Leaky Looks: Autumn Pregnancy Edition

by Kileah McIlvain

I can still remember vividly the first time my partner and I were expecting. We were working 3 jobs between the 2 of us and lived near Seattle. He suprised me with a day trip and took me to my favorite store downtown and had me pick out a capsule maternity wardrobe. Some of those pieces I picked out survived 5 pregnancies and 4 loan-outs to dear friends. Talk about good choices! (Thank you, babe!)

Here are some of my favorite Autumn picks for all of my pregnant Leaky friends! I hope they give you some great ideas while you show off that beautiful pregnant body of yours. Because you ARE beautiful. You are exquisite. And you should feel it from the inside out<3

Baby’s On The Way



Yes. I totally put chocolate in this look. Because every mama needs to have yummy things that are all her own! This look features some of my favorite pieces and post partum must-haves! Definitely might want to pack some of these lovelies in your bag:)

1.Belabumbum    2.Earth Mama Angel Baby    3/4/5. Zutano    6.Theo Chocolate    7.Ameda Purely Yours


Autumn Goddess



I saw this dress online and nearly squealed! Between the great price and the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous…you just can’t go wrong! A comfy bra, belly and hip support, and yummy organic goodies to keep your skin soft and your spirits lifted!

1.Pink Blush Maternity    2.Destination Maternity    3.Earth Mama Angel Baby    4/5. Target.com    6.Modcloth


Hello, Seattle


If you’ve gotten to know me a little bit, you’ll know that I consider plaid to be absolutely essential to a wardrobe. Especially here, in the Pacific Northwest! This look is a great mix of textures and colors (yes, you can even mix handbag colors and shoe/hat colors!).

1.Pea In The Pod    2.H&M Mama    3.H&M   4.Toms   5.Modcloth    6.Target

I hope this gave you some great ideas for you or an expecting friend! Want to share your #LeakyLooks with me? Tag us on Instagram @TheLeakyBoob and show us how you rock your Leaky Style!

#LeakyLooks: Self-Care is Sexy

by Kileah McIlvain

I want to talk to you Leakies for a minute. It’s about self-care. Taking care of ourselves, even if it’s little things, can go a long way in filling our mama selves up so that we can function from a healthy place…not an empty place. We’re told so often in our culture that if we take care of ourselves, we are selfish. I’m here to say NOPE. A whole lot of NOPE.

When we take care of ourselves. Take a time out. Hit the refresh button. It changes us for the better. Maybe not a lot. But it WILL make a difference. I can tell you this: taking care of myself makes me feel amazing. Sexy, even!

Whether that is painting our nails some crazy color, soaking our feet in the bathtub, rubbing some lotion on our hands and practicing deep breathing, yoga, screaming in a pillow, locking ourselves in the bedroom closet with our fairtrade chocolate….WHATEVER it is…do it. Running on fumes isn’t fair for anybody, especially you. It’s amazing what we can accomplish for ourselves and each other when we practice filling ourselves up. So go. have a bit of fun. Recharge and remember what you love. Life is too short and too amazing to run it on empty.

So now? Check out these #LeakyLooks. Some fun and easy inspiration to get out there and practice some fun self-care. For me? We have a pretty epic gamefest family night planned for our brood this Friday (okok and Mommy is going to the Rose City Comicon on Saturday!)-and after the long week we’ve had we’re all looking forward to connecting with each other and having FUN.

Remember: You are always enough.

Park Playdate 


I put this look together to highlight some great pieces that are a)GREAT mix of neutrals  b) are layered to help you function throughout the changing weather of fall  c)accommodate the milk demand with ease!  Sunscreen? Absolutely. Clouds don’t keep UVA/UVB rays. I trust California Baby’s natural sunscreen to do the job and Catbirdbaby to keep my little ones happy and provide the breaks they need to keep going!

1. Figure8Maternity  2.Target.com   3.American Eagle Outfitters   4.TOMS shoes   5.Cake Maternity   6.H&M   7.CatBirdBaby Love Bus  8.California Baby

Family Game Night!


