Can’t we all be friends? Beco Soleil giveaway

Beco Soliel baby carrier

After getting to try the Soleil for the first time on Saturday, I just knew I had to share the new carrier with the Leakies.  I was visiting in Austin just as the Beco Team and Jamie, TheBabyGuyNYC were there and we got to meet up and try the Soliel for the first time.  It was too perfect, we had to work together to share these new carriers.  Thankfully, carriers package up small so fitting 5 boxes wasn’t too much trouble to bring them home with me.  The Beco Team seemed excited to share the carriers with Jamie and I, and we discussed a joint giveaway for our readers.  A win-win!  It was a great conversation over BBQ and we planned the whole thing, it was going to be fun, half the boxes for him, half for me.  All for you.

So we shared pictures on Instagram (find me here and Jamie there), twitter, and Facebook and told our followers to stay tuned for the giveaway details.  It was fun, exciting, and everyone had lots of questions about the Soliel.

But somehow there was a miscommunication and Jamie and I found ourselves in the middle of this:

Soliel carriers release


Now, no worries.  We’re all good people involved here that want to encourage and support families.  I have no doubt that with our common goals we’ll work things out just fine.  I have loved working with Beco and they are TLB sponsors that prioritize supporting breastfeeding families by partnering with us.  They are a great company and this was just a misunderstanding that I’m certain will be resolved in a way that works for everyone.  Probably you too, dear reader.

So now, instead of giving away the carriers I thought we’d be giving away, Jamie and I are offering up the Soleils Beco sent us each to try.  He and I are both sharing those with you while we smooth things over with the good folks at Beco.

Some quick details on the Soleil:

  • It’s not available until next month, the winners of these giveaways will be the first to get their hands on this new carrier.
  • 3 carry positions: front, hip, and back.
  • Built-in waist belt pocket, key and toy ring
  • Carries 7-45lbs
  • Carrier weight 1.1lbs
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Seat: 16″ and 17″ tall
  • Shoulder straps extending from 18″ to 45″
  • Waist belt extending from 27″ to 59″
  • Recommended fit for adults 5′ to 6′ 5″
  • Compatible accessories: hood, drool pads, infant insert, carry-all

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway, one a day for the next 5 days for one Soliel carrier and you can enter here AND over at The Baby Guy.  Help us out though, visit the Beco Facebook page and tag them in tweets showing them love and asking them to let us keep the carriers to giveaway using hashtags #soleil and #beco.  Please no bashing or attacking them, show your faith in this company that values families so much and let them know how excited you would be to win one of these carriers.

Please Beco, let us share these carriers!  Let’s keep being friends.

Soliel controversy TheBabyGuyNYC The Leaky Boob Beco Soliel

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Arm’s Reach and MommyCon Announcement and Giveaway

I’m headed to Vegas baby!  I’ve never been, true story.  But now Arm’s Reach Concepts has made it possible for me to meet up with a few hundred other moms at MommyCon– the boutique style conference focusing on natural parenting methods for everyone; single moms, career moms, stay at home moms, and even dads.  I get Vegas and hanging out with like-minded internet friends to talk about breastfeeding, parenting, birth, babywearing, sleeping, sex, growing up, and all other manner of topics related to life as a parent.  There’s even yoga.  Sugarbaby and I can’t wait!  While there I get to lead two sessions, one to talk about “Sex, Lies, Breastfeeding, and the Rest- finding fun and sleep amidst the realities of parenting” and another session called “Growing Together With Our Children“.  Even better, a designated private party to hang with other Leakies!


I’m thrilled that MommyCon has put in considerable effort to make this conference affordable.  Staying in a swank Las Vegas hotel AND workshops /seminars with fun and informational presenters such as Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNY and all for a great rate.  At $110 for a single attendance registration and hotel stay or $150 family registration and hotel.  That great rate just got even better, read on for a discount code just for Leakies.  The price can’t be beat for a getaway in Vegas with friends.  It’s great to know that having my 8 month old Sugarbaby in tow at the time won’t be a problem either at this mommy centered event.  To register, go here.  To reserve your space at The Leaky Boob Meet-And-Leak private party on the 3rd, email

One of my favorite companies, Arm’s Reach Concepts, a company that helps families have safe sleeping arrangements, is not only partnering with me to make it possible for me to speak at MommyCon, they are sharing information for parents to make the right sleep choices for their family.  Joining me in Vegas, ARC places great value in supporting parents and producing great products that assist them.  It’s no surprise then that this company is staffed with incredible people that genuinely want to help families get off to a great start.  Innovative and dedicated this company isn’t afraid to think outside the crib which has earned them the endorsement of Dr. Jack McKenna regarding their co-sleeper design.

