The Mother’s Day of Your Choice

If you could have the perfect day for Mothers Day, what would your perfect day look like?

For me the answer to this question changes depending on life stage, circumstances, age of my children, and more.

But even more than that, it can depend on whether or not I think I’m worthy of having a day of my dreams.

Understanding this for me personally, I hope you can hear this:

You matter. You are enough. You are important.

You are worth celebrating.

You are worth celebrating on Mother’s Day.

With that in mind, what would your perfect day celebrating you as a mother look like?

Mother’s Day can be weird for many of us. It can feel contrived, a fake holiday to guilt people into spending more money. Maybe it brings up complicated feelings about our own mothers or complicated feelings about our mothering. Sometimes we feel MORE invisible on Mother’s Day when those around us seem not to notice us or the day. It may raise questions about what we do that’s worth a whole day set aside to celebrate or maybe it highlights how inadequate we feel. It may even lead to questioning what makes one a mother. For some Mother’s Day reveals how desperately we want a break from being a mom. For some it reveals how desperately we want to be a mom. For some it reveals how much they have a mothering spirit while others may feel it reveals they don’t. And many of us may wonder why we need a special day set aside to appreciate mothers- shouldn’t that be every day?

Some lucky ones experience Mother’s Day as a special time to honor their own mother and celebrate their own motherhood.

It’s a day fraught with clichés and complexity.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for us to realize once again that we’ve just about heard it all:

  • Yes, we all have a mother.
  • Mothers are amazing.
  • Mothers are underappreciated.
  • Flowers and homemade cards are the best way to celebrate mothers.
  • Wine and time away from our children are the gift all honest mothers crave.

How do we celebrate moms without clichés?

By embracing where we are in our journey without guilt or shame. Sure, be aware of where you need to grow and change but shame doesn’t help that journey so let’s all agree to just skip that.

This Mother’s Day, if you haven’t already, prepare by sharing with those close to you what you’d like to do, how you enjoy celebrating, and what you’d really love to receive. If that’s a nap, tell them! If that’s a mimosa by the pool, tell them! If that’s spending the day child-free doing whatever you’d like to do, tell them that too. If you’d prefer to spend the day at the park with your family and receive a card and a special necklace, share that with them.

I hope you get to experience the Mother’s Day that will mean the most to you with respect to your personal journey. Whatever that looks like.

Most of all though, I hope you grow in your understanding that you matter, you are enough, you are important, and you are worth celebrating.

To help with that, we’re focusing on celebrating you and the mother-spirit this week with a campaign #TLBmom and a giveaway to go with it featuring brands that value mothers every day, celebrating you like every day is Mother’s day.

The support that The Leaky Boob is able to offer every day is made possible thanks to brands such as these. Not only do they believe in you and me they exist to make the world a better and more beautiful place. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do. Take a moment to follow them all on social media, see what they’re about, and check out what products might make your life better and more beautiful.

The giveaway:

Alter Eco – Fair Trade chocolates, Baby K’Tan – Active Wrap, Cake Maternity – Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra, Indigo Willow breast milk jewelry – Clair de Lune ring, Natracare – cloth shoulder bag full of earth-friendly feminine/baby products, Latched Mama – Drawstring T-Shirt Dress in Black Vintage Rose, Glamourmom – nursing long top


One winner gets all of the product above, and 10 others will win some Natracare products in a small cloth bag. That’s 11 lucky Leakies!

Please use the following widget to enter the giveaway. Good luck, and Happy Mother’s Day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“The One Where We Nurture The Nurturer <3” The Leaky Times Newsletter, Vol. 4

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Hey there, Leaky! This week we’re talking about Nurturing the Nurturer. YOU. Taking care of yourself so that you can thrive in this season of your life! We have some fantastic interactive links and articles designed to encourage you in self-care and celebrate in anticipation of Mother’s Day on May 10th! Keep scrolling for some YUMMY recipes, new Leaky Comic, our upcoming MILK conference, and our LAST giveaway for TLB’s Birthday celebration. You don’t want to miss out! 

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Mother’s Day Giveaway 2014

We wish we could give all moms a morning to sleep in, a chance to pee by themselves, and someone else to do the dishes, but since that’s not within our scope, instead we’ve brought together the incredible companies that value and support breastfeeding by supporting The Leaky Boob community for a giveaway that gets us as close as possible.  These 4 prize bundles (a total value of: $ 2847) may not do the dishes for you but these products can make your mom-job easier and maybe give you a little bit of a break to just enjoy the sweet moments with your little ones.  Every mom deserves a winning Mother’s Day!  Good luck and a huge thanks to all you moms for all you do building our future.  Thanks too to all the companies that believe breastfeeding is important enough to support our community.  Happy Mother’s Day!  ~Jessica


Below is a list of some of our generous TLB sponsors, with information on what they are contributing to this giveaway, and links to any other promotions they are having.  Below that, you will find instructions on how to enter the giveaway.  This time, in honor of the 4 years that The Leaky Boob has been around, we have divided the prizes into 4 unique prize bundles.  Before you scroll down to check them out, there is one more very important thing you need to know: due to the large number of sponsors participating in this giveaway, and each of their shipping restrictions, we have decided that this giveaway will be for people living in the U.S. only.  I apologize if this restricts you from possibly winning this giveaway.  The U.S. is simply the one single place for shipping that all of these sponsors have in common.  Please, U.S. entries only.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Mother’s Day!