So one of our littles is down with a cold. Which usually means a good family night in is in order to help banish the grumpy clouds. It also means I’ll probably be getting the cold, too! So, I put in some of my comfy favorites and some fun additions for a family game night at home! My favorite additions are the Crane cool mist humidifier and the California Baby Super Booster bath drops that can be used in their cool plug-in diffuser! Safe alternative for banishing crankies and promoting happy vibes that are safe for little ones.

1.Belabumbum (on Zulily right now!)   2.MelindaG   3./4.California Baby   5.Target.com   6.Crane Humidifier   7.Amazon.com  9.Piggy Paint (nontoxic!)

Post Baby Date Night


I don’t know about you but about 2 days after birth (I waited a couple of weeks before going out. Partner told me I had to stay in bed and nurse a baby. Sheesh. It’s like he knows I needed to recover or something.) I was clawing the walls wanting to get out. Probably walk 10 steps and sit down (movie theater with newborns are PERFECT. All they do is sleep, nurse/take a bottle and you get to snack the entire time. YES.). Anyhow, I put this awesome look together to keep things simple, comfortable, nursing-friendly and baby-friendly while feeling date-ready!

1.Figure8Maternity   2.Modcloth   3.Target.com   4.Modcloth   5.Lily Jade   6.Sakura Bloom

#LeakyLooks: Safety Wherever You Roam

by Kileah McIlvain

We are into full autumnal mode around here, Leakies! I finally want to look at my oven (Yes…even bake in it!) again, and my soft fluffy duvet and an extra mug of homemade pumpkin latte are calling my name. Which means of course the weather is mocking me by trying to push 90 degrees by Thursday.

Have you ever “forced” the coming season? Had it and said “Ok. I’m over it. Let’s move on?” Well this week with #LeakyLooks we’re taking a look at Safety-whether that’s snuggling down for a morning of movies and snuggles on a cloudy Saturday, or that last-minute trip up to Seattle before the seasonal rain hits the I-5 corridor. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see next as we celebrate a month of #TLBsafeKids!

Remember, Leakies. Fashion-even breastfeeding fashion- is a great way to express who YOU are and tell a story of WHERE you are. Not who anyone else says you need to be, but who YOU want to be today. So shine on. Be YOU. All the way. No regrets. Because you are always ENOUGH.



We don’t make spur-of-the-moment trips that often with 4 little ones, but when we do, we GO for it! We pack light, pack the essentials, and get our roadtrip on (our kids last about 3 hours, which makes Seattle or the beach our only options for realistic road travel. lol.) I put this look together to highlight some of my “mama and baby” essentials! I am an organizing enthusiast so anything that can stack well, compartmentalize well and not take up a ton of space is totally my jam.

1.Figure8Maternity Bobbi Nursing Shirtdress   2.Cake Maternity Raisin Croissant bra   3.Clek Fllo Tokidoki    4.California Baby Suncare Basics tote    5.Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared   6.Rhoost grooming kit    7.ThinkSport GO2 container




Oh Plaid. How I love thee. Let me count the ways! This look I pulled from some of my own wardrobe staples (including one of my favorite natural hand sanitizers!) One of our family’s favorite autumn activities is going to one of the many local farms we have in the area and sampling all of the fall bounty and preserves everyone has brought to the local farm markets! Weather is kind of back and forth so it’s best to dress in layers.

1.Modcloth Bonfire Stories Tunic (easy to nurse in!)   2.AE Wide Brim Fedora   3.Torrid Skinny jeans    4.Bebe Au Lait Nursing Infinity Scarf   5.Catbirdbaby Mei Tai in Victoria   6.California Baby Lemon Myrtle hand sanitizer    7.Target Women’s Premier Tall Rain Boots





Bedtime. No matter where we are, that compound word is cause for exhausted celebration. A simple bedtime routine around here for our littles includes brushing hair, brushing teeth, and massaging a bit of therapeutic oil to relax and calm fidgety tired bodies. We usually run a cool mist humidifier at night as well to keep the air moist as our house can get a tad dry in the fall and winter.

