#TLBmoves 2017 – Helping You Get Moving with a Chance to Win

We all need a little inspiration to make changes in our lives.

In the context of #TLBmoves, where we consider how we can increase our level of physical activity in ways that make sense to each of us, it helps to figure out more specific reasons than “Moving more is good for me” and set some more specific goals than “I’m going to move more than I usually do.” (not sure what #TLBmoves is? Click here for more information).

Reasons to get moving might be to keep up with the kids without huffing and puffing, to increase our energy level, to avoid certain health risks or issues we are already coping with, or to enjoy a longer life with our partner. 

Setting specific daily and/or weekly goals are helpful too, like walking a mile a day, getting through an exercise routine 3 times per week, or taking yoga classes or hitting the gym a certain number of times per week. We need measurable goals that are easy to track or we’re more likely to lose interest. 

And we need to cut ourselves some slack when we fail, because failure is a part of living.

So for those of us that need a little more inspiration, the #TLBmoves 2017 sponsors are offering some wonderful products that could be very useful to us as we get moving. I am pleased to announce the #TLBmoves 2017 giveaway! 

A huge thanks to Joovy, Contours, The Vintage Honey Shop, and Chunkabuns, for their support of this campaign. 


The Giveaway


Contours – Wear your little one as you get moving! 

The Contours Love 3-in-1 Baby CarrierRetail Value: $99
The Contours Love 3-in-1 Baby Carrier is soft, supportive, and super easy-to-use. This award-winning infant carrier provides beneficial skin-to-skin contact with no fabric or straps between parent and baby. The Love is perfect for babywearing from infancy (beginning at 8 lbs.) when the little one will rest in an ergonomic fetal or “froggy” position. As baby grows, the Contours Love baby carrier provides a supportive seated position and allows legs to rest comfortably as they naturally straighten out over the next 10+ weeks. At 6 months of age and up to 30 lbs., your baby can face forward in the carrier. The Love carrier requires no separate inserts or accessories to accommodate newborns and provides a hip-healthy position for your little one as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 


Joovy – Get moving with your little one!

Winner’s choice of either the Caboose Too or the Tricycoo 4.1.  Retail Value: $180 (Caboose Too) or $130 (Tricycoo)

Caboose Too – if your children are close in age, the Caboose is just what you need in a compact double stroller. The “Too” includes the Rear Seat so you’ll have more options for younger riders. The seat is easily removed so when your older child is ready, they can choose to stand, sit or walk. Check out all the amazing specs here

Tricycoo 4.1 – for children as young as 10 months, the Tricycoo 4.1 is the perfect way to introduce your child to balance and coordination. Featuring 4 different stages, this tricycle grows with your child (from 10 months to 30+ months!), changing from a parent assisted ride to a kid powered tricycle. Find out more details here.


The Vintage Honey Shop – Keep your little one distracted as you get moving!

Winner’s choice of a teething/nursing necklace. Retail Value: $25
Our necklaces help keep mama from being scratched & pinched during feeding time and provide relief when teething! You can also wear our necklaces while wearing your baby. Our necklaces will provide a focal point, and give them something to play with and grab onto while being close to your heart. 


ChunkabunsGet moving without apologies, but with comfort!

“Mom Strong” shirt with matching “Strong Like Mom” shirt. Retail Value: $49
Mommy and Me set! “Strong Like Mommy” for the infant tee and for mom, a “Mom Strong” flowy tee. Super flattering fit, Flowy style to disguise any wobbly bits (mom’s only nemesis) that may remain from the creation of her adorable baby. 

Total Value for the giveaway: $350

Please use the following widget to participate in the giveaway. Be honest with your answers – we will be checking! One winner takes all! Good luck! 

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  1. Sherry Blamer says

    I’m excited about the joovy caboose too. These are all grew product I would love to have any of it!

  2. Jason Bohan says

    The necklace!

  3. Veronica Bohan says

    I love the shirts! Wardrobe is essential!

  4. Amy Hall says

    I like the teething necklace.

  5. I’m most excited about the Joovy because it would help on walks since we also have a 4 year old that sometimes struggles with long walks and then a baby on the way.

  6. I would love the carrier! We’ve been trying to find one my daughter like, unsuccessfully. This one looks awesome!

  7. The caboose too would be so amazing! Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Jessica Gipson says

    I’m excited about caboose too, with two girls this would make traveling easier.

