Bamboobies Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day preparations are in the air!  Little hands carefully drawing, cutting, glueing, and coloring, getting ready to surprise Mommy with a handmade card, a kiss and a huge hug.  Bamboobies, one of TLB’s longest standing sponsors, wants to help celebrate and support mothers everywhere, and is offering our Leakies a giveaway as a means to do just that!  Read below, as Kerry, owner of Bamboobies, shares a bit of her heart with all of us.


TLB:  Happy early Mother’s Day, Kerry!  What is your Mother’s Day wish for all the mothers reading this? 

Kerry: That they get support from other mothers and have the pleasure of supporting other mothers. Not just this holiday or this weekend or month but all year every year.

TLB:  What is your Mother’s Day wish for yourself?  😉

Kerry:  A weekend away with just my husband and the waves – and another weekend of hugs, books, simple home-cooked meals and gardening with my littles. Can I ask for two totally separate things? YES!  Mother’s Day isn’t a day – it’s a year. It’s a lifetime of choices and tough prioritizations. Even as my husband and I plan to get away, we are feeling wistful about how much we’ll miss our 3 littles…  That’s a multi-faceted life – it’s never easy.

TLB:  What would you like TLB Readers to know about Bamboobies? 

Kerry: I was fortunate to have a very well-paying job that I felt good about when I had my first baby – as a residential real estate agent. I was my own boss, had the pleasure of helping people with a very important aspect of their lives and made good money doing it. When I figured out how to make a better nursing pad and thought of the funny name “Bamboobies” I left real estate to start the business of making better, healthier products for new nursing mothers.

Large consumer product companies can’t be bothered with making low-profit products truly great or more healthy or eco-conscious so there was a neat opportunity in the market.  It took me 6 months to design a better nursing pad, but it is a breakthrough that the larger companies never would have made and mothers everywhere would still be leaking through their all-cotton pads!  I had a creative urge, I had a sense of responsibility to improve products that I felt needed it, and I obeyed an internal challenge to do something I hadn’t done before. After nursing pads, we have been so excited to make similar improvements to nursing shawls, nipple balm, nursing bras and there is more good stuff on the way!

What I’d like to pass on is a message that Bamboobies isn’t just a business. It’s a passion and commitment that’s almost inexplicable – even to my husband and even my children some days. Our small staff of 6 women and I couldn’t be more committed to making better functioning products to support new nursing mothers, the planet and our business partners.  And we’re having fun while doing it!

TLB:  Bamboobies being in the shape of a heart is no accident, as you really care about struggling new mothers. What is the message this it trying to send?

Kerry:  I did pick the heart-shape as a functional design – but also as a message. I was shocked to find out how difficult breast-feeding was with my first!  I thought that after birth it was all downhill – and that nursing would be naturally easy. I think this is a common misperception – and it isn’t a secret that is helpful to new mothers at all!

And this is why we have supported The Leaky Boob for so many years – it’s the ultimate crowd-sourced resource exactly when and where mothers need it.

I had every issue in the book and did my best to support new mama friends one-on-one. Now it makes me so happy to be able to support new mothers all over the world.



 Kerry is giving away a Bamboobies prize pack to 4 lucky Leakies.  

Each prize packs includes:

  1. Combo pack of nursing padsBamboobies Pads
  2. Organic Nipple BalmNipBlm.500
  3. Bamboobies Brahhh – a Bamboo & Organic Cotton lounge braBraaah
  4. Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl – choice of color Blk.Shwl.2Nurse

Total Value of each prize pack: $101.96


Leakies can find these nursing support products at


Additionally, in honor of step-mothers, grand-mothers, aunts and ‘aunties’, adoptive parents, big sisters, teachers and all other forms of ‘mothers’ that grow children, Bamboobies is having a sale on all items on their site with an additional 20% off for ‘Leakies’ using code ‘LEAKYMOM’ for the whole month of Mother’s Month (May).


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from May 2, 2014 – May 9, 2014.  A big thanks to Kerry and Bamboobies for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. & Canadian residents only.

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  1. corie marquart says

    Would love this package for the new nursling due soon!

  2. I wish for the opportunity to feel appreciated!

  3. Veronica Bohan says

    That their kids realize how shitty they are and stop it and treat them like they deserve to be treated-as goddesses of motherly perfection. I wish my mother was around for me to do so.

  4. Nikki C. says

    For the mother to see her child/ren truly happy.

  5. Jolene Kirk says

    My wish for moms, is a couple of hours to them self’s. Also a day of pampering them self’s.