1.Target Daizies Union suit   2.Rhoost grooming kit   3.California Baby Overtired & Cranky Massage Oil   4.I just want to knit this. Or have someone on Etsy make it for me 😛 knittinglove   5.Newton allergen-free crib mattress   6.Crane cool mist humidifier   7.Coyuchi organic crib sheets

#LeakyLooks Like Labor Day!

by Kileah McIlvain

So up until about…oh…two days ago I thought Labor Day was September 1st. My type A personality was swimming in glee until I realized that the powers that be decided that the first Monday in September was on the 7th. After I recovered from my acute “things are out of order” internal tantrum, I realized how much fun it could be! My little ones started back to school on the first, and nothing says “Wow! Happy back to school!” like Labor Day a “week later” than it normally is!

So here I give you a trio of #LeakyLooks, featuring some of my favorite #TLBsafeKids products! Yes. I put together a “Get Well Soon” look…because a certain TLB mama and her family are going through a cruddy cold bug right now and nothing says comfort like all of our favorite “feel good” things. <3 Want to post your favorite “feel good” #LeakyLooks or #LaborDayLooks and tag us on Instagram? I’d love to share your picks with our Leakies! 

Pax Under The Sea


This look I just couldn’t resist putting together! I pulled this look together using some of PAXbaby’s favorite pieces! Jillian, owner of PAXbaby, is a Disney cosplay genius and lover of rainbows and color. So this one’s for YOU, Jillian! May all of your rainbows be bright and your days be full of color and joy<3

1.Etsy MoodKatz top   2.West of the Fourth wrap bag 3.Green Tree Jewelry Mermaid earrings 4.Fishscale leggings  5.PAX-exclusive Bling Sunnies 6.Tula Migaloo Happy Ring Sling   7.Blue Merbaby onesie  8.All Day Rainbow PAX-exclusive amber necklace   9.Jade Made Wristlets      10.Boobie Boosters  11.Blissed Out Gypsy seahorse ring   12.Blissed Out Gypsy woven wrap skirt

Labor Day at the Lake


Ah! The last hurrah of summer. We have to take a bit of a road trip to get to our favorite lake (yes…there are a LOT of them around here!) So what better way than to travel safely and have a natural skin-safe day! ends of the summer here are still warm enough that we have to deal with mosquitos from time to time so from sunscreen to bug repellant and swimwear that is breastfeeding friendly, we’ve got you covered!

1.Haley Nursing bathing suit   2.OiOi Hobo Diaper Bag   3.Mini Boden baby swimsuit   4.California Baby broad-spectrum sunscreen   5.California Baby natural bug spray   6.Clek Foof carseat   7.Target beach blanket tote   8.Green Toys sand play set   9.Catbird Baby Limited Edition Lovebus   10.Sanuk Women’s yoga spree flip flop

Get Well Soon


Here are some of my favorite picks for when our family is feeling under the weather. Comfort, warmth, and keeping a sick baby close to me are absolutely essential. Hope this inspires you to stock up before cold and flu season hits us!

1.Belabumbum Ikat tunic and pant set   2.MelindaG sleep bra   3.Catbird Baby Annika Grey Piccolo carrier   4.Traditional Medicinals Cold Care tea for kids   5.Threshold sweater knit blanket   6.Kinsa smart thermometer   7.California Baby Calendula Cream   8.Under the Nile reversible cardigan/pant set   9.California Baby Calming Massage Oil   10.California Baby Colds Flu aromatherapy bath bubbles   11.Crane Oscar the Owl cool-mist Humidifier   12.EmergenC immune support   13.NoseFrida Snot Sucker   14.Rhoost baby grooming kit

#LeakyLooks Back-To-School Fun!

