How to Breastfeed in a Moby Wrap

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Nursing mamas rejoice! You can wear your baby and breastfeed at the same time!

Sarah Harding Traverso of Asobi Sport Family Fitness and Moby Wrap have put together a couple of quick tutorials to demonstrate two popular ways to breastfeed baby while wearing a Moby Wrap: 1) The Side Hold and 2) The Easy Hold. Rest assured, they’re both pretty dang easy, and we’re confident you’ll find the breastfeeding hold that works best for you and your baby. See the videos for the full tutorial, which includes steps on returning baby to the starting position after nursing.

We’ll add more How to Breastfeed in a Moby Wrap tutorials soon, so stay tuned!


Side Hold Steps:

1: Start in the Hug Hold

2: Gently Pull the Seat Belt Down

3: Pull One Shoulder Panel Away & Support Baby’s Head

4: Safely Lift Baby Out of the Moby Wrap

5: Place Baby on the Shoulder Above the Breast From Which You Will Feed (i.e.: Left Breast; Left Shoulder)

6: Reach Under Opposite Panel (i.e.: Left Breast; Right Panel) and Grab Baby’s Feet

7: Open Panel & Slide Baby’s Feet, Body, and Arms into the Panel

8: Lift Baby & Panel Up while Leaning Back to Gather the Seat Belt

9: Pull the Seat Belt Up & Over Baby’s Lower Leg Securing Baby’s Bottom

10: Spread the Seat Belt Up & Over Baby’s Bottom & Shoulder

11: Latch Baby & Pull Shoulder Panel Down For Privacy

12: Keep One Hand on Baby at All Times while Baby Nurses

Watch the video!



Easy Hold Steps:

1: Start in the Hug Hold; Know which Breast from which you’ll Feed

2: Reach Under Same Panel (i.e.: Right Breast; Right Panel) & Support Baby’s Head

3: Gently Guide Baby’s Head Under that Panel

4: If Baby is Lined up with Mom’s Breast, Let Baby Latch

5: If Baby is Not Lined up Perfectly, Shimmy Baby’s Bottom Toward Mom’s Opposite Hip (i.e.: Right Breast; Left Hip)

6: Pull the Shoulder Panel Down for Privacy; Keep One Hand on Baby at All Times while Baby Nurses

Watch the video!

Friends in low, I mean GREAT places!

The Leaky Boob has brought me friends I would not otherwise have had the chance to know.  So many incredible people have become a part of my ever growing community, people I can count on, share with, commiserate with, and learn from.  From fellow parents on this journey to experts in lactation and maternal health, from fellow bloggers sharing their lives, experiences, and knowledge to inspiring parenting supporters.  People like you.

MommyCon brings many of these people together and I’ve had the chance to meet many of my online friends in real life.  And I’m all like:

“They’re real!”

“They aren’t imaginary!”

“I’m a real boy!”

Fine, not the last part.  But it’s still pretty exciting to meet so many, I consider dancing and singing.

Instead, I hold the camera.

Which turned out quite nicely for me this last weekend in Philly for MommyCon with Jamie from The Baby Guy NYC and January from Birth Without Fear following our different VIP meet and greet playdate events.  I got to capture this…

I love it!  Aren’t they great?  I’ve got friends in GREAT places!  As much fun and as talented as they are at karaoke after a long day of meeting people, they are even better at what they really do: supporting moms and families.  Ask Jamie about any baby gear and he can give you facts and information plus the pros and cons compared to other products.  January offers support with information and encouragement surrounding pregnancy and birth.  Genuine and real, they are all about fostering engagement.  And MommyCon takes that to a whole different level where fun, community, and genuine support combine to create a space that nurtures the nurturer and develops friendships.  Thanks to Motherlove Herbal Company, I’m so looking forward to speaking at the rest of the upcoming MommyCons this year in Portland, Oregon and Kansas City, Kansas as well as participating as a speaker for the first ever BabyWearing World Record event in Los Angeles, California thanks to Moby Wrap.

Continuing and sharing the fun, we’re doing a giveaway to celebrate!  Though I can’t promise karaoke at future MommyCons I know for certain we’re going to have a great time.  I’d love to meet you there and now you have a shot at going for FREE!  MommyCon, Motherlove, and Moby are teaming up with me for this announcement to giveaway 3 prizes:

Friends in great places Portland prize pack: two tickets including the VIP Leak and Great to MommyCon Portland, a trio of Motherlove salves (diaper rash and thrush, nipple salve, and green salve), one Moby wrap, and one Beco Soleil.

Friends in great places Kansas City prize pack: two tickets including the VIP Leak and Great to MommyCon Kansas City, a trio of Motherlove salves (diaper rash and thrush, nipple salve, and green salve), one Moby wrap, and one Beco Soleil.

Friends in great places Los Angeles prize pack: two tickets to the Babywearing World Record event, a trio of Motherlove salves (diaper rash and thrush, nipple salve, and green salve), one Moby wrap, and one Beco Soleil.

Use the widget below to enter.  Please note, this giveaway is available only to those in the USA and Canada.

MommyCon Motherlove Moby Beco giveaway

My only requests of the winners?  That I get to meet you in person and take a picture together, ok?
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Babywearing chat with

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TLB sponsor brought a live chat with our readers on The Leaky Boob Facebook wall, giving us the opportunity to chat about all things babywearing.  It was great fun with great prizes (the randomly selected winners notified via email) and lots of information.  If you have questions about babywearing, visit these archived threads to hear from other Leakies and Jillian with her PAXmommies sharing their experience and expert advice.  So grateful for the support of!

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