To get ready for the fun in January, we’re doing 2 exciting giveaways: a single attendance registration (winner is responsible for their own travel) and an Arm’s Reach Concepts Cocoon.  Both of these giveaway items are a great value and all about encouraging and supporting families.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to share these with you.

baby hammock, Arm's Reach, Cocoon

The Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon, a $140 value, is a new product in the ARC family of co-sleeping accessories.  Designed to mimic the feeling of the womb so newborns feel more secure, the hammock bed style Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon cradles baby closely and gently sways in response to baby’s movement.  Perfect for babies birth to 15 pounds The Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon is easy to move around the house, keeping baby close for naps while mom or dad accomplish tasks that need to be done in their day.  The Cocoon is for infants birth to 15 pounds or when child can rollover, whichever comes first.

Sugarbaby and I got to scope out The Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon this past October and while she was just on the edge of being to big for it, we were both big fans.  After spending 3 days on my back at a trade show, a fussy Sugarbaby was done being worn and settled right down when we tried The Cocoon.  In no time at all she was happily kicking and smiling at the soft toys bouncing above her.

Arm's Reach Concepts Cocoon, baby hammock

I talked with Xza Higgins from MommyCon and asked her to share the details of the registration giveaway and some background on why she started MommyCon and what Leakies could expect.

Xza:  MommyCon was founded to bring forward thinking parents together in an environment that promotes; learning, growing and nurturing our offspring.  A big part of why I started MommyCon, was because I was sick of attending mom events that talked about breastfeeding, babywearing, birth, etc. but then receiving a package of formula to take home with me and pamphlets on “when to ask for the epidural.” The seminars didn’t speak to me, and so I began planning babywearing classes, cloth diapering workshops, and car seat checks utilizing my like-minded friends knowledge and experts that I met along the way. I always felt like I was just at one big sales pitch, and that is why I’m dedicated to making MommyCon an event that moms from across the globe want to attend so they can mingle with other mommy’s and learn about things they are passionate about.

Our first event under the MommyCon title is MommyCon Mini and will take place  on January 4, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event will run from 10am-5pm, but we will have morning yoga for early risers and there will be private meet and greet the evening before with Jessica from The Leaky Boob. MommyCon registration is required to attend the meet and greet on the 3rd, and space is limited. You can email to reserve your space.

MommyCon, Las Vegas

Sample Schedule for MommyCon Mini, 2013

Red Rock 3

9:15AM :              Yoga – Mom and Baby

10:30AM:             Pre and Post-Natal Dance Class with Menina Fortunato

11:30AM:             Babywearing 101 & Wrapping

Lunch Break

1:30PM:               Pre-natal Considerations for Expectant Mom’s

2:30PM:               Car Seat Safety & The Best Seats for Your Family

3:30PM:               Tips for a Greener Home: Saving Money & Protecting Our Planet


Red Rock 4

10:00AM              Welcome! Mothering Through Breastfeeding

11:00AM                  The Leaky Boob Growing with Your Children

12:00PM               Cloth Diapering for Modern Families

Lunch Break

2:00PM                 The Leaky Boob presents Sex, Lies and Parenting

3:00PM                        Infant Massage Workshop with Amber Puzzi, LMT

4:00PM                 Jamie Grayson “The Baby Guy NYC” Best of Gear Seminar with thousands of dollars worth of giveaways!

Registration Opens at 8am

Shopping area is Red Rock 2 from 9:30am-5:00pm

Las Vegas hotel

You can register to attend MommyCon by visiting our website and clicking “attend.” We have single tickets, family packs and even hotel and ticket bundles. A ticket to MommyCon is just $50 for a day full of fun, learning and growing together. Children are all welcome to attend, but we do encourage babywearing instead of lugging strollers as there is limited parking for them.