by Kileah McIlvain

It’s that time of year again! Our Facebooks and Instagram feeds are filling up with photos of newly-cut hair, carefully-chosen first-day-of-school-outfits, smiling shiny faces and brand-new backpacks full of new sharpened pencils (I have a thing for new school supplies. I’m pretty sure I get more joy out of shopping at Target for them than my kids do!). For a lot of us, this means school drop-off and pick-up, bringing our babies along to cozy coffee-shop playdates (in Portland we have several kid-friendly coffeeshops set up with puzzles, wooden toys, and play kitchens). Falling back into a fresh, more predictable routine after the adventures of summer vacation is something I look forward to with my trusty day planner! (Yes. I’m the rabid scheduler. Because #MomBrain)

So here are some of my first #LeakyLooks picks for this week. Outfits designed to not take much brain space, #boobfriendly for easy pumping and breastfeeding access, and easy to put together! What are some of YOUR favorite things you look forward to when school starts back up? Tell us in the comments on this post-we’d love to share with our Leakies!

Stumptown Playdate

Stumptown Playdate

It’s all about clever layering this fall! Pieces that can be worn by themselves or layered with something else as the weather starts changing and becoming more unpredictable. This brilliant nursing dress is designed to work well as a stand-alone piece or layered over a collared shirt or nursing tank/bra. From lined rainboots and a lightweight cardigan, to cognac-colored handbags and a simple wine-colored ring sling-this collection is a great way to bring in autumn and work well throughout your day!

1.Leche Libre Tunic in Slate   2.Forever21 Classic Opaque Tights in Burgundy   3.DairyFairy Arden Bra in Slate   4.DidySling Indio Rubin Red    5.Joules Rainboot Bees Print   6.Modcloth Bicycle Education Cardigan    7.Kohl’s Croft & Barrow Satchel in Brown Sugar   8.H&M necklace and earrings

Mama On A Budget

Nursing fashion on a shoestring

Would you believe this whole look was created under $50? You can still feel put together and functional without having to sell your right arm or backup breastmilk stash hanging out in your freezer! From start to finish, this look is a great way to ease into fall without being too fussy. Our unusual summer here isn’t quite over so we’re still having to pair layers with shorts at times! To find where I got these great deals, see below.

1.Target Linen V-Tee Merona    2.Faded Glory Women’s Infinity Scarf w/Tassles    3.Old Navy Sweetheart cuffed denim shorts   4.Zulily.com Seashell Pink Nursing Bra   5.H&M Accessories    6.Poshmark.com maroon ballet flats    7.H&M Shoulder Bag

Milk & Cocktails

Milk & Cocktails

I was in a dead sprint on Sunday headed from a birth I was doula at, to a wedding on the other side of town. With 15 minutes to put together a quick classy look that was nursing-friendly and golf-club-reception-ready. My husband absolutely LOVES fashion (I know. It’s AMAZING. He always knows my size and shape for EVERYTHING. I love him!) and he picked out an outfit similar to this one. I hope you enjoy.  🙂

1.Modcloth I Think I Can Dress in Teal    2.Wildbird Double Layer in Dove    3.AE Navy Draped Feather necklace    4.Cake Dark Croissant Smoothing Flexi-wire nursing bra    5.Sophi non-toxic nail polish  6.Sofft Desma in Firesky    7.Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag/Handbag

#LeakyLooks: Pump it UP!

by Kileah McIlvain

Pumping Moms. Working and running the office. Pumping for their own baby and for another around the clock. Getting ready for their first date without baby.

These warrior mamas, whatever their environment, are changing a life one ounce of breastmilk at a time. 

Before I share my #LeakyLooks picks for you this week, can I just take a moment to give you mamas a virtual hug? Because you inspire me. You show me that I can do this. Mothering. Working. Partnering. I hope that in some small way I can inspire you this week, Leakies. To inspire you to harness that internal power you have always had. To know that you are blooming from the inside out. That all of you is more than enough, and that you are beautiful. That being yourself, no matter where life takes you, will be what profoundly changes lives around you. So keep thriving, Leaky. We’re doing this together.