  6. I wish for all moms to be well rested!

  7. megan b says

    That they dont have to clean anything all day long.

  8. courtney says

    my mothers day wish for mothers everywhere is that they get to spend the day with no worries!

  9. Jennifer Geddes says

    My mother’s day wish for mothers everywhere is that they take a moment and realize how lucky they really are to have children. It’s a difficult job but it’s worth it!

  10. I love these, and would love to order some for my friend! The coupon code doesn’t seem to be working. Any idea what’s up with that?

  11. KarenJRVT says

    I wish all mothers would stop judging and compairing themselves and each other.

  12. Nina c. says

    My wish is that mom’s everywhere feel blessed on mother’s day.

  13. Dayna McNattin says

    This would be awesome to win, as I’m due with my second this July!!

  14. Sandra Stewart says

    I love bamboobies, they literally feel amazing!

  15. Sandra Stewart says

    I wish for moms a hot bath and a long nap.

  16. I wish for all mothers to have a full, relaxing night’s sleep on Mother’s Day! 🙂

  17. My Mother’s Day wish would be for husbands to fully understand and appreciate everything their wives do. And diamonds, and chocolate, because I’m not too proud to admit I’m materialistic!

  18. Jessica L Griffin says

    I’ve been wanting to try Bamboobies since I gave birth (17DEC13)!!! Would love to be a winner 🙂

  19. Marianne says

    A day full of love and pampering from their families.

  20. I wish all us mothers a restful night and a few minutes to relax! I have been joking that being able to go to the bathroom alone for once would be an awesome gift.

  21. Marie berlongieri says

    I wish they all get what they want!

  22. My wish for mothers everywhere is that they get a stress free day to do whatever they want or need to do.

  23. Melynda says

    My wish for mothers everywhere is that they feel appreciated and loved.

  24. Peace of mind. You are not failing, we all mistakes and you’re a great mom!

  25. I’m taking this from my Mom, “a day without any crying!”

  26. Joanne Livingston says

    I wish that all mothers feel loved, supported, and appreciated.

  27. To have a day free of whining!

  28. Camille says

    My wish for moms is a worry-free day to spend enjoying the company of their families!

  29. Jutta Pearce says

    That they get to sleep in! Haha! But seriously….

  30. Beth P. says

    I wish for mother’s to have a relaxing day and really feel appreciated.

  31. My Mother’s Day wish for every mother is just for them to feel loved and appreciated! And maybe get a hot bath in with a glass of whine!

  32. Katie Gilmore says

    My mother’s day wish for all the moms would be a nap. Imagine if all the moms in the world were well rested, amazing things would happen!

  33. katherine says

    I hope mothers everywhere will be happy and healthy with their babies

  34. Amanda Temple says

    I wish that mothers could realize they are appreciated even if they don’t hear it.

  35. I wish for all mothers to have a day that gives them happiness.

  36. sherry blamer says

    My wish for mothers everywhere is to be loved and appreciated by their loved on mothers day.

  37. Christine W says

    I wish all mothers confidence in their parenting decisions!

  38. Stacey Torres says

    I wish to not cook all day! My wish for all moms is a day where you don’t doubt yourself

  39. Jessica says

    I wish for health and happiness for all mothers (and their families!)

  40. To do something for themselves.

  41. Tiffany says

    These would be amazing! I nursed my daughter until she was 16 months old when she self weaned. I was 12 weeks pregnant at that time. I have been nursing my son for 5 weeks now and we hope to nurse even longer that I was able to with my daughter!

  42. My wish is for moms to feel rested and appreciated!

  43. Jamie Cooper says

    to have a nice relaxing day!

  44. I wish for a beautiful day with the ones they love 🙂

  45. Danielle says

    I wish mothers would be able to empower each other and see support and offers for help in others rather than taking offence, feeling guilty, etc.

  46. I wish for mother’s everywhere to understand their worth and value and to feel loved this Mother’s Day!

  47. michele thrasher says

    I wish for every mother to have an official putter-awayer of clothes!

  48. I wish we could all just have one day of being appreciated for all the small crap we do and feel like we’re “good enough”.

  49. Jessica Hughes says

    I hope that all mothers feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day! It’s a (usually) thankless job.

  50. Stacie McDonald says

    I wish all mothers could have a day of just knowing they are doing the best they can and without second guessing or worrying. I make it a point to tell my mom (not just on mother’s day) I know she did her best as my mother and I love and appreciate her for it.