Jessica, The Piano Man, and our whole family of TLB sponsors

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

5111-dk_004__2000w-2Arm’s Reach

Giveaway item:
Mini ARC Co-Sleeper® Damask

The Mini Co-Sleeper® bassinet is a unique creation that allows you and your baby to sleep comfortably next to each other from the moment your baby arrives. This bassinet enables you to reach over and draw your baby close for comforting and bonding. The innovative design also makes breastfeeding easy.

The Mini Co-Sleeper® bassinet is the ideal sleep solution for any concerned parent.

Arm’s Reach is also the generous sponsor making it possible for Jeremy, aka: The Piano Man, to speak with Jessica at 4 different MommyCon events in 2014, presenting their “Sex After Baby” talk.  Look below for more MommyCon information.

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Motherlove adjusted Motherlove

Giveaway item:
Nurturing Life Giftbox.

Motherlove’s complete selection celebrating new motherhood! From pregnancy and labor, to breastfeeding and babies, these products nurture mother and baby with certified organic herbs and pure ingredients. These products do not contain any synthetic ingredients, fragrances or parabens commonly found in body care products. The perfect gift for the mother who is looking for only the highest quality, pure, natural products for herself and child. pregnant belly salve 4 oz., nipple cream 1 oz., birth & baby oil 2 oz., sitz bath spray 2 oz., diaper rash & thrush 1 oz., environmentally responsible Motherlove tote bag.

“Celebrate Mother’s Day with self-care!  All the ingredients for some pampering – just ask your partner for a massage and an hour or two to nap to celebrate in style.”

Motherlove is also the generous sponsor making it possible for Jessica to speak at all MommyCon events in 2014!   See below for more information!

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Giveaway item:
Two general admission tickets to any MommyCon location in 2014

MommyCon is a natural parenting convention that travels around the United States bringing organic parenting practices to the masses. The event features seminars and workshops on topics such as; birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, car seat safety, essential oils and so much more. Guest speakers include; The Baby Guy NYC, Honest Toddler, The Badass Breastfeeder and The Leaky Boob.

Use promotional code “leakyboob” for 10% off tickets at

“We love leakies! Come leak at MommyCon!”

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Giveaway item:
4 Beco Soleil Baby Carriers 

With the Beco Soleil Baby Carrier, crossing your straps makes wearing your baby comfortable and easy!  Beco’s award-winning design is celebrated by parents around the world.  Combining proper ergonomics with versatile features provides you the best babywearing experience.

Wear Beco from birth through toddler years.

Wear Beco on your front, back or hip.

Wear Beco with love.

Click here for more information on the Beco Soleil.

“This one’s for the Leakies! Soleil makes breastfeeding possible anywhere you go, Mama! ♥ ”
– the Beco team

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milk-saver-box-product-lorezbellyrest4Fairhaven Health

Giveaway items:
2 Milkies Milk-Savers
2 Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillows 

• Milkies Milk-Saver: Save every drop of your precious breast milk with the Milkies Milk-Saver!  Attach the Milk-Saver to your non-nursing side to collect leaking breast milk while you nurse.  BPA and phthalate free!

Belly Rest: Finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep as you toss and turn to find a comfortable position?  You need the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow.  This small, adjustable pillow is unlike any other pregnancy pillow you’ve seen.  Its unique design includes two small pillows joined together to cradle your hips and support your pregnant belly and lower back at the same time.

“‘A mother’s heart is a patchwork of love’ – author unknown.  Happy Mother’s Day Leakies!”

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Giveaway item:
Organic Collection Baby Carrier – Zen

Comfortable, safe, ergonomic and made from 100% organic cotton (Oeko-Tex Certified), the Organic Collection is designed with your family and the planet in mind. With fabric as pure as baby’s breath, each carrier is crafted with sustainable materials in a responsible, environmental manner.

“It’s true.  Our uber-comfortable carriers have made life easier and more active for millions of families across the globe.”


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Giveaway items:
Multi-pack Bamboobies Nursing Pads (3 pair regular + 1 pair overnight)

Boob♥ease 100% Organic Natural Nipple Balm

Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl with Flower Accent (color black)Bamboobies

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Giveaway items:
A PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bra with Matching Wet Bag
A “Do Not Disturb – Mom at Work!” door hanger
A Breastmilk Storage Guidelines Fridge Magnet
A “Through a Child’s Eyes” Keepsake Coloring Book
Total Value: $71.00

PumpEase features patented, ‘no-stitch’ horn openings, guaranteed to accommodate any breast pump on the market.  Click here for more information.

Additionally, use promotional code “LEAKIE25” for 25 percent off at, and for the duration of this giveaway!

