Motivation to Get Moving: #TLBmoves Prizes!

Are you moving yet, Leakies?! We’ve been getting our move on during the month of August. Breastfeeding here, there, and everywhere, and making sure we get outside and get active while we’re at it. We’re rounding the bases into the homestretch of World Breastfeeding Month. We’re SO proud of all the Leakies (and their families) that have gotten more active with #TLBmoves! In fact, we think you deserve a reward. How about some #TLBmoves swag?!  Our brand partners – Joovy, Thinkbaby/Thinksport, and Tula Baby Carriers – have been amazingly supportive of our efforts (and yours!) and they’ve also been generous with their products! We’ve got some fantastic prize packs to give away. (US residents only; winners drawn at random during the first week of September.) GRAND PRIZE: (up to $699.00 total value) tlbmoves grand prize

$350.00 to put toward the stroller of your choice from Joovy! Tula’s limited edition Star carrier (your choice of standard or toddler)! (Yes, really!) $150.00 in Thinkbaby/Thinksport sports bottles and sunscreen!

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome! First runner up: (up to $269.00 total value) tlbmoves first runner up

The Gray Zig Zag Tula Baby Carrier (your choice of standard or toddler)! $100.00 to spend any way you’d like on Thinkbaby/Thinksport sports bottles and sunscreen!

Second runner up: (up to $219 total value) tlbmoves second runner up

Tula’s Chloe carrier (standard or toddler) $50 to spend on Thinkbaby/Thinksport sports bottles & safe sunscreen!

Our brand partners have been amazing throughout #TLBmoves. They’ve been as excited as we are about families getting healthy, every step of the way! A huge thanks to each of them for their support. (And for making such awesome products that support us in reaching our #TLBmoves goals!) Joovy’s Qool, Zoom 360, TooFold, and Caboose VaryLight have logged a lot of miles so far this month, with a lot more to come! We’ve worn our babies while walking, dancing, doing chores – you name it – thanks to Tula’s carriers and woven wraps. Thinkbaby/Thinksport has kept us in sunscreen and water bottles, and speaking of… Here’s **20% off Thinkbaby/Thinksport** that you can use right now! (These water bottles are amazing. AH-mazing. No freaky metallic taste in the water and they have kept ice solid overnight!) Print PLUS! WAIT! We’ve got Thinkbaby/Thinksport sports bottles and sunscreen to give away through the end of August! Just post on the #TLBmoves hashtag on Instagram. We’ll be choosing TEN winners at random. All you have to do is share a pic! We’ll choose ten people who’ve shared pics on the #TLBmoves hashtag to win sunscreen and water bottles. (US only) ENTER to win one of the three prize packages above!

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  1. I would love a spotted love tula or basically any WC! But who doesn’t want a WC tula!

  2. Melissa Aerni says

    I cannot wait to try a Tula carrier. Maybe my husband will even rock it!

  3. I think the stroller credit would be awesome to win.

  4. sara gomez says

    I would love to win any tula! I’m a new baby wearer and I’m dying to get a tula. I’m also trying to lose more weight after having my baby so I would love to get moving with my little girl

  5. I can’t decide which Joovy I want. I live them all! I use so much Thinkbaby sunscreen so I could always use more. I love the star tula in toddler size!

  6. Chelsea Bessinger says

    I would love the cocoon single stroller, think baby sunscreen and a rocket Tula.

  7. Sarah Hayes says

    id love to have the tula! I think humming birds and hot air balloon are cute. I think Id like the caboose too ultralight stroller the most. and Id pick a water bottle!. these are amazing prizes! THANKS FOR THE CHANCE!!

  8. I love the chevron TULA!!

  9. Who wouldn’t want to get movin’ with this awesome gear!!!

  10. I really love the Chloe Carrier and the water bottles. I don’t know much about that brand of stroller but I am sure I could pick one!

  11. Carissa collins says

    I would love the cocoon x2 double stroller, the star tula toddler carrier, the think baby complete bpa free feeding set (the blueish one is so cute)

  12. Tricia Jelinek says

    This is an awesome giveaway!

  13. I would love to win! I would be happy with anything as I’ve never won a giveaway before!

  14. mandy falgout says

    i’d love the stroller b/c i want a joovy sit and stand. we are expecting baby #2 in december. i think toddler would love being able to stand or sit if he chose.

  15. Sarah Feliu says

    I’d love to win! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  16. What a fabulous giveaway!

  17. I would love the chevron carrier, is probably use the joovy credit towards the caboos! And I’d love a water bottle or the sunscreen from thinkbaby thinksport!

  18. Joovy Credit?! Yes, please! The Zoom 360 is calling my name 😀 And I need the metallic blue insulated sports bottle to rock with the stroller. I have no littles for the carrier but the grey chevron would make a great baby shower gift for my brother and his family!

  19. Laura Rhea boudreaux says

    Would love a foxy toddler carrier, a caboose too joovy stroller , and definitely sun screen for my fair skin red head boys.

  20. Cessily Kimberling says

    Oh my goodness this would be such a blessing to use to get things done and also get er done to stay active! Haha 🙂

  21. Renee Bendler says

    I would love a Zoom 360 to take my 22 month old on our favorite nature trail. His stroller can’t handle it and he’s getting to the point where he doesn’t want to be worn at times. That said he still loves to be worn at other times and I would love a star Tula!

  22. I’d get the Joovy groove ultralight, I love the gray stripe and the chole tulas, & I’d load up on water bottles!!! Then we’d be ready for a day at the beach!!

  23. I love all of the Tulas and Joovy strollers! I wish I had known about Joovy strollers before I got my Graco one.

  24. I really really want a grey chevron Tula!!!!! (Zig zag) I also
    Like the Chloe carrier!! (Any Tula tbh!)… I would probably get the scooter x2 stroller… And I would def. Try out the sunscreen by thinkbaby :):)

  25. Wendy Jean says

    Would be THRILLED to win any of these prizes!

  26. We would love to win any of the prizes! We need a double stroller, I love Tula’s spotted love print, and we need new water bottles SOOOOOO bad!

  27. Kristi Uhlschmidt says

    Any Joovy! The chevron. The sport bottles!

  28. Allison Rice says

    The timing of this giveaway couldn’t be better. Since my daughter weaned [insert sad sigh] I’ve started to slowly creep up in weight. This morning she was pinching my tummy rolls. Time to get moving!

  29. Love to dance around with my daughter. It stops her crying since she was two weeks old! Put on a few oldies and put her in a RS and we are good to go! Would love a tula though! 🙂

  30. Jessie Coggins says

    I would pick the Greenie Tricycoo, The star Toddler tula, and some thinksport bottles

  31. Jessica Rodriguez says

    What awesome prizes there are in this giveaway! Thanks Tula, Joovy, and Thinkbaby.Thinksport!