The Leaky Boob readers can receive 10% off tickets and bundles by using code Leaky10 – prize can also be applied to existing MommyCon ticket purchase.




To be entered for either of these great prizes, check out the widgets below.  Good luck everyone!  Hope to see you at MommyCon, 2013!

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Babywearing chat with

breastfeeding and babywearing,, woven wrap, ring sling, breastfeeding

TLB sponsor brought a live chat with our readers on The Leaky Boob Facebook wall, giving us the opportunity to chat about all things babywearing.  It was great fun with great prizes (the randomly selected winners notified via email) and lots of information.  If you have questions about babywearing, visit these archived threads to hear from other Leakies and Jillian with her PAXmommies sharing their experience and expert advice.  So grateful for the support of!

Introduction and sharing favorite carriers

Overwhelming world of carriers- where to start, user friendly, carriers and baby ages, getting started


Breastfeeding and babywearing- which carriers and tips

Breastfeeding in a woven wrap hip carry video

Babywearing the newborn- carrier options and safety information

Babywearing past the newborn stage

Babywearing for plus-sized and large breasted moms

Why have more than one carrier?  The benefits of a carrier stash

Back pain and babywearing

General questions for the PAXmommies

Babywearing and weather considerations- hot, cold, and wet

PAXbaby email sign up for more information






PAXbaby Marley Wrap Conversion Ring Sling giveaway

October 11, 2012, in celebration of International Babywearing Week, TLB hosted a live chat with Jillian Davidsson and Paxmommies.  TLB sponsor is incredible babywearing resource with a variety of carriers, a wealth of knowledge, and ongoing support for babywearing families.  Stay in touch with via their websiteblog, and Facebook page.

As part of our live chat with I’m pleased to bring you this giveaway for a Marley Wrap Conversion Ring Sling  Use the widget below to enter for a chance at this beautiful wrap!

This giveaway is open International entries.  Winners outside of the USA will have to pay shipping.  Good luck!

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PAXbaby Beco Gemini Giveaway

October 11, 2012, in celebration of International Babywearing Week, TLB hosted a live chat with Jillian Davidsson and Paxmommies.  TLB sponsor is incredible babywearing resource with a variety of carriers, a wealth of knowledge, and ongoing support for babywearing families.  Stay in touch with via their websiteblog, andFacebook page.

As part of our live chat with I’m pleased to bring you this giveaway for a Beco Gemini.  Use the widget below to enter for a chance at this beautiful wrap!

This giveaway is open International entries.  Winners outside of the USA will have to pay shipping.  Good luck!

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PAXbaby Wrapsody Stretch Brigid giveaway

October 11, 2012, in celebration of International Babywearing Week, TLB hosted a live chat with Jillian Davidsson and Paxmommies.  TLB sponsor is incredible babywearing resource with a variety of carriers, a wealth of knowledge, and ongoing support for babywearing families.  Stay in touch with via their website, blog, and Facebook page.

As part of our live chat with I’m pleased to bring you this giveaway for a Wrapsody Stretch Brigid.  Use the widget below to enter for a chance at this beautiful wrap!


This giveaway is open International entries.  Winners outside of the USA will have to pay shipping.  Good luck!


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Showerhug Giveaway

After my 6th baby was born I got to try a Showerhug and now it hangs on the shower rail, handy for me to use all the time.  So comfortable and such a relief particularly in the early days with a brand new baby and tender breasts.  I had the chance to ask Andria, one of the sisters behind Showerhug, some questions to go along with their giveaway for 3 lucky winners.