“Snugabell is honored to support the beauty of breastfeeding with The Leaky B@@b.  Happy Mother’s Day, Leakies!”

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il_fullxfull.502204921_j0lkKangaroo Care

Giveaway items:
A Flower Mama Nursing Necklace
(a KangarooCare bestseller!)
– winner’s choice of color

KangarooCare’s handmade Breastfeeding & Babywearing jewelry is obviously the most beautiful and stylish you can find on the market. It’s made out of the best quality natural materials, and is safe for all ages.  KangarooCare makes must-have accessories for breast-feeding and/or baby wearing mamas!  Handmade in Estonia.

Make sure to “like” KangarooCare on Facebook for special sales, promotions and news!  And find us on Instagram too: @kangaroocarebaby

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Arden slate 3 shotThe Dairy Fairy

Giveaway item:
An Arden All in One Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Bra

The Arden All in One Bra from The Dairy Fairy is the only nursing bra that multitasks as much as you do; nurse, pump handsfree, and adjust it to fit your fluctuating size – beautifully.  Click here for more information.

Additionally, use code “TheLeakyBoob” at for a $10 discount.

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Giveaway item:
Líllébaby COMPLETE All-Seasons 6-in-1 Baby Carrier
(Retail value $135.00)

The best of both worlds – designed to keep babies and parents warm in the winter and cool in the summer months, the All Seasons features an adjustable center panel: zip up for warmth and zip down to reveal cool, breathable, 3D mesh.  It’s called complete for a reason.  The award-winning lillebaby® COMPLETE™ baby carrier offers more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier.  

Click here for more information.

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Muslin isla-nc-package-1000pxBMuslin Swaddle Package Boyébé Au Lait

Giveaway item:
Winner’s choice of Bébé au Lait Muslin Nursing Cover or Bébé au Lait Muslin Swaddle Set (2 winners)

“Happy Mother’s Day, Leakies!  Use code MDAY14 to receive a free tote bag with a purchase of $40 or more.  Be sure to add the tote to your cart!”

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sara in park_miniMomzelle

Giveaway item:
A $25 gift card to

“Breastfeeding anytime, anywhere, in style!

Check out Momzelle’s Mother’s Day Sale: 
all nursing tops up to 40% off until May 12th. 

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imageMy Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

Giveaway item:
4 Lil’ Lions

The Lil’ Lion Kit includes an adorable tan lion and a special heart shaped recorder to capture the sound of your baby’s heartbeat in the womb.  The lion is a very soft fleece like material with poly fiber stuffing, and a velcro closure opening in the back where you can place the recorded heartbeat.  Massimo is approximately 9 inches tall.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear kits make the perfect baby shower gift or pregnancy keepsake!  Click here for more information.

Additionally, use code “LEAKY20” at for a 20% discount.

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Giveaway item:
A KoalaKin, Hands-Free Nursing Pouch

The KoalaKin® nursing pouch helps you bond with your nursing baby by freeing your hands for extra snuggles, diaper checks, and even reading.  Click here for more information.

KoalaKin is offering 10% off through Mother’s Day.  

“Buy now and save 10% on a KoalaKin for the soon-to-be-momin your life!”  

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Naked Nursing TankNaked Tank Logo 1Naked Nursing Tank

Giveaway item:
White Luxury Bamboo Naked Nursing Tank (a $40 value)

Click here for more information.

Additionally, use code “LEAKYMOTHERS15OFF” at for 15% off all naked tanks!!

Happy Mother’s Day, Leakies!!  Here’s to you and how amazing motherhood can be!!  Hope you love your new Naked Tank!!” – Carrie and Jen

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Shop-PackagesMrs Patel’s

Giveaway item:
A Combo Package 

The Combo Package includes:
– a box of Fungreek bars
– a bag of Chai Spice Milk Water Tea
– a bag of Munch Crunch

Our mission is to help nursing mothers. We believe our products can help women heal faster after giving birth as well as increase their milk supply.

Additionally, use code “leakymama” for 25% off through May 13, 2014.

“Celebrating mothers and supporting their breastfeeding journeys – Happy Mother’s Day 2014!” – Anhoni

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Giveaway item:
4 NüRoo Nursing Scarves

The NüRoo Nursing Scarf provides endless options for coverage and style. Learn more at

NüRoo® fabric is super soft, breathable, wrinkle free, and not distracting for baby. As an added bonus, you’ll love this fashionable scarf long after your breastfeeding days!

Customize your coverage: wrapped or draped, front and back, over the shoulder or around your neck.

Learn more here.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

IMG_1582Milk and Joy

Giveaway item:
an Organic Cotton Crochet Necklace

– Stylish for any outfit yet baby friendly! Each necklace is 100% organic, natural, and ec0-friendly.
– Perfect for Moms as they help to catch your baby’s attention while breasfeeding/bottle-feeding and holding your baby!
– A beautiful gift for any lady wanting to wear something pretty.

Check out Milk and Joy on Facebook here!