  32. Desteni Watson says

    I really hope I win the grand prize! I would pick the joovy scooter x2 stroller, the foxy standard Tula and the think baby straw cup!

  33. Katy Culver says

    what a great giveaway! thank you!!! I would love to win the joovy jogging stroller, the chloe tula, and the think baby/think sport water bottle! what a fantastic set that would be! thank you for the opportunity!

  34. Amber Youngblood says

    Awesome site. Amazing prizes!

  35. I need a kick in the pants to start working out again

  36. I have definitely been drooling over the tula carriers, specifically Chevron!

  37. Jessica R Johnson says

    I would definitely order a stroller for doubles and I love the zig zag Tula!! Any of the thinkbaby products would work for our family!!

  38. I’d love to have the triple stroller for my 3 littles (ages 4, 2, and 9 months). It’s so hard to take a walk with the 3 of them (the 2yo is a runner), and #3 is getting a little heavy for the moby. I love the star print tula carrier. And I would probably order bottles for each family member, along with coffee lids. (Hubby is a coffee roaster, so we’re a coffee snob family 😉 ).

  39. So exciting! Fingers crossed!!

  40. Katelyn Kesicki says

    I’ve been wanting a Tula since before my little guy was born almost 4 months ago but haven’t been able to afford one..I keep hearing amazing things about them. I WANT ONE SO BAD!!

  41. I like the tula star toddler carrier, the CocoonX2 Double Stroller in black, and the think baby straw bottle!

  42. Anne Perry says

    Joovi scooter X2
    Tula hummingbirds Grey toddlerThinksport Insulated Sports Bottle – 25oz (750ml) – Metallic Green

  43. I’d love the star Tula for my husband!!

  44. I would love the Caboose Too Ultralight from Joovy, the Gray Star Tula, and all of the ThinkSport water bottles (I’m having a terrible time finding water bottles I like!). Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Tatiana Harker says

    Too fold or jogger, the foxy print and think eating plate set! 🙂

  46. Big caboose stand on triple stroller! I could use that for my 3 munchkins! I love love love the chevron print Tula baby carrier! From thinkbaby thinksport, if love to try the think system drinker for my youngest and I’d get my older two, the insulated sports cups!

  47. Kristen Wilson says

    I would love to have a Joovy stroller that will accommodate my LO in front plus my toddler standing on the back. And I would love a toddler size grey and yellow chevron Tula.

  48. Megan Ward says

    Star Tula carrier, zoom360 ( or maybe a double stroller?!), want to try the body products from Thinkbaby Thinksport.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

  49. Holy moly, the all-in-one Too Fold Stroller literally has my mouth watering! Of course I’d love to win the grand prize; we’re at that age with our son where we’re thinking about expanding our family and transitioning our carriers from baby to toddler. I would put the stroller money toward the Too Fold, which is pretty much the coolest stroller I’ve ever seen! The rocket print Tula is both adorable and motivation to get up and get moving (zoom!). If I had to pick just one ThinkBaby product, it would be the complete feeding set, but I also really like the Thinkster bottles too…so much cool stuff!

  50. Deanna Jarzynski says

    I would want to win the Joovy caboose ultra light in green, the Tula Click ergonomic carrier with the big star, and from Thinkbaby/Thinksport I would love a couple of their water bottles and sunblock.

  51. The Joovy Qool looks like the stroller for us. A toddler Tula in zigzag would be a dream come true!!! A thinksport 25oz water bottle would round out the dream pack….probably silver. <3

  52. Kathie Smith says

    I think I would want the 2nd runner up prizes! But…if I could, I would buy the ultralite graphite joovy stroller, the chloe TULA, and a bunch of sippy cups from ThinkBaby!

  53. Still debating which Joovy Stroller, they are all awesome!! I am loving the Chevron Tula and I love the bottle/sippy cups from ThinkBaby ThinkSport!! I hope I win!!

  54. I would love any one of these products! Especially the zig zag Tula!

  55. I love this giveaway. Would absouletly be overjoyed to win!!

  56. LaKendra Watts says

    I love all of the strollers! I would pick the star print Tula and think sport bottles for my whole family!

  57. Amanda Claypool says

    I have a newborn and would love to try baby-carrying!

  58. Melissa Dilling says

    I’d LOVE to win a toddler Tula! My 3 yo loves when I wear him but he just reached the beco limits 🙁

  59. Julia Miller says

    Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight (in purple, if I could get it!), Chloe Tula, ThinkBaby all in one starter kit and a straw cup and sippy.

  60. jazmin Randrup says

    I would love to win this. Baby wearing helps me throughout the entire day!!

  61. Holli linton says

    I would give my left thumb for any of the Tulas! Seriously I am thinking about having another baby just so I could have an excuse to use it longer!

  62. I’d love the cocoon single stroller, the chloe carrier, and the think sport water bottle!

  63. I’ll love to have the Groove Ultralight Graphite from Joovy. The Tula print that I’d love to have is the one in the Tula Clhoe carrier and about the ThinkBaby ThinkSport product I’ll choose The Complete BPA Free Feeding Set.

  64. Dyan Quinn-Scanlan says

    I’ve been drooling over the Star Tula forever. It’s so simple and awesome!

  65. The Joovy stroller, I’d just be blessed to even be able to pick! I also would love any of the tulas, omg I would be a super excited babywearing momma to have one!!!!! Hope I win 🙂

  66. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    Joovy- zoom 360 jogger in red
    Tula- wrap conversion in starry night teal
    ThinkBaby- baby sunscreen

  67. Awesome all around!!!!! A great way to promote baby wearing and an active lifestyle!

  68. Hilary Livgard says

    Choices! Choices are never easy with this mommy, its always so hard to pick just one!

    I love love the Joovy Qool
    Tula print I love right now is Up and Away, Rockets, and Spotted Love (see I don’t know how i will pick just one!!)

    I’d just the Think Baby straw bottle

  69. Adrianne shepherd says

    I want a tula soooòooo bad. Any print will do!!

  70. I need a jogger, so the Zoom 360 or the CocoonX2! And I love the Oasis and Chloe Tula prints! Plus thinkbaby sunscreen is awesome! Would love to try their water bottles too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I am already thinking of someday having baby #2 and I like the caboose too ultralight but the too fold would be great for now and later. As for Tula- I’m drooling over any one I can get!! But I like the urbanization (then hubby can wear it too- that’s if I share!). And from think sport think baby I’d want the insulated water bottle- hard to find a GOOD water bottle. Ahhhh to win a Tula!!

  72. Amber Harrison says

    I would love either tbe Qool or Cocoon from Joovy. From Tula I love the grey star or the chevron pattern. I would stick up on water bottles from ThinkBaby. Can never have too many!

  73. Jenn Schroeder says

    I would choose the too qool joovy double stroller, oasis tula and the stainless steel thinkbaby products!

