighttime feedings much easier and more enjoyable

TLB:  Share how sleeping near their baby can help moms reach their breastfeeding goals.

Sharon:  Research had shown that when Mother and Baby sleep in such close proximity their bodies tend to sync with one another. Breastfeeding becomes stressless. Mom is right next to her baby,  tending to their feeding needs becomes second nature. It makes breastfeeding at night a more satisfying experience .

5161-TS Bas

Sharon is giving away a Mini Arc Co-Sleeper® Bassinet to 1 lucky Leakie.
Retail Value: $179.99

5161-TS CoS 5161-TS Mesh Highlight

Currently Leakies can find this and other Co-Sleeping items in the Arm’s Reach Concepts website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from August 28, 2013 through September 4, 2013 .  A big thanks to Sharon and Arm’s Reach Concepts for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter (@cosleep on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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