We create beautiful organic nursing and babywearing necklaces and bracelets. All of our products are handmade with natural materials including our unique 100% organic yarn. Each wooden bead and necklace chain are hand crocheted with this beautiful organic yarn. The wood buttons, coconut rings & buckles and wood beads are handcrafted locally and polished with organic beeswax and olive oil.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Giveaway items:
A Bravado Essential Embrace bra, Motherlove Nipple Cream, and Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes 

The Bravado Essential Embrace is the most comfortable, supportive, yet lightweight bra that you will ever wear while pregnant or nursing (any size/color – with phone fitting consultation with our certified fitting specialists).

Motherlove Nipple Cream is an all natural herbal salve that quickly relieves the discomfort of sore, cracked, nursing nipples.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes are natural, age, gel-free breast packs made with a 100% organic cotton shell and filled with all-natural flax seed.  Use warm or cold, depending on your nursing needs.

Basic Baby is both a physical store in Upstate New York, as well as an online retailer, offering helpful products for parents in all beginning stages of parenting, such as maternity, cloth diapering, babywearing, nursing, potty training, and more.  Get to know them at

Additionally, find 10% off gifts for mom here

“Basic Baby wishes all the moms and moms to be out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!” – the Basic Baby shop team

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DSC_9766_09.psdMelinda G™

Giveaway item:
A Smoothly Divine™ nursing bra in nude

Win the new Melinda G™ very pretty, very comfortable nursing bra with removable pads – wear with the pads for discretion and added OOOOMPH! or without the pads for natural contours – either way, you’ll look great!  Click here for sizing information.

“Mother’s Day and every day: Enjoy nursing your beautiful baby and watching your baby grow!” – Melinda

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Tula Baby Carriers

Giveaway item:
A Tula Baby Carrier (Sculls print)

TULA Ergonomic Carrier is a soft structured carrier designed to support the bond between a child and an active parent.  The panel of our carrier was designed to provide support for the child’s developing spine.  Tula carrier is suitable from birth (if used with an infant insert) through toddlerhood.  It is ergonomic for the baby, comfortable for the parent and offers more prints and colors than any other carrier on the market. The Red Tricycle Winner of 2013 Totally Awesome Awards, Tula is the top choice Baby Carrier among parents all over the world.  Follow us on our Facebook:  TULA Baby Carriers.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Martini2Nurse Purse

Giveaway item:
A stylish, all-in-one Breast Pump Bag

Designed to hold your pump, cooler, all your gear and your personal items – it’s the only bag you’ll need to carry.

The adjustable, removable insert will fit nearly all models of breast pump, and is easily converted to use as a purse, diaper bag or tote when you are done pumping.

Roomy enough to carry any standard bottle cooler, with special area for a laptop or tablet, and a space for file folders. A zippered, interior pocket keeps your personal items safe, and 2 outer pockets are large enough for bottles or a commuter mug.

Click here for more information.

Additionally, use Coupon Code “TLB20” at for 20% off your order through Mother’s Day.

“Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Pumping!”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

imageThe Vintage Honey Shop

Giveaway item:
A Teething Ring Necklace ($27 value)

A handmade teething ring necklace for mama to wear while nursing her sweet little one!

We are a handmade shop that makes functional fashion accessories for mamas to wear & for their babies to enjoy!  We specialize in our beautiful teething/nursing necklaces & stylish infinity nursing scarves!  The Vintage Honey Shop is mama handmade in Nashville, TN.

The Vintage Honey Shop: Where paper & fabric stick!

Additionally, use code “MOM10” for a 10% discount.

“Happy Mother’s Day, sweet mamas!”
– Jen & Mel

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

AMB_Combo_Color-giftcertiftextA Mother’s Boutique

Giveaway items:
One $50 gift certificate for the “grand prize”
Three $15 gift certificates for the other 3 prizes
Valid on any item in the store.

Additionally, use coupon code “TLB” and you will save $5 off any purchase of $20 or more.

“We are giving away gift certificates to four lucky Leakies!  We support the breastfeeding moms and nursing in public is so much easier in our cute, stylish nursing tops!  Enter to win a gift certificate today!  And if you’d like to treat yourself to something else, use coupon code ‘TLB’ to save $5 off your purchase of $20 or more!”

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UM.AdQuartPgShortUndercover Mama

Giveaway item:
an Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt

Mom Invented, Mom Owned, Mom Operated.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

baby-nip-washable-nursing-pad-usefortheleakyboobNursing Bra Express

Giveaway item:
Molded Seamless Washable Nursing Pads

Seamless, contoured, washable nursing pads that fit perfectly in your bra!  Leaks happen, be prepared with Washable Nursing Pads by Baby Nip™.  Leaks are especially common during your 3rd trimester when your breasts may leak colostrum and during the first 2 months of nursing when your breasts are adjusting to your milk supply.  High quality, soft cotton pads are reusable and the environmentally friendly choice among nursing moms.  Molded shape provides good fit an positioning in your bra.  Seamless shell doesn’t show through clothing.  Multi-layeres for absorbency.  Outer layer is 100% soft cotton.   Change pads when wet, wash with like colors in warm cycle, tumble dry or lay to dry.  95% cotton/5% polyester.  Made in Canada.