  74. I am absolutely loving the Tula Chloe carrier – drool city over here right now! I would love any of the Tula carriers, though! I’m between Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Tandem Stroller and the Big Caboose Stand-on Triple Stroller – as I have three kids, but the oldest is 5 (still likes to ride on the stroller on occasion, though!). As for ThinkBaby ThinkSport products…my limited list would have to be: a Sippy of Steel for the youngest, a Pink Thinkster straw bottle for my little lady, a Thinkster straw bottle for my oldest, one in each color (blue, pink, and green) of the Complete BPA Free feeding set (one for each kiddo!), Thinksport Insulated Sports bottles in Metallic Blue and Metallic Green, and sunscreen!

  75. I would love to win the Tula! From what I have seen Tulas are so easy to use and babies love them. I know my baby would.

  76. I would love to win any of the joovy favorite color is the purple and the orange. I love the tula with Chevron print.I’d be grateful with any of the prizes. Thanks for allowing me to enter. 🙂

  77. I love everything about this giveaway! Adorable picture of staying active with baby close by!

  78. Yay! What a great giveaway!

  79. All the strollers look awesome, but I’m thinking the caboose too. I like the star carrier because my husband could wear it too, but it’s not just plain. I am most likely to get sunscreen and bath products from thinkbaby thinksport.

  80. Janelle Rowley says

    I would really love a Tula for baby boy number two! And I know a handful of preggo friends that need to be properly introduced to baby wearing! 😉

  81. As far as the Joovy stroller goes, that is so tough! They all look amazing! I’ve been drooling over Tulas since my little one was born, and I’m a total sucker for the zigzag though the Chloe is beautiful! As far as the Think Smart products, is load up on water bottles!! I am actually in dire need of reusable water bottles! It’s be great to get one for the whole family! Thanks so much for another amazing giveaway!!

  82. Tiffany Edwards says

    I want a Tula so bad!!! And I love the leaky boob!

  83. Susan Toth says

    I’m pretty sure id want the joovy double cocoon, I’m drooling over quite a few tula prints but the Chloe ha been extra droop inducing, and I would get water bottles for the whole family! Mmmmmm. Love this giveaway 🙂

  84. chelsea bolek says

    I would love to win a click tula! !!

  85. Adrianna Simms says

    I’d get the Zoom 360 jogging stroller, the Tula Star in toddler and thinkbaby feeding set, water bottles and a yoga mat!

  86. Natalie Schwartz says

    I would order the Joovy Too Qool double stroller in Jade. I love the zig zag Tula! And I would want the Thinkbaby bottles!

  87. Tiffany Edwards says

    I really want the tula! I’d pick the zoom 360 stroller. The star tula is the ultimate (only one husband and I both like). I would love any water bottle from thinkbabythinksport, can’t ever have to many!

  88. April Cody says

    I would want to win ANY of these prizes! All are great!

  89. The tofold, chevron toddler and all the bottles (esp in

  90. I’d pick the Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Tandem Stroller,
    a Tula Foxy toddler carrier, and ThinkBaby complete feeding set. 🙂

  91. i love the Groove Ultralight Graphite in jade i need a light weight stroller that will fit in are small car when folded up this would be great nice color!! I soooooo want a tula but its not in my buget but it would be awesome to win i have been drooling over for a few months is the skull and star one those are my favorite as for Thinkbaby/Thinkspor i would love to try there baby sunscreen for my 1 year old we walk my older son to school everyday and the sun its starting to burn us all =(

  92. Sam Dietrich says

    Any joovy stroller are you kidding me?! Dying for the giraffe Tula and I love the bottles

  93. Those carriers look awesome!

  94. Jennifer K Crewell says

    I love the qool stroller and the star print Tulane is fine with me

  95. Omg, love the Tulas!

  96. Michelle T says

    I don’t know if I’d pick the qool or the zoom 360…. For the tula, in dying for “Cousteau,” one of the wrap conversions! I love the gray zig zags too!

  97. I would love to win a Tula carrier, I’d order the Qool stroller ( love rear and forward facing!). My favorite Tula print is the sculls design and I love the think baby feeding set!!

  98. I’d be happy to win any of it…those Tula carriers are awesome! LOVE the chevron print 🙂

  99. Anna Edwards-Kamery says

    Last week I decided I wanted to try a tula but don’t have the $$$ for a new one. This week it seems like everyone is giving them away! Carry all the babies!

  100. Cassandra Santana says

    I would get the scooter X2 stroller. The tula carrier on any color would be wonderful because I just want one of their carriers. And I would get sunscreen and the water bottle from think sport.

  101. This would be amazing to win

  102. What a fabulous way to encourage moving! I would love to jog with my Itty Bitty in a Joovy Zoom 360 stroller, wear her in a Tula ‘Choloe’ carrier and keep hydrated and sun damage free with ThinkBaby/ThinkSport. I am ready to get moving!

  103. Natalie Fitzgerald says

    What a fantastic giveaway with some amazing products!!!

  104. I would be excited to win any of the prizes, especially a Tula to carryy baby around at work!!!

  105. I love Joovy, I would choose the Qool. The Tula, I would choose the Folk Birds and for the Think Baby Think Sport I would actually choose the bottles because I need some in my life! I need all of this in my life!

  106. Stephanie Wheatley says

    This is such an awesome giveaway! I am drooling over the Chloe print Tula and would choose the toddler size, I love the Joovy Qool Silver and I would choose the thinksport kids safe sunscreen! Fingers crossed!!!

  107. I’d love the Zoom 360! We don’t have a jogging stroller and I run a lot so it would be fun to run with my little one! There are so many great Tula prints! I am loving the star but I will forever want a wrap conversion! The complete feeding set would be great to have from Think Baby Think Sport!

  108. I would love to have a peepster toddler tula. I love that it is blue and green my hubbies and I favorite colors.

  109. With a babe on the way, I wouldn’t be picky : )

  110. Stephanie Dasher says

    Thank you for supporting BFing mommas around the world.

  111. April Bergkamp says

    I am in LOVE with the chevron Tula carrier!!

  112. Heidi McDonough says

    Joovy TooFold, Tula Toddler carrier (Star), and ThinkSport Water Bottles!

  113. Love this!

  114. I would love the Tula star carrier for my little one who loves nature walks! Any of the strollers that would accommodate our walks a little easier than her Graco stroller would be heaven! I would love a think baby water bottle and some sunscreen for the little one while we’re out walking the trails.

  115. Big caboose, star, water bottle!

  116. Jenny Jen Jen says

    If I had my choice of goodies I’d love to have a joovy caboose stroller a purple think sport bottle and the star tula!!

  117. I love the joovy groove!
    I love the star carrier, it’s so cute!!
    I would buy thinkbaby water bottles for the whole family!