Because we are, and always will be, enough. 

Pumping For Two

Pumping For Two

This look is a shoutout to my exclusive pumping friends and for those who are pumping to donate milk to a mama and baby in need. Life has to keep going, even when you’re pumping around the clock so this #LeakyLook is all about feeling put together, comfort, and easy access when you’re on the go!

1. Old Navy Boyfriend Chambray buttoned top   2. AE Outfitters lightweight scarf   3. Torrid Lean Jeans in Faded Medium Wash   4. Elomi Beatrice Soft Cup Nursing Bra   5. Snugabell Pumpease pumping bra   6. Beco Baby Carrier in “Steps”   7. OiOi Crushed Wax Canvas Satchel Diaper Bag   8. Dr. Browns Glass bottles

All That Class

All That Class

This beautiful #LeakyLook is to show how a put together look can be beautiful, functional and get you comfortably through a long day pumping at work! Why did I include a baby hat? Because having something nearby with your baby’s scent is a good way to encourage letdown when you’re pumping. (Ok, and it’s just adorable!)

1. Seraphine Graphic Floral Nursing Dress   2./3. Modcloth Necklace and earrings   4. Trenchcoat from Macy’s   5. Say It Quaint So Heel from Modcloth   6. Motherlove Nipple Cream   7. Juno Blu Esalen Pumping Bag               8. Cake Licorice Twist Flexible Wire Nursing Bra   9. Hanna Andersson knit baby hat 

Getting Ready For Date Night

Getting Ready For Date Night

I remember my first date night with my partner, just the two of us, after our youngest was born! It was slightly nerve-wracking and exciting. Carefully pumping milk in my little black nursing dress while I got ready before my husband came home, shaving my legs, picking out my outfit. I wanted to feel fabulous. For this #LeakyLook I wanted to go with simple and chic. (My favorite part? The calm drops from Calm-a-Mama. Helped to calm my anxiousness when leaving baby for our dinner and a movie! Small enough to fit in my clutch.)

1. Milk Nursing Wear Little Black Nursing Dress   2. Belabumbum Lena Peek-A-Boo Nursing Bra   3. Sophi non-toxic nail polish in “Featured Attraction”   4. Fossil Emory Clutch in “Bright Pink”   5. On Point! Earrings from Modcloth   6. Tea and Jam Session Wedge from Modcloth   7. Calm Drops from Calm-a-Mama

#LeakyLooks: Work And Transitions! Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week 2015

by Kileah McIlvain

It’s the end of summer! We can all feel it. The anticipation of cooler days, school supplies, hot tea, and ALL OF THE FLANNEL (okok. I’m from Portland. Like THAT wasn’t obvious! Ha.). But – it’s August. Which means, for a lot of us, it’s still fairly warm and dry outside. We’re getting some of our older kids ready for a new school year, all of the extra errands we’re running to sign our kids up for fall sports, physicals, dentist appointments, end-of-summer-getaways, considering more versatile clothing to facilitate pumping at work….August fills up pretty fast when you think about it!

To kick off #WorldBreastfeedingMonth, I asked our Leakies in our Facebook Community to share with us what they wanted to see in our latest pics-and here they are! Be sure to tell us what you liked and what you’d like to see! Want to submit your own ideas for us to feature? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and use #LeakyLooks! xoxo -Kileah

Leaky At Work


This look features a great neutral-themed collection of “transition pieces” that are pumping-friendly and versatile. I started with some great ankle trousers from Gap that can be paired with a boot, heel, or ballet flat. This particular trouser style and print are really versatile, fashion forward and can be dressed up or down while remaining uber comfy in various work environments – even at home! This great light-blue cotton button-down tunic top from H&M+ works really well for pumping in a Hot Milk Chic Ivory Nursing Bra without a lot of fuss and looks classy paired with a minimalist color pop of jewelry like this teething necklace from Vintage Honey Shop! When transitioning to autumn, it’s a great idea to combine both layers and texture – so pairing a lightweight structured shirt with a woven blazer like this one really keeps the outfit alive and functions to keep you warm if you need it! Don’t forget to complete the outfit with a chic durable pumping handbag like this Juno Blu Esalen bag in “Steel Snake”!