  51. I have always wanted to try these, and now that my fifth baby is due in a couple of weeks, I think now is the perfect time! I loved reading the interview…you are such an inspiration to lots of women!

  52. To know the love their children have for them!

  53. My wish for all moms is to have one day absolutely free from any cleaning!

  54. Julia Miller says

    My mother’s day wish for mothers everywhere is that they all get a day, or even half a day, to put up their feet and eat something delicious without being mauled by children or feeling guilty. 😀

  55. Christina p says

    For them to be able to spend the day with their kids

  56. Samantha M. says

    I would want every mother to take the time to appreciate their children. I know I need to do more of that.

  57. No more tantrums, ever!!!

  58. Andrea Smith says

    A bubble bath and a pedicure!

  59. Lindsay says

    Lots of sleep and big cuddles with the babes.

  60. Heidi Stane says

    My wish is for mothers to connect with their children and be bonded. <3

  61. Kathleen says

    To have a day of rest and relaxation!

  62. Lizz Gee says

    To sleep in or take a nice nap!

  63. A day where you didn’t have to repeat yourself! 🙂 Eat your dinner!

  64. I want every mother to enjoy the day with their kids and play.. Forget about all the other things that need to get done.

  65. Liana W. says

    Appreciation and respect!

  66. To not feel guilty for asking for time to yourself away from your children. It’s definitely something that is hard for me to do.

  67. Heidi McDonough says

    My wish is for all moms to feel appreciated and have as restful, enjoyable Mother’s Day as possible!

  68. Anne perry says

    My wish for mother’s is to label gmo’s and to know what we are feeding our children.

  69. Erika Summers says

    that all mothers feel loved and appreciated, for at least 1 day, but hopefully everyday!

  70. To have one day without talk of bodily functions (mama to a newborn and an 8 year old boy)

  71. Angela Cochneuer says

    My wish is that all mothers know they are doing a great job.

  72. I wish everyone good health and successful breastfeeding!!

  73. I’ve heard good things about these! I would love to try them out

  74. Chelsie says

    I just want to have a lovely day with my family.

  75. Jessica says

    I wish mothers everywhere got to spend the day with their children.

  76. I wish for patience and peace, as well as the ability to forgive each other and ourselves:)

  77. Lisa Humphries says

    Sleep. It’s what I want.

    Sleep for all the mothers!!

  78. Tonja Honsey says

    For them to be able to enjoy every bit of their sacred journey

  79. That all mothers feel special, loved and appreciated.

  80. My wish is that they take care of their health so they can continue to do their best for those that love them and need them.

  81. Tannis W says

    I wish for all moms to get to hold their children and spend the day with family.

  82. Rosie Krattli says

    To know how much they are appreciated

  83. Nicole U says

    It have a great day with there families. Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. Britni Bradford says

    I hope mothers everywhere feel appreciated and enjoy their kiddos.

  85. Christine C says

    That they feel loved and needed

  86. I wish all mothers confidence and patience.

  87. Jen Tucker says

    To have patience and remember they are doing their best!

  88. Katherine says

    That they have family and friends to share their love with and that they know how much their love matters.

  89. Talia B. says

    Mothers everywhere should feel valued.

  90. showers of love from family and rest!

  91. Kelsey C says

    I wish moms everywhere could just let go and focus on what’s most important, every day.

  92. My wish for mothers is that they get all their heart’s desire on Mother’s Day. If that’s not possible, the chance to pee alone.

  93. To feel loved and appreciated.

  94. Lauren Ham says

    To have quite time

  95. I wish every mom a day of happiness with her little one(s), some rest and relaxation, and an awareness of just how special she is for undertaking this gift that is motherhood.

  96. Ashley Barrett says

    To be able to snuggle their babies

  97. Jacqueline says

    More sleep and cuddles for everyone!

  98. I wish for all moms to realize the joy that their children are. And a nap. 🙂

  99. Haley Strong says

    A simple, “Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication” would be perfect.

  100. Melissa says

    That you have at least that one person that supports you. If not that, then at least some really good chocolate hidden somewhere away from little hands.

  101. I wish for all the mothers out there to be loved and have a special day this mothers day! Moms are amazing!!

  102. I wish for hugs and cuddles from my son.

  103. Monica Rose says

    To remember to sit quietly for a moment and take it all in. Enjoy the mess, the wobbly steps, the sticky cheeks, the peanut butter on the cabinets (how did that get there?!). Even enjoy your preschooler’s new habit of using your sleeve as her napkin at mealtime. Bc it won’t be this way forever.
    And also a glass of red wine to sip while sitting….oh wait, that’s my wish for me.