  118. Angie Owens says

    Oh my I would *love* the Joovy big caboose stand on triple stroller for my three princesses. I am drooling over the Tula Folk Birds print (or if I much choose one of the up-above I’d love the Chloe print in toddler for my little toddler named Chloe Sue) and I think I’d choose an orange water bottle from think baby! And some baby sunblock! This give-away is the best EVER!!

  119. I’d love the Joovy360 Jogging stroller and pretty much ANY Tula carrier. I know it’s not one of the ones you’re giving away, but I’m drooling over the Click print. From ThinkBaby, I’d love the stainless steel feeding set!

  120. Would love to win a toddler tula to carry my growing girl! !

  121. Emelia Taylor says

    I adore the Tula zigzag print because it’s unisex! I covet covet the toocool double stroller, as we are considering adding onto our family of three. The thinkbaby BPA Free feeding set would be super handy with our toddler right now.

  122. I would like any of the prize packages, but my favorite Tulas are the Star and the Chloe. I’m not 100% certain which stroller I would pick, but I’d probably go with the Caboose or Zoom 360… as for the Think sport product, I would get one of the insulated 25oz sport bottles…

  123. I’d love to have a Toddler Tula in Folk Birds! It has always been my favorite print! It’s the very first print I ever saw of a Tula and I fell in love with it. Hot Air Balloon and Folk Art is nice too.

  124. Kaitlyn Hughes says

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  125. Honestly I’d be thrilled with any of the prizes! My favorite Tula of the three is the chevron print. I’d really enjoy having a “stand on tandem stroller” as we have a third baby on the way! : ) I think I’d get the most use out of the thinksport insulated sports bottles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. I would LOVE the zoom 360 jogging stroller from joovy, and I’m feeling like I kinda have to have a grey zig zag Tula. 😉 I have been wanting some new container for my husband to take lunch to work and the feeding set from think sport would be perfect! I so hope I wine!!!

  127. Melissa Hofmann says

    We’d love the tula with the star print!

  128. Tashina Kirk says

    Scooter in orangie for the twins, Chloe Tula, and probably sippy cups or eating items for when the girls are bigger.

  129. Katie Eich says

    I would choose the Joovy Qool or Silver Qool. I love that you can change the direction of the seat, and it’s a great looking stroller! I’ve had my eye on either the blue or gray Zig Zag Tula Toddler carrier for a while. My youngest is still a newborn, but my boys are both fast growers! From ThinkBaby/ThinkSport I’d definitely get the baby and kid sunscreens in SPF 50+, and I’d get the metallic blue 25 oz sports bottle, and the coffee top. (I also really like the thinkbaby feeding set.)
    What a great giveaway!!

  130. I love free stuff for my kid. And I love youuuuuuuu!

  131. crossing my fingers and toes to win a tula for my toddler who is outgrowing her ergo!!!

  132. Sandra schreiber says

    I love every Tula! I don’t know how is choose just one lol..but I want one soooo bad! And oh I’d love a new stroller and/or giftcard for think baby think sport!!!!

  133. What an awesome giveaway!

  134. Leave a comment with what you would want to win, which Joovy stroller would you order, which print Tula are you drooling over, and what ThinkBaby ThinkSport product would you pick?
    Any of these prize packages would be amazing, we learned about ThinkBaby and ThinkSport this summer and haven’t looked back!

  135. I want a Tula! I love the gray zig zag 🙂

  136. Lindsay Ward says

    I really need a jogging stroller for my baby! Love the Star Tula carrier, and we always need Thinkbaby sunblock for our pale skin! So excited!

  137. Cassandra Weber says

    I’d like ANY girly tula, any stroller would be great…any product…I’m not picky!!

  138. I wpuld love to win all the products in the giveaway! I don’t know which Joovy stroller I would use, probably save the credit until baby number 2 os on the way and decide on a possible double stroller. From Tula, I think I would choose any of the zig zag patterns or the star. And from ThinkBaby, I would love the all in one bottle set!
    Good luck all, and thanks for thr opportunity!!!

  139. I don’t even care what Tula, I just want a Tula!! I want a standard size though, not toddler. My LO is only 3 months. And I want a good stroller, mine is not very good, we got it free from someone else.

  140. If I won grand prize I’d gift someone else with the Joovy credit b/c any stroller I’d want would be significantly more than $350. So I’d be just thrilled with the other two prizes, the Tula being my main goal. My favorite print is the zig zag I’d get Sippy of Steel

  141. This is a great giveaway!! I so hope I win. I’m loving the Big Caboose stroller as I will soon be caring for 3 babies under 3! And the gray chevron Tula is to die for!! And I’m eyeing the purple ThinkSport bottle because I’m needing a stainless steel bottle that I can use essential oils in my water (can’t use plastic). Thank so much!!!

  142. Annette Johnson says

    Loving the I’m a star print! Would love a joovy caboose ultra!

  143. Ashley focht says

    I would die if I won! !!

  144. Ginny Gilmore says

    Love the chevron or star TULAs ! The Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stand on would be a good fit for us since we want 1 more baby! And those water bottles from ThinkBaby ThinkSport look pretty great!!

    *fingers crossed*

  145. Sara Spieker says

    I have always wanted to use a Tula! Thanks for the opportunity!

  146. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  147. Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller, Gray Zig Zag – Tula Baby Carrier, and Thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle – 25oz(750ml) – Metallic Purple

  148. I’d like to win the zig zag tula! I’d like to buy the zoom 360 from Joovy. I’ve been drooling over the oasis print. I could use an insulated sports bottle from think baby think sport.

  149. I would get the Joovy vary light, lusting on the limited edition star print Tula and the bento lunch boxes.

  150. Babywearing as a way to facilitate getting active is fantastic. Would love to try a toddler size carrier for my little one now that I’m running out of excuses for remaining sedentary and she’s getting too big for our standard carriers.

  151. Bessie Ostrander says

    Id love a joovy double and a star tula! And of course sunscreen and water bottles!

  152. Jennifer Leonard says

    Awesome prizes!

  153. Alex Cassiano says

    I would orden the Joovy Zoom 360 to workout with My babe! I’m drooling over the Tula Woven carriers in all the colors!!! 😛 and I would lick a feeding set from ThinkBaby! 🙂

  154. I would love the opportunity to get a Joovy Qool! We are in need of a lightweight. I am dying over that zigzag Tula!! I am currently trying to get back in shape since baby #2 arrived 2 months ago, so a green ThinkBaby water bottle will keep me going! 🙂

  155. Alex Cassiano says


    Lol typos

  156. Abbie Hlavacek says

    I’ve would love the zigzag tula carrier so I can hike with my boys…

  157. Love, love, LOVE! What a great pairing for a giveaway!!! My little girl and I need a Tula in our lives!

  158. Katelyn Terry says

    I would just love to have a Tula! It doesn’t matter what style! We’re drooling over the idea of one.