Size: 6-count.
Color: White.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

SpringCollage-miniOne Creative Mama

Giveaway item:
a mommy-baby matching shirt set (1st prize) – $55 value

A baby shirt or romper for the other prizes – $18 value

Winner can choose style/size/color

Additionally, use code “TLB” for a 15% discount on any purchase.

“Hey leakies, One Creative Mama supports breastfeeding and we want to share our cute designs with all of you! Save 15% by using coupon code ‘TLB’ at and enter to win a baby shirt of your own!”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

CezaraT Belly Support Panty #4000 after delivery with pink backgroundCezara™ 

Giveaway item:
A Cezara™ belly support panty

Cezara™ provides comfy belly lift and back support during pregnancy, after delivery and especially after Cesarean delivery, when the internal pad compresses and protects the scar, for more relaxed nursing without the concerns of baby resting on the scar.  Click here for more information.

Additionally, use code “May-2014-special” for special pricing at through May 18th. 

“Mother’s Day and every day: Enjoy your pregnancy and your baby – in comfort!” – Melinda

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And finally a special extra for our Leakies; a copy of the book that Monette Chilson, who recently spoke at Mommy-Con Austin, wrote about the deep life-changing benefits of yoga.

Illum_books 2

Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga
by Monette Chilson

(Bright Sky Press, 2013)

Giveaway item:
4 signed copies of Sophia Rising

Grounded in the quest for sacred wisdom (Sophia is wisdom in Greek), the book breaks down the spiritual foundations of yoga in a way that makes the deeper soul-level benefits of the practice available to anyone.  Whether you’re an avid practitioner who wants to understand how your yoga is compatible with your religious beliefs or someone simply intrigued but mystified by yoga’s twisting and chanting, this book will speak to you in a way that will help you live your yoga on and off your mat.  Sophia Rising has received the Illumination Book Award’s Gold Medal (spirituality genre) and the First Horizon Award for books by new authors.  It was shortlisted for the Hoffer Grand Prize and Montaigne Medal.

Monette Chilson is a contributor to Yogo Journal, elephant journal, Integral Yoga Magazine, and Christian Yoga Magazine.  You can find our more about her melding of yoga and faith at

You can purchase Sophia Rising at and Bright Sky Press.

“This book will make serenity attainable even for the busiest mama on the block!” – Monette

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$2847 of TLB sponsor love, to be exact!

Mother's Day Giveaway final2Below are the 4 prize bundles and the widget for the giveaway.  Remember, this is for U.S. entries only.  

And don’t forget to use the discount codes from our sponsors listed above!

Grand Prize Bundle- $946 value

  • Arm’s Reach mini Co-sleeper
  • Beco Soleil
  • Ergo Organic Collection Baby Carrier
  • Milkies Milk-Saver
  • Bamboobies Boobease Nipple Balm
  • The Dairy Fairy Arden bra
  • My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Lil’ Lion
  • NüRoo Nursing Scarf
  • Mrs. Patel’s Combo package
  • Nurse Purse Breast pump bag
  • The Vintage Honey Shop Teething Ring Necklace
  • $50 gift certificate to A Mother’s Boutique
  • One Creative Mama: A mommy-baby matching shirt set
  • “Sophia Rising” book by Monette Chilson

Prize Bundle 2 – $629 value

  • Nurturing Life Giftbox
  • Beco Soleil
  • Lillebaby All-Seasons Baby Carrier
  • Fairhaven Health Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow
  • Multi-pack Bamboobies Nursing Pads
  • My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Lil’ Lion
  • NüRoo Nursing Scarf
  • Milk and Joy nursing necklace
  • Basic Baby prize pack (Bravado bra, EMAB Booby Tubes, Motherlove Nipple Cream)
  • $15 gift certificate to A Mother’s Boutique
  • One Creative Mama: a baby shirt or romper
  • “Sophia Rising” book by Monette Chilson


Prize Bundle 3 – $647 value

  • MommyCon tickets
  • Beco Soleil
  • Koala-Kin
  • Milkies Milk-Saver
  • Kangaroo Care nursing necklace
  • Snugabell prize pack (PumpEase bra, door hanger, Breastmilk storage mad net, coloring book)
  • My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Lil’ Lion
  • NüRoo Nursing Scarf
  • $15 gift certificate to A Mother’s Boutique
  • Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt
  • Nursing Bra Express: Baby Nip Nursing Pads
  • One Creative Mama: a baby shirt or romper
  • Cezara belly support panty
  • “Sophia Rising” book by Monette Chilson


Prize Bundle 4 – $625 value

  • Beco Soleil
  • Tula Baby Carrier
  • Fairhaven Health Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow
  • Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl
  • Bebe au Lait Swaddle Blankets OR nursing cover
  • Momzelle: $25 gift card
  • My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Lil’ Lion
  • NüRoo Nursing Scarf
  • Naked Nursing Tank, White Luxury Bamboo tank
  • $15 gift certificate to A Mother’s Boutique
  • One Creative Mama: a baby shirt or romper
  • Melinda G Smoothly Divine nursing bra
  • “Sophia Rising” book by Monette Chilson

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Nurture the Nurturer: A Multi-Sensory Approach

by Monette Chilson

Nurture the nurturer

Every time we fly, we are reminded to put our own oxygen mask on before we help our children with theirs. But how often do we heed that advice in our earthbound lives? At some point, we’ve all fallen into the trap of doing for others (usually our children) until we collapse exhausted, like a fish gasping for breath on the beach. How did we end up beached, and more importantly, how can we unbeach ourselves?