  9. Anna Pry says

    the joovy because we only have a single umbrella stroller (the cheapest one out there!) that’s lasted through 3 babies but with our next child i’d like a more heavy duty stroller to take us out and about, we would use it on our town’s greenway for walks this fall

  10. Renee Williams says

    I would be most excited about either joovy products. They would help me get moving by allowing by two yr old to “ride” a bike with her older siblings, or help keep the kids wrangled as I’m planning to have another baby!

  11. Love the Caboose Too

  12. I love the Joovy brand. Wish me luck!!

  13. I’m excited for all…for my granddaughter!!

  14. M Clarkson says

    I wish i could win the stroller for my wife 🙂

  15. These are great prizes!

  16. Thanks for the chance!! The bike would be nice!

  17. I would love to win the baby carrier!

  18. The carrier and stroller !! My husband and I are expecting our first and we haven’t yet to purchase anything . We are pretty active but since I have been pregnant I have not been that active 😅 Hoping to get back into being active once the baby is here.

  19. Meagan Swafford says

    Love this giveaway! My favorite thing is the carrier since my Tiny is outgrowing his and we’d love to have a new one!

  20. Kyleigh Kimball says

    Most excited about the matching strong mom shirts!

  21. Colleen Petro says

    I’d love the stroller! Our double stroller is unwieldy so we don’t use it, but sometimes our middle child gets tired and could use a ride.

  22. Rebecca Bahr says

    The tricycle stroller looks awesome for my toddler!

  23. I love all the products, but especially the baby carrier!

  24. Mom strong shirt is so inspiring for me with a matching shirt.

  25. I have a surprise second baby on the way…totally freaked out. The Joovy stroller would be a dream come true.

  26. I’m excited about the Joovy Caboose too!! It’s going to make going places so much easier once#2 is born!!!

  27. Vanessa Richard says

    I’d be most excited to win the double stroller because, although my oldest is three, she still needs a stroller for long walks and sometimes even a nap. Having the double stroller will allow me to keep moving with both of my kids and not worry about having to head home because the oldest can’t handle the walk.

  28. Jenni Littiken Grenier says

    I’m most excited about the Caboose Too! I’m pregnant with my third, the older two are 2 and 4 so it would help keep us moving while keeping the littles contained!

  29. I’m 36 weeks with my 3rd. Since I was about 8 weeks, I lost count of how many people told me that I had to be carrying twins. And now at least 3 people at Wal-Mart tell me that I’m not gonna make it to my due date… fun! WWP.

  30. Would love to win! The caboose too would really help when baby 2 arrives! They’ll be 19 months apart!

  31. Ohhh the joovy tricycoo!! I’m a mama of six. I need to keep the kids entertained so I can keep moving!!!!

  32. marissa veenstra says

    Loved the little blurb on Facebook that went along with this post! All too true! I think I would be most excited to win the joovy bike! I have twin two year olds with another babe on the way, and we go for a LOT of bike rides/walks!

  33. Omg the ttycyoo looks amazing! Woukd be awesome to have something all three of my kids could use-

  34. Melanie Goodrich says

    Wow! What a great give a way!

  35. Chelsea Arbri says

    I’d LOVE to win the Caboose Too! ABout to be a mom of three (5, 3 and fresh) and oh my goodness I could use any help I can get to keep them contained while on the go!

  36. Joelle Peters says

    How amazing!!! What a great giveaway 😍😍

  37. This all looks great!

  38. Laura Capio says

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Would love to win the Contours Carrier or Joovy Stroller! With 3yo twins and a 12 day old new bundle, either would help me get moving outside this fall!

  39. Karmella Aiken says

    The double stroller is what I would love to win. I’m having my second baby soon and will need one for my walks with big sister and the puppy!

  40. Ooh, the stroller!

  41. Emily Cowan says


  42. Thank you for this post! I worked downtown during my first pregnancy, and did a lot of walking between my office and surrounding municipal offices. I felt amazing (despite it being Arizona summer and being hot as hellfire, literally) but the number of people telling me I should be “taking it easy” was maddening! It’s kind of comforting in a way to know I am not the only one who experienced this.

  43. Becky Bridger says

    This! I felt completely self conscious after someone asked if I was having twins with a month to go.

  44. This is so awesome! I would live to with the double stroller for my 3 year old and one on the way! They will be just over 3 years apart and it would be perfect!

  45. Melissa Hunter says

    The Joovy too would help us get out more – I wouldn’t have to worry so much about keeping the older one with me while walking!

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