  159. Would love to win the grand prize! Id order either scooter x2 or the too qool silver! Any Tula would be great, we love em all! As for the thinkbaby, those water bottles look amazing!

  160. Omg, I’d be happy with any stroller, any Tula (I see them in my poor dreams) and anything that’s gonna make my life happier! Great giveaway!! Hope I win 🙂

  161. Jennifer Depler says

    I would love to have the Zig Zag Tula. That is my ultimate dream carrier.

  162. Jenn skinner says

    That Tula is beautiful!

  163. MeganEsmom says

    Ohhhhh I need a Tula so bad!!! I love Joovy too:-)

  164. Erika Espinoza says

    Cocoon single stroller, and either the star or stripe tula would make life supreme. The steel bottles would be perfect too!! Such great stuff!

  165. MeganEsmom says

    Oh I would get the Joovy VaryLight so I can use it with #2:-) I love the Tula Oasis…but they’re all beautiful, and I love the Thinksport sunscreen!

  166. Lucy Smith says

    From Joovy- the caboose stand on tandem double stroller.
    Tula print- all are awesome, but love the star
    Think baby. Think sport- starter bottle set

  167. Savannah Moore Fisher says

    I love the tula baby carriers they are so cute and practical.

  168. Lisa Humphries says

    I am LOVING the Zoom 360 stroller…but would probably pick one of the awesome stand-on tandem strollers, seeing as I just had our 2nd baby 6 weeks ago. And I seriously cannot decide which Tula print I like the best – they all tickle my fancy!! And I would def. get some Thinkbaby safe sunscreen and some Thinksport KIDS safe sunscreen…and a Thinksport 25oz. insulated sports bottle in the metallic green with the coffee lid.

    Ah…dream shopping!!

  169. Katie Finnerty says

    So excited about the tula/joovy giveaway!!! Thanks a bunch 🙂

  170. I want a Tula soooo bad!

  171. Katelin Newkirk says

    I love the rockets Tula, I would love to get some sippy cups, and a jogging stroller from joovy!

  172. This is awesome!

  173. Tiffany Fuller says

    I would love any kind of jogging stroller from joovy and my most favorite Tula is humming birds in purple!! A water bottle from thinkbaby would be awesome!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  174. Kimberly Mayberry says

    I would be super tempted to gent the Joovy triple stroller! Love The Star Tula, and I definitely want some of the thinkbabythinksport water bottles!

  175. Savanah Lynch says

    I am dying over this giveaway!!! I’m a Colorado mom of 3 under the age of 5, and we would love these amazing products to make our active lifestyle more efficient and awesome!
    The joovy caboose is just the coolest, I have been DROOLING over the Tula Chloe for the longest time (my fav colors and matches my littlest milk monster’s room), and I’m always looking for a super safe and effective sunblock for my kiddos.
    Please, please, please!!! 🙂

  176. Catlin Bickerstaff says

    I’m DYING for a Tula! Would love any!

  177. I adore the Joovy TooFold! My favorite Tula is actually an FWC, Tula the Wave. ThinkBaby ThinkSport bottles look great and versatile, so I’d choose those! Love your great giveaways!

  178. Brandy Stratton says

    Awesome giveaway! I have started being way more active the past three weeks with weight training and some running (yikes!) and more walking,exploring, and even some yoga with my little. I have noticed how much more calm it makes me and that we are having so much fun together!

  179. Brandy Stratton says

    I hit reply early! Oops! I would pick the joovy caboos, love the zig zag toddler Tula, and I would pick a water bottle to keep myself hydrated in the ks heat while Breastfeeding my two year old!

  180. lindsay mcgregor says

    Joovy stroller – jogging stroller or Qool
    Tula – Mockingbird Acai in WC….or maybe Chloe in Canvas
    thinkbaby- sunscreen!

    LOVE this Giveaway!

  181. Oh my gosh…winning that Grand Prize (or any of the prizes!!) would be SOOOOO amazing! These products are all so incredible and to win it would be phenomenal!! I would LOVE to get the Ultralight Joovy stroller. I have a 3 month old, a 3 year old and a 6 year old. That stroller would be a life saver. The think sport stuff is all amazing, but I think I would have to get the feeding set and I really want to try the sports bottle. And the Tula wrap Folkbirds?? ADORABLE!!! That is so freakin’ cute!

  182. Denise Hayne says

    I would order the Joovy TooFold to tote my 18 month old daughter and 4 month old son (born two months early and doing fab!!!)! Drooling over the star Tula, and am sooooo wanting one of the ThinkSport sports bottles!! Thank you for running this contest ❤️

  183. Jennifer Marohn says

    I would try to get the Qool stroller. I NEED a Tula for a vacation that my in-laws are taking us on, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the zigzag one.

  184. I neeeeeed that star Tula!!! Or any Tula really! I’ve been drooling over them for a while! And we definitely want a new Joovy stroller! Puleeaze?! Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  185. Krista Rathert says

    I’d live to win a Tula. We really need a good quality carrier. This infantino just isn’t cutting it anymore. It would greatly help with nursing on the go and be much more comfortable. My baby would thank you!!

  186. I actually have a standard Chloe on the way. It was supposed to be here on Wednesday and it’s now Friday and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I wouldn’t mind getting a toddler for a bit down the road when she’s bigger though! (My most favorite is purple hummingbirds though.)
    I was going to say that we could always use more bottles for daycare, but the turquoise feeding set from ThinkBaby ThinkSport is adorable!
    I just have one in a stroller, the other is 8, so the Zoom 360 would meet our needs just fine.

  187. Michaele h says

    I love the bicycle jogger! Perfect for the pnw. The toddler size tula, and the thinker straw cup!

  188. Hi! I choose not to be on Facebook, I wish I could enter without having to “like” on Facebook! While I love some forms of social media – Facebook is just not for me. Please consider other entry options for your non-facebook blog readers. Thanks!

  189. Janet Haniak says

    I’d love the joovy zoom 360, the chevron tula and the think baby sunscreen. It would make my summer!

  190. Genevieve O. says

    So exciting! Hope that more people are seeing Facebook!

  191. I’d love the star tula, tell Too Cool silver, and the metallic purple and silver insulated water bottle

  192. This is such an amazing giveaway! My son is 11 weeks old and I would love to win this for him!

  193. Autumn Blair says

    The toofold stroller looks amazing!!! And any tula carrier looks like a good one, but zigzag is pretty fun!

  194. Trish McCurdy says

    I want all of it! A chevron Tula, Joovi ride for munchkin, the whole bit!

  195. I would love to win the grand prize for a joovy scooter x 2, a Tula cloudy baby carrier and thinkbaby straw cups!

  196. Mary Anne Whelan says

    It would be amazing to win any of the prizes offered! I’m loving the Tula Star Carrier and am always looking for new water bottles – love the look of the Thinkbaby/Thinksport bottles! It would be awesome to get a double stroller from Joovy, as I’m expecting #2 in November!