Parenting is inexorably intertwined with acts of nurturing, but what kind of example are we setting for our children if we neglect ourselves in the process? With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there is no better time to reflect on your own presence in the world and seek out way to be more fully engaged in the life-giving opportunities that fill our days.

One goal of mindful self-care is to fully connect with our inner life, so that our outer life can be enriched. Nurturing implies a sustenance that is sensory in nature, one that feeds our souls on many levels. With that in mind, let’s take it one sense at a time.

Seeing… We take in more visual stimuli in one day than people a hundred years ago did in a year. Unfortunately, much of this stimuli is in the form a digitized reality. To counterbalance this virtual reality of ours, we must intentionally notice the simple profundity of the actual world we live in. We can do this by stopping to cultivate just one moment each day to acknowledge the beauty we encounter in our everyday ramblings. How much easier could this first exercise be? No need to do anything but open your eyes and appreciate what’s already there.

Your vision of simple beauty can be related to your parenting life, nature or anything that strikes your fancy. You can meld your online world with your real one by snapping a photo of your moment and sharing it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #simplethings. If you have so lost touch with what constitutes a moment of simple beauty for you that you find yourself at a loss for where to start, take a peek at what other people have hashtagged as their simple things. You’ll find everything from children’s feet to a single exquisite orchid blossom, the perfect cup of coffee and plenty of sunsets.

As Glennon Melton so eloquently conveyed in her blog post Quit Pointing Your Avocado At Me that captured the attention of moms everywhere, your day doesn’t need to be chock-full of these moments. No one’s life is like that—contrary to the sugar-coated lives spun on social media. And please do not feel guilty about that! One moment of simple beauty a day will suffice. The rest of your hours may be complete and utter chaos. Find your one moment and see it. Really see it.

Hearing… We have experienced a proliferation of sounds that rivals that of visual stimuli. We can plug in and tune out so easily—maybe too easily. Earbuds, Beats and Skullcandy are all super-hip, cool ways of insulating with a self-selected soundtrack. A little like living in our own little individual juke boxes. No more communal, “What station do you want to listen to?” “What’s on the radio now?” Try this little retro activity on for size. When you’re in the car with the kids, play your own version of Name That Tune, humming a ditty while the others try to guess what it is. Or if you want to tune in together, play the bumper sticker game where you tune into whatever station you spot first on a nearby bumper sticker. We listened to some awesome classical music that we would have otherwise missed while playing this one recently! In those non-carpool moments when you’re out in nature, solo or with kids in tow, play the quiet game for five minutes, bringing your awareness to all the sounds you hear that you wouldn’t have noticed in the midst of life’s usual chatter.

Tasting… We will take a page from the Slow Food movement for this assignment. Pick a food, any food. Do not eating it standing up. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t eat it while chasing after a toddler, dog or other wayward creature. Don’t multi-task while you do it. That’s right. No scanning your emails. No swiping of counters between bites. No throwing a load of laundry in halfway through. What’s the point in this lavish gift of dedicated nourishment? It’s to learn how to nourish yourself. To make the time. And to remember that you’re worth it.

Smelling… Seasonally, you just hit the jackpot on this sense. The fragrance of nature is at its strongest right about now. Just walk outside and inhale. The smell of new beginnings is intoxicating. Do this regularly and you’ll begin to discover olfactory nuances that will plant you firmly in the here and now. You’ll reacquaint yourself with the summery smell of fresh cut grass, fall’s slight pungentness and winter’s invigorating crispness, so clean in its absence of aroma.

Touching/Feeling… Though the fifth sense is usually interpreted as touch—as in the sensation we experience when we touch something—I interpret it as a kinesiological experience. Nurturing ourselves via this sense means doing things that feel good to our physical bodies—going for a walk, doing yoga, sitting still, dancing around your living room or turning a cartwheel. My kids have an agreement with my mom that they will never consider her old as long as she can turn a cartwheel. She still can, much to their delight. So, keeping turning cartwheels, metaphorical or literal. Keep doing whatever it is that makes your body sing like no one is listening.

Use this Mother’s Day as a starting point for a new sense of self-nourishment rather than an isolated day in which nurturing the nurturer is allowed. Go out into the world ready to see it in new ways that go beyond what your eyes typically take in. Listen to it. Smell it. Taste it. Feel it in your bones. Your will feel more alive, and so will your children. They are learning from your actions so much more than they are from your words. Teach them well.