Boutique Business Owner


This look captures such a chic and comfortable vibe in tones of stone, deep plum and blushed peach! I wanted to highlight the nursing mama who may be a small business owner. This beautiful viscose navy tie-back nursing dress from Seraphine is incredibly soft and really works well with a variety of body shapes and is easily adjustable to celebrate your beautiful mama body! Long hours means every piece you wear needs to work to your advantage and comfort, which is why I chose this Leading Lady Molded Sport Nursing Bra from Herroom. It provides breathable, comfortable all-day support in a GREAT range of sizes, and is a great price as well! I couldn’t resist these great stylish flats from Modcloth (oh, Modcloth: Let me sing the ways I love thee!). Who doesn’t want a cute bag that doesn’t cost you your firstborn? This Skip Hop diaper bag is a chic, cost-conscious option for carrying essentials for both you and baby. Building relationships with local shop owners and your little one wants to explore with you? This beautiful Wildbird.co 100% Linen ring sling in Cockatoo is a beautiful and inexpensive option for keeping your sweetling close! (Plus, I have this thing for bees and honeycombs! Again, Modcloth accessories are GENIUS. And adorable!)


Pine State Mama


If you know me AT ALL, Leakies, you know I have a love for Leyton Doc Marten boots, Portlandia, and all things Plaid. This look came to me after contemplating how much I love a local haunt called Pine State Biscuits. Because giant biscuits. And gravy. Just….google it. I know it isn’t the same as stuffing your face with them, but maybe you should start planning a foodcation here? Asap? I thought so 😉 The Your My Lumber One dress from Modcloth passes the #boobouttest worn with a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans and this GREAT Elomi nursing bra! I just recently bought this great black wool hat at H&M (seriously. it goes with EVERYTHING. Even sweatshirts!). And basically Beco baby carriers WINS with Herman. Because vintage octopuses? Yeah. Be still my beating heart! Plus, with my growing little ones, I’ve been needing to upgrade to a more toddler-supportive carrier option. Beco really takes the cake with comfort in my book-for both parents AND kids!

I hope you love these looks! Remember! Tag @TheLeakyBoob on Instagram with #LeakyLooks to show us how YOU rock your workwear, boobwear, and anything in between! WE want to feature YOU! #LeakyLooks #FashionForAll #YOUmatter #BoobOutFashion #MaternityWear #NursingWear

#LeakyLooks: Out And About With #TLBMoves

We’re wrapping a month of getting ACTIVE with #TLBMoves and #LeakyLooks and we thought we’d share one more collection of outfits that are boob-friendly, pumping friendly, and paired for YOUR lifestyle! Getting active can be so many different things. Dancing with your kids, hiking the new trail up the Gorge, swimming, playing hide-and-seek with your baby, hitting the gym, outdoor  yoga, a family walk after dinner-whatever gets you moving and making healthy choices for your family lifestyle-we want to be there cheering you on! Got a look you’d like to share with us? Head over to Instagram, take a #LeakySelfie and TAG us! We’d love to feature YOU and how you go about your day with your littles!


Day On The Lake

Boat Trip

We are really fortunate to have a ton of lakes, waterfalls, and creeks around the Pacific Northwest. This summer has been unusually HOT for us, and hitting any local natural watering hole is a MUST. And NOT getting seriously sunburned in the process. (No, really. Poor husband decided to NOT use our Thinkbaby sunscreen. Half a back of blisters and a call with our doctor later…NOT doing that again.). Pulling a simple look together with the essentials is what this look is about. Sunscreen, wide sunhat to keep the burn from getting you, staying hydrated, a good bag that organizes, a breathable mesh bra from Belabumbum (if you aren’t swimming. or, you could actually probably swim in this just wonderfully!), and a carrier like this Tula buckle carrier in “Fizz”  in lighter colors so you and baby can stay cool!