  197. Angela Morse says

    I would absolutely love to win any of the prizes shown!

  198. This is a great giveaway with some great prizes! Shared with some friends on Instagram!

  199. Eileen McLeod says

    Wishing for that star print Tula or grey chevron. We just had baby number 2 so an unltralight stand on tandem stroller from Joovy wouldn’t be terrible 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! I live in the desert so SUNSCREEN!

  200. Lindsay Smith says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  201. Looking forward to more info #tlbmoves!

  202. Anna Lavarreda says

    I would choose a simple stroller, one the the tula wrap conversion standard carriers, and water bottles for the family!

  203. I would love the Joovy Caboose Ultralight, the star carrier in toddler, and a new water bottle in a fun color.

  204. This is an awesome giveaway! I would get the Joovy Qool, I love the Cosmic Boy Tula, and the BPA free feeding set (bowls/cup) in orange from think baby think sport.

  205. Angela Rhodes Ingles says

    I’d love a Tula in the Oasis print, the Joovy Caboose VaryLight Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller in Blueberry, and the Complete BPA Free Feeding Set in Light Blue.

  206. Martha England says

    I love the caboose stroller, the chloe tula, and I’d get sunscreen and the feeding sets from thinkbaby.

  207. Tara C. Allred says

    What a great giveaway! I am in need of a good umbrella stroller, so I like the Groove or the Groove Ultralight (but maybe the jogging stroller?!). Loving the limited star Tula carrier. I also like the sports bottles from Think Baby.

  208. Brandy Luangrath says

    Any toddler Tula would be wonderful! We would get a toofold ,with the Joovy toofold we can turn it into a double and it would make getting around with two boys a lot more easier. The Thinkbaby bottles look amazing! We would get one for each of us. One for mom, dad, big brother and little brother. We would choose the smaller 12 oz bottles for the kids and the larger ones for the adults. Maybe a pack of the mesh screens for tea on the go. Thank you all for this awesome giveaway.

  209. Lori Rodriguez says

    This would help so much! The gym is impossible, my toddler screams when I leave him in the baby room. 🙁

  210. yvonne shiver says

    Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller would be my choice. I honestly like the pattern on all the Tula’s, they are all pretty. I would choose toddler size though. For thinking I would choose sunscreen and the straw bottle.

  211. Sherry Blamer says

    I really want to win the joovy stroller. I would get the  Big Caboose Stand On Triple Stroller if I won that prize. Tula has so many cute prints and colors I dont know which one I would choose from tula.I would definatly get those think sport water bottles.

  212. Mechelle Lehman says

    I would love to win any of it. Would adore the star carrier…. Hard to say which size… I have a five month old and two year old who both like being carrier, so maybe the toddler one! I love the water bottles! As for the stroller oh I just think any of them would be amazing!

  213. I love the Joovy TooQuool, the zigzag carrier and some Think Baby Bottles.

  214. Valerie W. says

    I’d love to win a jogging type stroller and to have a toddler carrier as my LG still loves to be carried, but our “pouch” is getting a bit small. Thank you 🙂

  215. Spread the baby wearing love! I am drooling over the Tula chevron patterns, specifically prepster! I would love any Tula though 🙂 I am also excited about Think sun block because I want to keep those chemicals off my babies but we are fair and in the south so sun block is a must!! We don’t use strollers much so I will have to look into that one as I haven’t heard of Joovy before.

  216. Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller in Black
    The Star- Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier
    The Complete BPA Free Feeding Set in pink

  217. Liberty T. says

    I would love to win the Joovy Qool Silver, the Tula Zig Zag Carrier, and the Thinkbaby Bottle Starter Set!

  218. Ahhh, so hard to pick! I would love the star Tula, the joovy zoom and some sport bottles!

  219. Caboose Vary Light, Keeghan’s Sky, Livestrong Super Polished

  220. Omg..any joovy stroller would be amazing! I love the sea aqua print tula(can’t remember the official name), and the think sport sunscreen!

  221. Alison Maffett says

    I would go for the jogging stroller, the elephant print tula is my favorite, and I would pick sunscreen.

  222. Sarah Clark-Carmona says

    CocoonX2 Double Stroller, Oasis – Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier, All_In_One – (2 x 9oz, 2xStageA, 2xStageB, 2 handles, 2 spouts, 2 thinkster tops, 2 travel caps). I really want the Joovy double stroller for my twins due 01/3/15.

  223. Kim desmond says

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  224. I love the Gray Zig Zag Tula! So adorable! Totally Awesome!

  225. I would probably pick the Caboose Stand-On Tandem, so my toddler could sit or stand, and my baby could face me. I love the Tula Rockets print. ThinkBaby makes very highly recommended (on the EWG database) sunscreen, so I’d love to have some safe sunscreen for my kids.

  226. I love The Leaky Boob! I often share your posts, which has my family and friends thinking I’m crazy, but hopefully it will help them be more breastfeeding friendly over time 🙂
    Thank you for the awesome Tula contest!

  227. I want to win the grand prize – with the joovy credit which I would use towards: Groove Ultralight Graphite in that awesome teal/aqua color – which would still leave me enough credit to get the spoon walker as well!

    I do like the zig zag carrier better than the star one, though

    And I could get a lot with $150 to ThinkSport! But I’d definitely start with stocking up on good sports bottles for all the kids 🙂

  228. Jessica Hughes says

    I love the Chloe Tula! And I know the thinksport water bottles would get a lot of use here.

  229. I would get the Joovy sit and stand stroller. All of these products look amazing!

  230. Cassie McElhaney says

    Thank you so much for doing this! I would love to win the limited edition star Tula for my son Ryan, or the zig zag would be awesome too. We aren’t picky! 🙂

  231. I would love to win any of them! I haven’t even looked at any Tula prints because I know I can’t afford to buy one and I don’t want to cry lol

  232. I would love to get the Joovy CocoonX2 Double stroller. My partner and I love to ride our bikes as transportation and recreation, it would be fantastic to bring along the LO and maybe the pup (until LO #2 comes along!). I’m lovin’ the Tula Chloe print, quite adorable! And finally, it would be great to have a Thinksport sport bottle or all-in-one bottles.

  233. Anna Perry says

    I totally want to win the 2nd runner up prize! While a Joovy stroller would be awesome, I am crazy in love with that Chloe Tula pattern. Love me some birds. And sports bottles! Who couldn’t use a new sports bottle?