  104. Allison says

    I would love babysitting services and a night out for a fancy adult dinner!

  105. That they get a moment to reflect on the little lives that they brought into the world, and know that they are doing a great job and are appreciated. Even if it’s not always recognized every day.

  106. To know that they are amazing just for being a mom.

  107. Alone time. And then snuggles!

  108. My Mother’s Day wish would be for mom’s to have a chance to just stop and take in the wonderful gift God has given us all in blessing us with children and being mother’s. Most days, I am running around, doing housework, running errands, taking care of my husband and son, and don’t have time to even think a lot of the time. And sometimes, that blessing is missed, sometimes it’s easier to complain or just veg out and not think at all when I get a moment to myself. But I think on Mother’s Day, that’s not what needs to be done. I need to be able to take in all the gift God’s given me in my son.

  109. Trista Eudaily says

    A day where the kids don’t whine.

  110. Christina scott says

    I would love some time to use both hands and my full focus on the to do list that’s been growing for months!

  111. Elisabeth says

    I wish for all the moms I know to feel loved, well rested, and a bit pampered for Mother’s day because most of them put their own care on the back burner.

  112. Ethni Case says

    I wish for a relaxing, peaceful weekend with the fam getting to cherish mommy moments all day, and for empty laundry baskets!

  113. Caroline Rutt says

    Cherish your time with your little ones…..they grow up so fast!

  114. Lisa Marshall says

    That they find their “tribe” who supports them through thick and thin.

  115. Abby Heckendorn says

    My mother’s day wish would be for me to not have one selfish thought or feeling for the entire day. That I would be able to enjoy all of it with all the mess, chaos and exhaustion without wanting anything different. And that the days following would look more like this and less like I want to get away from it!

  116. littleheart2014 says

    my wish for mommy’s everywhere would be the to spend the day focused on their littles and all the good things they have brought to our lives. This is my first and I cannot wait for the future!

  117. Michelle says

    My wish is for each mother to be able to love their children with joy and know the love her children have for her.

  118. Heather Hollis says

    Relaxation and time to herself, but lots of precious kiddo time too!

  119. The gift of sleep with their snuggly little ones!

  120. From and I would love this I’m exclusively breast feeding

  121. To nap snuggled up to dd & a nice long bath

  122. Emily S. says

    a nice long, uninterrupted shower, followed by a nap

  123. Cassandra says

    My wish for all the mom’s out there is some quiet time even if it’s in the shower with no interruptions.

  124. My wish is for moms everywhere to know they’re doing the best they can & not feel judged by others who are parenting differently than they are.

  125. Courtney says

    i wish for mothers to enjoy the day with their child/children! And to be appreciated for all she does!

  126. I wish for a day free of cooking!

  127. Sharlene says

    Uninterrupted naps for moms everywhere. Maybe a bubble bath and wine too!

  128. Cameo Borges says

    I think it would be fantastic if all mothers everywhere could get a nice two hour uninterrupted nap. And wake up to a clean house 🙂

  129. To be able to get an hour or two alone quiet time to read that book they started a month ago and only got to chapter 4…. 🙂

  130. Beth Gordon says

    I wish my daughter would be free of this damn stomach flu. Thank all that is holy I’m still breastfeeding!

  131. Rachel C says

    For all moms to hear their children say ” I love you!”

  132. michaela says

    I would love to try bamboobies!! Tired of disposable nursing pads!! My wish for today is to feel appreciated.

  133. My wish for Mothers everywhere is to feel loved and respected.

  134. I love bamboobies! I bought a set for myself and they are great. For mother’s day I would like to go out with just the three of us, my husband, my baby, and me!

  135. That they get a day to relax and feel special!! Surrounded by people who love and support them!

  136. Saleena Ghanny says

    That Moms everywhere can receive in return all the love they give out…..ten-fold!! XOXO

  137. Esmeralda Ellis says

    To relax, enjoy your day and don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a good mom.

  138. Annastacia Smith says

    Happy Mothers Day! It is my first and I am happy to spend it wih my 8mo Daughter and my 14yo Brother (whom we adopted when our Mom died in 2012.) It’s a painful, but rewarding reminder that our family is a bit small and broken sometimes, but very loving and warm.

  139. Happy Mother’s Day! What a wonderful gift pack!

  140. I wish for a happy,relaxing day full of love for all mommas!

  141. Kristi U says

    A nap!!

  142. My Mother’s Day wish for all moms is to spend time with their family and have their hearts filled with lots of love and happiness!