Monette ChilsonMonette Chilson is the author of the award-winning book Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga (Bright Sky Press, 2013). She is a contributor toYoga Journal, elephant journal, Integral Yoga Magazine and Christian Yoga Magazine. You can find out more about her melding of yoga and faith at








Bamboobies Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day preparations are in the air!  Little hands carefully drawing, cutting, glueing, and coloring, getting ready to surprise Mommy with a handmade card, a kiss and a huge hug.  Bamboobies, one of TLB’s longest standing sponsors, wants to help celebrate and support mothers everywhere, and is offering our Leakies a giveaway as a means to do just that!  Read below, as Kerry, owner of Bamboobies, shares a bit of her heart with all of us.


TLB:  Happy early Mother’s Day, Kerry!  What is your Mother’s Day wish for all the mothers reading this? 

Kerry: That they get support from other mothers and have the pleasure of supporting other mothers. Not just this holiday or this weekend or month but all year every year.

TLB:  What is your Mother’s Day wish for yourself?  😉

Kerry:  A weekend away with just my husband and the waves – and another weekend of hugs, books, simple home-cooked meals and gardening with my littles. Can I ask for two totally separate things? YES!  Mother’s Day isn’t a day – it’s a year. It’s a lifetime of choices and tough prioritizations. Even as my husband and I plan to get away, we are feeling wistful about how much we’ll miss our 3 littles…  That’s a multi-faceted life – it’s never easy.

TLB:  What would you like TLB Readers to know about Bamboobies? 

Kerry: I was fortunate to have a very well-paying job that I felt good about when I had my first baby – as a residential real estate agent. I was my own boss, had the pleasure of helping people with a very important aspect of their lives and made good money doing it. When I figured out how to make a better nursing pad and thought of the funny name “Bamboobies” I left real estate to start the business of making better, healthier products for new nursing mothers.

Large consumer product companies can’t be bothered with making low-profit products truly great or more healthy or eco-conscious so there was a neat opportunity in the market.  It took me 6 months to design a better nursing pad, but it is a breakthrough that the larger companies never would have made and mothers everywhere would still be leaking through their all-cotton pads!  I had a creative urge, I had a sense of responsibility to improve products that I felt needed it, and I obeyed an internal challenge to do something I hadn’t done before. After nursing pads, we have been so excited to make similar improvements to nursing shawls, nipple balm, nursing bras and there is more good stuff on the way!

What I’d like to pass on is a message that Bamboobies isn’t just a business. It’s a passion and commitment that’s almost inexplicable – even to my husband and even my children some days. Our small staff of 6 women and I couldn’t be more committed to making better functioning products to support new nursing mothers, the planet and our business partners.  And we’re having fun while doing it!

TLB:  Bamboobies being in the shape of a heart is no accident, as you really care about struggling new mothers. What is the message this it trying to send?

Kerry:  I did pick the heart-shape as a functional design – but also as a message. I was shocked to find out how difficult breast-feeding was with my first!  I thought that after birth it was all downhill – and that nursing would be naturally easy. I think this is a common misperception – and it isn’t a secret that is helpful to new mothers at all!

And this is why we have supported The Leaky Boob for so many years – it’s the ultimate crowd-sourced resource exactly when and where mothers need it.

I had every issue in the book and did my best to support new mama friends one-on-one. Now it makes me so happy to be able to support new mothers all over the world.



 Kerry is giving away a Bamboobies prize pack to 4 lucky Leakies.  

Each prize packs includes:

  1. Combo pack of nursing padsBamboobies Pads
  2. Organic Nipple BalmNipBlm.500
  3. Bamboobies Brahhh – a Bamboo & Organic Cotton lounge braBraaah
  4. Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl – choice of color Blk.Shwl.2Nurse

Total Value of each prize pack: $101.96


Leakies can find these nursing support products at


Additionally, in honor of step-mothers, grand-mothers, aunts and ‘aunties’, adoptive parents, big sisters, teachers and all other forms of ‘mothers’ that grow children, Bamboobies is having a sale on all items on their site with an additional 20% off for ‘Leakies’ using code ‘LEAKYMOM’ for the whole month of Mother’s Month (May).


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from May 2, 2014 – May 9, 2014.  A big thanks to Kerry and Bamboobies for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. & Canadian residents only.

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Mother’s Day Wishes- Making Mama’s Milk and More giveaway

This Mother’s Day weekend the giveaways continue with a sweet giveaway from Making Mama’s Milk and More!  Sweet goodness baked up by Dori Acevedo, Making Mama’s Milk and More cookies are a yummy treat that can help boost your breastmilk supply.  You can read more about this TLB sponsor’s journey into making lactation cookies in her recent ABC interview here.  


One lucky winner will receive 30 cookies in their choice of oatmeal chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and oatmeal butterscotch as well as a baby booby hat, a retail value of $58.


 Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and be sure to visit Making Mama’s Milk and More Facebook Page to get to know this company that makes it a priority to support breastfeeding moms through their sponsorship of TLB and thank them for this opportunity.  This giveaway is open from May 12, 2012 through May 19, 2012.