  234. What an awesome giveaway!

  235. Wow! This is an AMAZING giveaway! I would love to win! I would choose either the Caboose VaryLight Stand-On Tandem Stroller or the Zoom 360 Jogging stroller. I’ve been wanting a jogging stroller for awhile so I can get out and moving more with my 4 year old! The tandem stroller would be great for when we have #2 though! I’m a big fan of purple so I think I would choose the Chloe – Tula Toddler Carrier and the Thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle – 25oz(750ml) – Metallic Purple, of course! Thanks for the chance to win!

  236. Raelynn Napieralski says

    In love with Joovy Groove Ultralight Graphite, The Star Tula Carrier perfect for my son and daughter, and the sports bottles are amazing!!! So much to choose from but those have to be my favorite <3

  237. Amazing giveaway! I would get some sort of double stroller from Joovy, we’ve got number 2 on the way and DD is 2 years old, so debating between a double stroller and a sit and stand… I would get a couple of water bottles from ThinkSport and the BPA free feeding set, and the toddler-sized Tula for my big girl.

  238. Hayley Elliott says

    I would like to win the Grand Prize, of course. 😉 I think I would choose the Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller so I can go running with my baby since he is with me basically 24/7. I think my favorite Tula from this giveaway is Chloe, but the Tula carrier that I am currently drooling over is Naida Pacific (and Naida Chromis). It’s soooo beautiful and designed by one of my favorite babywearing mamas!! I also adore Click! and Foxy designs! I’m loving the ThinkSport Insulated Sport bottles…would definitely be getting some of those and maybe the super cute Complete Feeding Set. All the prizes are super awesome!

  239. I would choose a Joovy Caboose varylight, I love the gray zig zag Tula or any of the WCs, and the water bottles look great for the whole family.

  240. Ashley Gabrielle Schmidt says

    Joovy Too Fold, chevron carrier, and the water bottles

  241. I’d put the money towards a Joovy double stroller. I really love Tula’s Chloe carrier, and from ThinkBaby the stainless steel sippy.

  242. alisia dopheid says

    Love all these prizes!!! I could use them all! I’d get the Big Caboose stroller for my three little ones or the Caboose double. I have three big kids and three little ones. Either one of those strollers would be perfect! I LOVE the star print Tula. Would be great for any of my littles, boy or girl 🙂 And I’d use the Thinkbaby on their sippy cups and sports bottles!

  243. Courtney Stevens says

    I would pick the Zoom 360 Joovy, Chloe Tula and Think Baby sunscreen!

  244. That Tula Chloe is sooo pretty and I need something to carry around my 2 year old more comfortably!

  245. I love these prizes! All of them! I have a joovy too qool stroller and love it. My older kids would love a balance bike and a tricycoo. The foxy Tula is adorable. And all 3 of my kids would love think baby cups!

  246. I am still drooling over botht the joovy strollers and the Tula carriers! I don’t know how I would decide 🙂

  247. i’d love to win the grand prize!! the too qool stroller would be great, and i LOVE the star carrier! i’d stock up on water bottles for our family of six!

  248. Kelli goins says

    Love !

  249. All of the strollers look amazing, I love the Rainbow Gem Tula’s and I definitely need the ThinkBaby ThinkSport water bottles!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  250. I would choose the Joovy ScooterX2 stroller, the rocket print Tula and I REALLY could use a new water bottle for ThinkSport!

  251. Emily Swistak says

    Toddler Tula either gray zig zag prepster

    Joovy zoom jogging stroller

    Thinkbaby thinksport some type of water bottles for my sons

    These would really help me get moving!! 🙂

  252. I think I am drooling over these prizes! 😀

    I’m between the Scooterx2 or one of the Caboose standing strollers – both look like they are such wonderful quality strollers for my little gals. LOVE the gray zig zag carrier!!!! And I know my Thinkbaby order would include some Thinkster straw bottles for my bigger girl. Love these products… thanks for introducing them!

  253. Nadia Sloan says

    It’s so hard to pick just one to choose from!

  254. Cyndi Pierce says

    I would pick the joovy scooter x2, tula toddler in chloe, and the think baby all in one kit

  255. Stephanie Lockwood says

    Drooling over ALL THE TULAS!!!

  256. Liz Carrasco says

    Oh boy! Decisions, decisions. Not for sure, bit I think I would pick the scoot x2 (we will be needing a double soon)! The zig zag and Chloë Tulas are both so beautiful–I can’t pick a favorite. And we’d have to try a few different sizes of the think sport bottles!

  257. Deidrea Haysel says

    What I’m most excited about is the Tula..but would love the option of a stroller when necessary as well 🙂 I’d order the Qool Silver and I love the wrap conversion Tulas and I’d order the big daddy 25oz water bottle!

  258. Tula Chloe, the ThinkBaby stainless steel feeding sets, Joovy Cocoon X2!

  259. Ambur Gianni says

    Fingers crossed! I love love love Tulas, I have never owned one but a mommy friend let me borrow hers once and it was amazing! I love the Chloe Tula!

  260. What an awesome giveaway! 🙂

  261. Jocelyn Healey says

    I would love a preschool Tula. I have a 4 yr old and I nanny for an almost 2 yr old.

  262. Would love to win. 2 months until baby girl arrives

  263. Kathryn Wilson says

    I’m totally loving the Nadia Tula. The Groove ultralight graphite is great!! And I love the bottles!

  264. I would absolutely love the joovy zoom in blue for our dirt roads!! and the zig zag tula is awesome but my favorite of theirs in stock now is the hummingbird grey! And I would love to use the think credit towards thinkbaby storage sets!!

  265. Kara smith says

    The Qool looks amazing, while folk birds is my dream print, the star is my other favorite, and bring on the sunscreen for my fair skinned beauties!

  266. Jessica Pinaula says

    I’m stuck between foxy and the camera print!

  267. Jacqueline says

    These are all awesome prizes! I’m eying the Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller, I’ve been in love with Chloe ever since Tula announced it, and we can always use more baby sunscreen around the house.

  268. Katie Mortensen says

    Would love to try the joovy zoom 360, Tula click print is so fun, and the think baby feeding kit is just what my little one needs soon!

  269. Love what you are going with the get moving give away! I know sometimes it is hard to find the motivation and new gear always makes you excited to get going!

  270. Laura Evans says

    I would love Chloe for our new babe!
    Not sure about a stroller, we need a double. I would def order a water bottle for my toddler!

  271. Britni Bradford says

    We have several Thinkbaby bottles that I love, so I’d love some conversion kits and feeding sets. I’ve been drooling over the Tula Keeghan’s Sky print and also S’mores. And I might use the Joovy credit for a CocoonX2

  272. Nichole Proulx says

    Our sweet baby boy was born two weeks ago and was born with Pierre-Robin Syndrome. He will have to stay on his belly for the first handful of months until he is able to maintain his airway on his back. These items would be incredibly useful for us. I would love the Qool stroller since it would allow him to face me and lays flatter then most strollers so he could be comfortable on his belly, I love the star tula, and I would get some of the sippy cups from ThinkBaby since that will be one of our hurdles we will have to cross before he can have surgery. This would be a rock star package for us <3

  273. Sarju shah says

    I love the chole toddler tula, the qool joovy and would get the think baby starter set!