Seattle Saturday

Saturday City Stroll

We drove up to Seattle a couple of Saturdays ago and it was remarkably pleasant and cloudy for the whole day! (A welcome relief after the heat wave we’d been experiencing down in Portland!). I wore an outfit similar to this one. Lightweight, monochromatic, and chic. A simple pair of ankle-length jeans and this button-down sleeveless shirt (easy nursing access!),  a great teething necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop, A Ju-Ju-Be bag, Birks (how much do I love thee?!), the Lotus Nursing Bra from Belabumbum, and the exclusive Tekhni Wovens wrap in Nymphai available exclusively for the upcoming MiLK Conference in L.A. this weekend!

Easy Saturday

Easy Saturday

I put this look together to be lovely, simple and functional. A soft-cup nursing bra from Belabumbum paired with a great half-button tunic blouse (This one is from Old Navy!) and your favorite pair of jeans. Keen ballet flats (because seriously. Mamas need comfy feet. All that walking!). This beautiful Tula Migaloo Wrap Conversion Ring Sling in Passion is a GREAT choice for the end of summer (and a wonderful simple color that transitions really well into autumn.). Did you know that Eylas carries all-natural hand sanitizer spray? And it works? Let’s just say I’d like to have a few of these around my  house (and in my car. and my diaper bag. and my carrier. lol.) A great silicone chewbead necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop completes this effortless look.

PSSSSSST. Have you entered our huge #TLBMoves giveaway yet? No? Get over there and enter before your chance to win is gone!

#LeakyLooks: Get Outside And GO!

This week with our #TLBMoves campaign we’re focusing on getting outside and I thought it’d be fun to show some creative ways to get moving outside! From Summer Vacations, Evening BBQ, to a beautiful morning of Yoga In the Park-these looks are designed for the breastfeeding mama in mind! Wherever you move, we want to make sure you are equipped with a put-together look that inspires you to live this summer to the fullest!

Like what you see? Got a boob-friendly outfit you want to share with us? Pin, RePost, share the looks or YOUR LOOK on Instagram or Pinterest and TAG us using our #LeakyLooks hashtag! We’d LOVE to inspire our fellow Leakies with fresh ideas and ways to put their best breast forward! 😀


Yoga In The Park

Yoga In The Park

Yoga in the Park may be one of my most favorite things, ever. Now, trying to do it with 4 kids under 7 may not be quite so relaxing, so this is definitely a “by personal situation” advice 😉 I centered this great layered look around the Belabumbum Hoodie Wrap (great for those cooler mornings outside!) and their bright pink Nursing Racerback Cami! The cami has a great hidden panel that sits right underneath your breasts and makes it easy to fold up and down wherever you are practicing your savasana. I had to include Eyla’s Eco Vessel Water Bottle in Lotus and some sunscreen. Because mornings tend to be a bit harsher in the UVA/UVB rays, you want to make sure you and your baby’s skin is protected!

Summer Party BBQ

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQs can be so much fun! A game of horseshoes, drinks on the lawn, conversations under a giant awning, and the best grilled kabobs to celebrate high summer! This dress from Modcloth is a great “breast-friendly” dress as it buttons down the front AND is lightweight and can be dressed up OR down! Pair this dress with a pair of floral wedges (sturdy, ties your outfit together, and comfy!) and a fantastic Amy Michele diaper bag to pull your look together. Need some lightweight and breathable support? I found this delicious Belabumbum Tallulah Lace Nursing Bra that perfectly fits the criteria! Don’t forget the sunscreen for you and baby-and finish this look off with a GORGEOUS wrap or ring sling like this exclusive Tekhni woven wrap for The Leaky Boob designed after Jessica’s tattoo sleeve! This wrap will ONLY be available for purchase at the MiLK conference in LA!