  143. I wish that their kids would let mom take a nap for a change.

  144. My wish is that all mothers would feel loved and supported on Mother’s Day and every day!

  145. I wish that each mother gets to look into their child’s eyes and feel the love returned to them that they feel inside for their little one.

    I have turned into a more mushy/lover now that I have a 4 month old, which I wasn’t expecting! I love her so much that I cherish every sneeze, giggle, drool and even cry.

  146. I hope all mommies get a chance to relax on their special day!

  147. Viviane says

    I wish that all mothers feel appreciated on Mother’s Day

  148. Love bamboobies!

  149. I go through nursing pads constantly. And hard to find a good brand that is also cost friendly. I would LOVE and very much appreciate winning this prize package.

  150. Wendy Jabkowski says

    My Mother’s Day wish for mothers everywhere is that all mothers get the chance to spend time with and appreciate their children and families.

  151. My Mother’s Day wish isn’t for mothers everywhere it’s for my sister. After several miscarriages, DNCs, & fertility treatment I hope that she & her husband are able to have a healthy baby. They’re such wonderful, loving people & all she wants is a baby. I’ve been slowly saving things for her & some of these item will defiantly go into her hope chest!

  152. Kathy Doyon says

    My wish is that Mom’s will feel appreciated , loved and supported!

  153. mary gray says

    These would definitely come in handy! <3 bamboobies! 🙂

  154. Heather says

    I wish for all mothers to be supported in every way!

  155. Leslie Shelton says

    My wish is for mothers to feel completely surrounded by love every moment of the day!

  156. To have a nice happy day and feel loved and appreciated.

  157. To relax

  158. Shanna M says

    I wish Mother’s everywhere a wonderful peaceful day. Full of people they love!

  159. To cherish each moment!

  160. Rebecca T says

    My mother’s day wish is happy baby smiles!

  161. Andrea H. says

    For all moms to know how special they really are. Many times as mothers we feel inadequate, but God has placed us where we are and given us everything we need to be wonderful mothers. Cherish every moment with the children that God has blessed you with.

  162. Lara Clinton says

    That if they want to spend time with their kids to celebrate that they can, and that if they want time to themselves that they can do that too. 🙂

  163. Stephanie Marcus says

    I wish all mom’s get a nap bc we all know we all deserve one. Also not having to do anything and just to be spoiled.

  164. Melissa C. says

    an uninterrupted night of sleep 🙂

  165. Sarah Griffin says

    To feel loved by their children. A special visit or phone call

  166. Rachael Logan says

    For them to feel loved and appreciated.

  167. Amanda Felton says

    All mothers should feel they are appreciated for everything that they do!

  168. My wish will be that mothers can stop feeling like they are judged all the time and that there are different methods to parenting. There is no one right way. They work hard and deserve to be appreciated for everything they do all year round.

  169. Becky Marie says

    That our houses and cars would be cleaned (inside and outside!), our children would not fight, and our SOs would make dinner and give us massages! 🙂

  170. Casey R says

    some stress-free time with their babies, no matter how old they are.

  171. Jennifer says

    the rest they need to be refreshed and ready to embark on every day!

  172. My wish is for all moms is to be rested, supported, and encouraged!

  173. Hey Jen says

    For their loved ones to show their appreciation every other day of the year instead of just one.

  174. That their families appreciate them every day. not just on mothers day.

  175. That they feel content and truly present!

  176. Samantha L. says

    My wish is that Mother’s day is a one to relax and enjoy all the hard work moms do!

  177. I wish the “mommy wars” would end so all mothers could find more peace

  178. Essmie feliciano says

    My wish would be for their family’s health and provision daily

  179. My wish is that all moms will know how important their job of being a mother is, and that they are the perfect imperfect person for the job!

  180. chellaine says

    For all moms to feel loved 🙂

  181. Awesome 🙂

  182. My wish for mothers Day is that all 6 of my children know just how much I Love them

  183. Brianna says

    to take time to sit back and enjoy the day how ever it will be. Cheers to all the moms out there 🙂

  184. That they can feel appreciated by their littles… No matter how big they are.

  185. Melanie says

    I hope that all moms get to sleep as much as they want 🙂

  186. I wish for all mamas to feel the same unconditional love they show their babies and loved ones everyday. Much beauty , much peace, much love.

  187. Do things you enjoy with people you love.

  188. Would love to win!

  189. stephanie l says

    That they don’t put too much pressure on themselves 🙂

  190. Rachel Palte says

    My wish is for all moms to have a relaxing fun day with their little ones!