  274. Katja Gagnon says

    I would get the zoom jogging stroller, I can’t decide on which Tula print to get as I love them all. From ThinkSport I would give the sunscreen a try.

  275. I am in love with the hot air balloon tula! Though I must admit ththey have a bunch of designs I think are great. I haven’t been able to lookuch into the joovy strollers but they all look awesome! The thinksport bottles are soo cool..I may have to get a few even if I don’t win

  276. Chrissy B. says

    Love this giveaway!!! Them you so much!

  277. Kimberly Privett says

    I love the zig zag Tula carrier, the blue steel ThinkSport water bottle and the Joovy Wool! I hope I win!!

  278. Michelle Green says

    Fun to fantasize! I’d choose the zoom 360 jogging stroller, the hummingbirds, ergonomic carrier in gray, and would definitely get a new yoga mat!

  279. Noelle Lamb says

    Thanks so much for this amazing give away! Also, being there with tons of info for us leakies!
    1. Love love love the grey zigzag Tula!
    2. So in need of the Jogging 360 Joovy!
    3. I would order sun screen!! Got to protect my little love, and myself of course!!

  280. Loving any of those Tulas! LO is almost 3 months and should have head control in a month or so, so it’s perfect timing for us!

  281. I love the Joovy zoom! And the Tula zig zag pattern is my favorite! The Thinkster straw bottle would be helpful!

  282. Danielle Irwin says

    I would love the double lightweight or the jogging stroller. I love love love the feeding sets from think baby! And I want a striped Tula super bad!

  283. Would love to be the winner or runner up for this giveaway! These things really are so awesome!!!

  284. Too many great goodies to choose from. I LOVE the star print tula, so that’s an easy pick. I already use and love Thinkbaby sunscreen for my family so I would like to try a water bottle. We have a Joovy zoom 360 at home, but it’s heavy and I live in NYC so I need a subway friendly option. Sooooo excited about this giveaway! Thanks for inspiring healthy families. It’s so hard to balance kids and excerise.

  285. Still need a stroller for my 5th little one, he’s 6 months! Been drooling over the Tulas! Can never have too many water bottles at our house!

  286. Casey Hoffman says

    We’d put the credit towards a Joovy Qool since we still need a stroller. Then the Tula Star carrier is perfect for our nursery theme, and the Think Sport All in One baby bottle looks super useful.

  287. Bobbye Peterson says

    Love it! Tulas on the move. Yesterday we took our kids to the museum and our Tula came in handy for both moving and nursing!

  288. I love the Hot Air Balloon – Tula Carrier and the CocoonX2 Double Stroller! Thanks for the chance to win : )

  289. I think I would go for the cocoon double stroller, I love the purple hummingbirds, and I would get an insulated sports bottle (blue).

  290. I would love a red toofold, a click or folk birds tula, and an unlimited supply of think baby sunblock as we live in Florida… if I won the grand prize I would probably use all my think baby money on sunblock 😉 I might get something else but probably not… and even though I love the toofold I would probably be practical and get a ergocaboose (if they have it in stock)

  291. Kaitlin L. says

    I would pick the Groove Ultralight Graphite stroller in Purpleness. I love the Chloe Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier. I really need more sippy cups.

  292. Sarah Elyce says

    I would, of course, love to win the grand prize. We are expecting our first and need all the help we can get. I would be grateful to win any prize though. I like the Joovy Ergo Caboose stroller. I love the Gray Zig Zag print of the Tula. I like the ThinkBaby bottle sets and BPA free feeding sets. I like ThinkSport’s insulated water bottles.

  293. I would get the Too Qool, I love the Star Tula, and I would get the sippy/straw bundle.

  294. I think the Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller is awesome, I love the Tula zig zag, and the ThinkBaby/ThinkSport yoga mat is perfect!

  295. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Grey Chevron Tula, Our nursery theme is elephants and these colors work great! I LOVE ALL the Joovy products!!

  296. Regina Wright says

    Joovy TooQool
    Gray Zig Zag tula
    Thinkbaby Thinksport bottle

  297. Megan Grant says

    I would definitely want the Ergo Caboose, it looks amazing for a toddler and baby! I am in love with the purple hummingbirds tula! I would love to try the Think Baby Sun Screen and the Think Sport water bottles. THanks for the chance!

  298. Love the Tula! Baby girl is 4 months..we need one of these so bad!

  299. I want a Joovy! I would have to decide between the caboose and TooQool. I love them! I also would loooove the ThinkBaby straw cup and the ThinkBaby water bottle in purple. Tula is the best, I loooove my chevron! But my guy is getting bigger so I would go for the toddler star!

  300. I love the Joovy Qool, the Star Tula carrier and the All In One Thinkbaby bottles

  301. Cassandra Eastman says

    If I won i’d probably choose the Joovy Qool! I’m drooling over the Hot Air Baloon Tula, and i’d love the ThinkBaby SIppy of Steel!

  302. I’d love to get the Zoom from Joovy and a ThinkSport insulated sports bottle. I’m drooling over the foxy print!

  303. Kate Millott says

    I’d love to win the Joovy Cocoon Single stroller – it looks amazing. I’m currently drooling over the Oasis print from Tula. My daughter is obsessed with any type of drinking vessel, be it mine, my husbands or her own. We can always use new water bottles in this household! I think we’d enjoy the Thinkster.

  304. Amber Shimp says

    I would love to win the grand prize and get a toddler star Tula, some awesome water bottles, and I’d get the Joovy Zoom 360

  305. Lauren Durand says

    Any of the Joovy strollers would be great! And I’m loving the Chloe Tula!! And I’d definitely get some sports bottles from think baby think sport

  306. Probably the Zoom 360 in blue and I’d definitely order a ThinkSport insulted bottle with the sport top and coffee top accessories! I LOVE the spotted love Tula. But I really like the chevron print of the three in the giveaways!

  307. Carla Ladd says

    Sooo much cool stuff!!! I would LOVE to be able to share all this love with my new-momma friends! Already trying to offer as much breast feeding and babywearing support as I can by sharing my experience, baking LOTS of lactation cookies and lending out all the carriers I can spare (still wearing my littlest).

  308. Out of the prize Tulas, I like the Chloe the best. I would like to try the Thinkbaby sunscreen too.

  309. Megan Yates says

    I would love to have the Star or the Chevron Tulas!

  310. I would definitely love the grand prize and I would get the Joovy Big Caboose Stand on Triple stroller, a couple of Thinkerster straw bottles and an Insulated sport bottle. I have been drooling over any wrap conversion Tulas!

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