Summer Jet Setter Mama

Summer Jet Setter Mama

Some of us have some summer vacations planned this summer-that may or may not involve airline travel! I immediately wanted to put together a look that was simple, travel-able, comfortable, and willing to stand up to easy flight transfers and baby or toddler needs, and still feel fabulous and not weighed down with too much “stuff.” This look is put together using a lightweight button-down Chambray shirtdress from Maurices, an easy camel wedge from Toms, and this gorgeous NEW Tula carrier called “enDEERing”! Belabumbum has a GREAT cotton-based bra called the Lotus Nursing Bra that I had to include. One of the softest and most breathable bras out there. You’ll need to stay well-hydrated on the plane and going to and fro, so Eyla’s Eco Vessel water bottles are a great choice! Ju-Ju-Be’s Be Prepared diaper bags are one of the BEST ways to organize all of your must-brings for you and baby!

#LeakyLooks: Where Do YOU Move?

We have the privilege of crossing paths with so many unique Leakies as we join together in community! This month as we celebrate #TLBMoves and get moving, I wanted to have a little more fun with some of the diversity we encounter when we go about our days! As some of you may know, I’m a nerd…like, Comic Con Nerd. (Nerd heaven for those of you who don’t speak geek!).  My little family also likes to trek around the great outdoors (ahem…though I’d like to go glamping one of these days. Feather bed out in the sticks? With a wood stove? In a canvas tent? Don’t judge. I’m serious. :P). I’ve also begun officially working out with my partner of 10 years and we’re seeing such good results in being intentionally active! I think you guys are gonna LOVE these #LeakyLooks!

So: Wanna do something AWESOME? Head on over to Instagram, use #TLBMoves and #LeakyLooks and post a picture of how YOU like to jam! We’d LOVE to feature you! Is it a breastfeeding-friendly Cosplay? Your FAVORITE camping get-up? Your newest Yoga ensemble? Show us! Let’s inspire our Leakies!!!! #BoobOutFashion #TLBMoves #LeakyLooks #MyLeakyFashion

Comic Con Mom

ComicCon Mama

SDCC2015 has come and gone, but us nerd mamas are still proudly wearing our geeked-out faves! Who says we can’t breastfeed and wear our babies in our Nerd finery? We say you CAN! I centered this look around passing on our nerd-genes with the new Tula “Sidekick” carrierBelabumbum’s Lena Peek-A-Boo Nursing Bra keeps you comfortable and fantastic walking those aisles of Con-exclusive merch, and pairing a ThinkGeek vintage Wonderwoman t-shirt with a vintage Marvel Comic shoulder bag completes this Cool mama look ready to conquer even the esteemed Hall H!

Hit The Barre

Hit the Barre

Every mama could use some more balance and strength in their life! This look is featuring our MiLK Conference Tekhni Wovens EXCLUSIVE wrap in “Tuxedo” designed from Jessica Martin-Weber’s beautiful tattoo artwork on her skin to honor her fight with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I added in the extremely comfy Belabumbum Yoga Jogger Pant along with their NEW Sporty Mesh Nursing Bra! (seriously. no one needs boob sweat crampin’ their Barre style!) Some soft, disposable bamboo-based nursing pads from Bamboobies help with any potential nursing leakage, and a strong recycled glass water bottle from Eylas is going to help you stay hydrated as you work towards getting strong and balanced!

Camp Your Heart Out

Camp Your Heart Out

Who says you can’t be CUTE and prepared while you camp with your baby? Get ready to rock the great outdoors with Tula “Campy” and all of the chemical-free ThinkBaby Sunscreen you can slather on! Mountain Mama crafts well-made outdoor gear specifically for the hiking and camping mama! And no trip into nature is quite complete without a triple-insulated Eco-Vessel Boulder Bottle from Eylas-keeping hot OR cold liquids/soups at their temps for HOURS.

We hope you loved this week’s #LeakyLooks! Make sure to tag us on Instagram and show us what you’re dressed in today! We may just feature you and inspire all of our mamas! Let’s get our #TLBMoves on!