This giveaway is only open to residents in the USA and Canada, thank you.
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Mother’s Day Wishes- Mother’s Milk Tea Giveaway

Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk has long been a trusted option for moms looking to boost their breastmilk supply.  I had the chance to ask Dannelle Jenkins, marketing coordinator for Traditional Medicinals, some questions about the company, how they are celebrating moms this year, and what their Mother’s Day wish is for all moms.

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Traditional Medicinals?

Dannelle:  We love breastfeeding moms and support you all the way! We know that breastfeeding can be a wonderful, challenging, rewarding and sometimes awkward journey and we hope to provide you a little moment of peace and comfort with our Mother’s Milk(r) tea, used for centuries by women to help them breastfeed.*


TLB:  How did Traditional Medicinals come to be?

Dannelle:  In early 1974, three young friends started Traditional Medicinals(r) in the back store room of a small herb shop along the Russian River in Northern California. For nearly forty years, we’ve been passionate about connecting people with plants and passing along the centuries-old wisdom of how to use them. After all these years, our aspirations remain the same: help you use plants to be healthy. We are devoted stewards of traditional herbal medicine, practitioners of sustainable sourcing, meticulous judges of highest quality herbs, caring members of our communities, proud employee-owners of our independent company, herb nerds, and plant people who, without meaning to sound too hippie about it, feel like the plants are talking to us. We hope you will enjoy the fruits (or flowers, roots and leaves) of our labor. With over 50 herbal teas created by herbalists for your health and wellness, we invite you to explore the wonderful world of plants. In good health!


TLB:  How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

Dannelle:  This Mother’s Day, we created a slideshow of our employees and all the reasons they love their moms. Check out our Facebook page to see what we have to say to our own moms this year.


TLB:  What do you wish for all mothers this mother’s day?

Dannelle:  We hope all you mothers are able to enjoy and embrace the wonderful (sometimes messy!) experience of being a mom. It’s one of the greatest things to do and to be and we love you for it. We hope you love yourselves too.


Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to win a case (each case has 6 cartons!) of Organic Mother’s Milk Tea, a retail value of $32.94 each.

From the Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea website:

Promotes Healthy Lactation*
Herbal Dietary Supplement

Organic Mother’s Milk® promotes healthy lactation* and is traditionally used to increase breast milk production.* This traditional combination of anise, fennel and coriander has been used for centuries by European women, often recommended by lactation counselors and medical herbalists. Organic Mother’s Milk® is a pleasantly aromatic balance of sweet, spicy and slightly bitter tastes.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and be sure to visit Organic Mother’s Milk tea Facebook page to get to know this company that makes it a priority to support breastfeeding moms through their sponsorship of TLB and thank them for this opportunity.  This giveaway is open from May 11, 2012 through May 18, 2012.

This giveaway is only open to residents in the USA, thank you.

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Mother’s Day Wishes- Undercover Mama Giveaway

I recently received my first Undercover Mama (2, actually) just last week and love them so I’m thrilled to be sharing this fantastic giveaway with you this Mother’s Day week.  This mom-designed product is unique and practical while being cute and specific.  I had the chance to meet the UCM team last fall and now to have a quick interview with them to share with all of my readers.  You’re going to love getting to know not only their product but the fabulous moms behind the company.

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Undercover Mama?

UCM:  The Undercover is the stylish & affordable alternative to a nursing wardrobe. It connects to your favorite bra & keeps your belly, sides & back covered when nursing. It can be worn during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and after!


TLB: How did Undercover Mama come to be?

UCM:  UCM was invented by Elisa, a mother of 5 (now 6!). It was designed by a real mom, for moms of all shapes & sizes. Undercover Mama is Mom Invented. Mom Owned, & Mom Operated! Our mission is to support moms!


TLB:  What was your favorite mother’s day present to receive?

UCM:  A day off from responsibilities to enjoy quality time with my family-highlights: long shower & afternoon nap!


TLB:  What do you wish for all mothers this mother’s day?

UCM:  An opportunity to enjoy a peaceful & happy day with loved ones!


Undercover Mama is giving away one Undercover Mama breastfeeding shirt, retail value of $24.99, to be issued as certificate to redeem online for winners choice of size & color.  From their website:

The Undercover Mama is a strapless camisole that attaches right to any nursing bra.  Layer it under any shirt, keeping your style without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe of nursing shirts.  Essentially, Undercover Mama easily transforms any shirt into a nursing shirt!

With two attachment options included with every shirt, Undercover Mama will work with any nursing bra and you can continue to use it as an undershirt with your regular, non-nursing bras when you are finished breastfeeding.

Let us help you make nursing comfortable and affordable while keeping you covered and maintaining your style.

Undercover Mama can be found at various online retailers and online at


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and be sure to visit Undercover Mama online to learn more about the Undercover Mama products and get to know this company that makes it a priority to support breastfeeding moms through their sponsorship of TLB.  This giveaway is open from May 8, 2012 through May 15, 2012.  Deep appreciation to UCM for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit the Undercover Mama Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open only to shipping addresses in the USA and Canada.

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