The Naked Tank Plus Size Giveaway

Jen and Carrie, two moms from Canada, came together to form a partnership for their business, The Naked Nursing Tank, in order to address the issue so many moms face…the dreaded exposure of the post-partum belly when lifting up their shirt to nurse their baby. These two moms wanted to offer breastfeeding mothers a choice in nursing wear that allowed for more flexibility in wardrobe, more confidence when nursing in public, and an affordable option that fits EVERY body type.  

14. Jen & Carrie profession photo for NT

TLB:  Last time we talked, you two and Naked Nursing Tank were featured on the Marilyn Denis show.  It was really exciting to see you guys on TV!  What kinds of changes have come about thanks to that experience?  Be honest, did it go to your head at all?  🙂

Jen and Carrie: Hahaha!  It definitely didn’t go to our heads, almost the opposite actually!  We are so grateful for the exposure that the Marilyn Denis show has given the tank nation-wide that we feel extremely humbled and honoured to have attended it!  We have been able to outsource all of our packing and shipping and are currently working with a rep for our Canadian retailers.  We also have a new product in the prototype phase and are looking forward to having that on the market come the beginning of the new year!

TLB:  Your nursing tanks are specifically designed to keep moms from exposing their sides or tummies while nursing their babies.  I hear that you have just launched a line of tanks specifically for Plus Size moms.  What inspired you to develop this particular product? 

Jen and Carrie:  We are super excited about our new PLUS SIZE line.  We’re offering sizes 3X – 5X in our Luxury Black Bamboo edition and we’re truly inspired by this line. We’ve met so many moms that we’ve had the opportunity to speak with who were sharing their stories about the lack of selection in nursing wear that fit appropriately, and their options being so limited.  Hearing these moms and their emotional frustrations with such limited choice shed new light on the barriers they are presented with, and inspired us to address the issue of selection and choice for all mothers of every size.

TLB:  The models on your website have all tended to be rather on the slim side.  Has this new product launch changed that?

Jen and Carrie:  It is so liberating to be able to promote nursing for every shape and size now!  We had followed the Dove commercials a few years back and found them so inspiring.  We are proud to be able to cast all shapes and sizes and feel confident that our tanks will definitely fit every one of them.

TLB:  Is there anything else that you would like TLB readers to know about Naked Nursing Tank?

Jen and Carrie:  You have so many options with The Naked Nursing Tank!  We are working every day to break down those barriers that come with nursing today.  Find what works for you and feel confident while doing the most natural thing in the world!!

All smiles, Jen and Carrie




The Girlz at The Naked Tank are giving away 3 Plus Size Tanks to our lucky Leakies.  That’s 3 winners each receiving one of their Canadian made, super soft, Luxury Black Bamboob Naked Nursing Tanks.

Retail Value: $45.99 each




Currently Leakies can find these tanks in all sizes on the Naked Nursing Tank website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from November 7, 2013 through November 13, 2013.  A big thanks to Jen and Carrie and The Naked Nursing Tank for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  You can also find them on Pinterest!

This giveaway open to international entries.

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