  191. I would love this! I have to admit I have always been a leaky gal, ever since I started breastfeeding my first more than two and a half years ago! 🙂

  192. I would love this, especially for a momma, just returning to work and having to pump whole I’m away from baby girl!

  193. Jessica says

    I wish for a quiet happy day together with your families.

  194. I hope all mom’s and mom’s to be are rested, happy and mama drama free!! If you see a mom at the park, grocery store, mall- wherever- say hi and give her a compliment! It might just make her day!

  195. Want every mama to know how much they are loved.

  196. Taleisha says


  197. Jessica says

    My mother’s day wish is simple my man my two gorgeous girls 3 and 3 weeks to be at home watching tv with me all day.

    Been leaking since six months pregnant with the first lol maybe its time to invest in a washy.
    My sister been leaky since 8 year’s ago due with nursling two August ^^

    Pure joy milk fight with your sister xD built in water cannons lol xD

  198. I wish that every mother would get a chance to see their child grow up, and never suffer the loss of losing them too young.

  199. Dorothy says

    Calmness in all the excitement of growing

  200. Emily Brundritt says

    Love this, love to nurse

  201. Heather says

    I wish for all mothers to experience peace and unconditional love on mother’s day. It is truly life’s biggest joy being a mama to a little one, hoping all mothers realize that!

  202. I love bamboobies!!

  203. Kate Allen says

    I wish for all the moms to get some time to themselves and some sleep!

  204. DelRae H says

    For Mother’s Day I wish all moms would feel loved, appreciated, and supported (not only on Mother’s Day).

  205. My wish is that all mothers know how wonderful and beautiful they are.

  206. For moms to relax and realize they are doing an amazing job.

  207. Candace says

    I wish all moms get to sleep until they are well rested!

  208. Amanda Bragg says

    I wish men understood and supported us more for the hard work us breastfeeding mommies do

  209. Would love to try these!

  210. To have a relaxing, stress-free and happy day… maybe even get a nap in 🙂

  211. I love Bamboobies! Use them everyday!!

  212. Cessily says

    I wish to spend my first Mother’s Day with my sweet family. I love being a SAHM and nursing my LO who is 7 weeks old. Praying we can keep breastfeeding and get through our hurdles. 🙂

  213. Mary J. says

    I want all the moms out there to know that they are loved and appreciated; that they are right where God intended them to be. As the saying goes, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

  214. Jessica says

    I wish for all moms to have an uninterrupted shower!

  215. I wish for mothers to get a day to do whatever they want

  216. Michelle Moore says

    This is my first mothers day! My son is two months old. I love bamboobies nursing pads havent checkedvout the other products yet. Hope everyone else jas a wonderful mothers day!!! 🙂

  217. Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to try these products

  218. Angela Sanford says

    I wish for moms to feel like they are doing a good job.

  219. My mother’s day wish is that all mom’s take the time to really enjoy their babies and children and realize it goes by so fast and you can’t get those precious moments back. Your children will love and thank you for it.

  220. These saved my nipples when I had thrush! They are amazing!

  221. My wish for all mommies this mothers day is to feel appreciated and loved for all of the hard work we do every minute of every day and that someone says “thank you for all you do” we truly deserve that much.

  222. To love the time they have with their children.

  223. I wish that all mothers could spend the day with their kiddos without any worries of safety, money or sickness.

  224. Grace Gismervik says


  225. Just registered for some bamboobies! Would love some quality pads.

  226. I love bamboobies!!!!!!!!!

  227. Ashley Wangler says

    I would love this!

  228. Thank you for a chance to win!

  229. Meredeth B says

    I hope moms get a break and take a moment to be an individual. Take a shower without hearing screaming kids, pee alone, eat dinner without needing to share or continually remove climbing children, watch a movie without interruptions. Have a moment to be yourself!

  230. Chelsea says

    My Mother’s Day wish is for every momma to stop feeling guilty, to stop comparing themselves to others and to accept that they are wonderful mothers, even on the hard days.

  231. All these products would be super convenient!

  232. Crystal H. says

    Would love to win

  233. My mother’s day wish for mothers everywhere is that they take time to take it all in and enjoy being a mother.

  234. Stephanie S says


  235. Some rest!

  236. Veronica Roberts says

    Hi! I love Bamboobies! 🙂

  237. Slow down and enjoy the day

  238. Katie brown says

    To enjoy the little ones that made you a mama!

  239. That they find joy in the chaos.

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