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Shower Hug?
Andria:  The Shower Hug was created by two Mommy–veterans.  We have been there and done that in terms of the breastfeeding experience!  We have suffered through early stage breastfeeding, engorgement, cracked nipples, bleeding nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis and weaning.  We know that breastfeeding is SO WORTH IT, but it does come with its share of challenges and, at times, aches and pains for Mom.
The Shower Hug is a breastfeeding essential for any Mom suffering from sore breasts and nipples.  The Shower Hug does so much, and I’ll get into the details later, but my personal favorite aspect of the Shower Hug is how it creates the *most* perfect, *most* soothing warm compress for the breasts while Mom relaxes in the shower.  Mom gets a chance to be at peace in the solitude of her shower…a chance to restore her spirits…while The Shower Hug gently cradles and supports her breasts and soothes away breast and nipple pain as it absorbs warm shower water.
As I write this, I am literally craving a hot shower all wrapped up snug in my Shower Hug.  I am pregnant with my third baby and my breasts and nipples have been extremely tender during this pregnancy.  I use my Shower Hug daily, and it really works wonders!
TLB:  How did Shower Hug come to be?
Andria:  Alaina and I (Andria) are partners in Belmama & Cherub LLC and are the proud creators and distributors of the Shower Hug™.
My life and dreams changed forever when I learned I was pregnant with my first child. I once enthusiastically worked as a CPA, but quickly forgot about the world of numbers and analytics with one glance at my little one. Never was I so fulfilled or content than in my new role as “Mama.”  It was in my new role as stay-at-home Mom that I conceived the idea for the Shower Hug. It struck me when I was struggling to comfortably shower in the early days of motherhood and breastfeeding and dealing with VERY SORE BOOBS! No one told me that my breasts would be huge, hard and hot and that my nipples might crack and bleed!  I quickly learned that breastfeeding would take some getting used to…

I never would have imagined that showering would become so difficult and uncomfortable after the arrival of baby either!  Lingering in long, hot showers is a favorite retreat of mine, but the force of the shower spray hitting my tender breasts was too painful to tolerate.  Engorged, tender breasts and cracked, bleeding nipples needed protection from the shower streams!   I had looked forward to the solitude of a long, hot shower all day, but as soon as I stepped in, I was hurrying to get out.

My doctor advised holding a towel over my chest when showering, which was not practical and made tons of extra laundry.  I tried dodging the shower sprays by keeping my back to the streams, which did not allow me to easily shampoo, shave, etc.  And, I shopped and shopped and shopped, looking for a product that would help me.  My search revealed there was no such product to treat this problem.  As I became more involved in the “mommy” community, I learned that I was not alone in my struggle.  Many mothers quietly struggle through the pain and discomfort brought about by early stage breastfeeding, plugged milk ducts, mastitis, and eventually weaning… but I knew there was a better way.

As the saying goes “necessity breeds invention” and as a born problem solver, I was determined to create a solution by creating The Shower Hug™!  It’s a therapeutic breast wrap that Mom can wear either while showering or just around the house to provide lots of oh-so-soothing benefits to women suffering from breast and nipple pain.
TLB:  What was your favorite mother’s day present to receive or give?
Andria:  Being a Mom, my favorite Mother’s Day presents are any items made with love by my little ones’ own hands and hearts.  I proudly display all of my hand-crafted goodies…painted frames, chunky ceramic pieces, clay pots bedazzled with “gemstones” and glitter…  These are my priceless treasures.  The sparkly eyes, smiling lips and proud hearts the kids wear when they present their treasures to me is the cherry on top!
TLB:  How do you keep connected with your children and take care of yourself?
Andria:  Having a special “date” with each of my children.  My son and I will head out for a movie night at the “fancy” theater nearby, and my daughter and I will attend a “Princess Tea Party” hosted by Sleeping Beauty herself.  I love family time as one big group, but I also savor spending time my kids individually.  It’s a different dynamic when you have one-on-one time …and something we all periodically need.  For me a decaf Mocha and apple fritter from Starbucks …. That is my guilty indulgence.

This giveaway is a Shower Hug to 3 lucky winners.  The Shower Hug’s retail price is $29.95.
The Shower Hug™ is Mama’s breastfeeding essential that brings welcome relief to sore breasts and nipples.  The Shower Hug is a therapeutic breast wrap designed to be worn by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers while showering and when outside of the shower too!
For many Moms, their only “me-time” in a day is their time spent showering. We believe that showers are a time to cleanse the body and renew the spirit. They are about rituals.  They are about relaxation.  They are a mini “time-out” from the demands of our lives, and sore boobs should not get in the way of Mom’s precious alone time! Worn while showering, The Shower Hug returns the serenity and renewal of the shower to pregnant and breastfeeding moms who suffer breast tenderness and nipple pain.  The Shower Hug provides ~
•    gentle bust line support for heavy & engorged breasts (particularly important when breast milk first comes in and when weaning!!)
•    a soft barrier between the pelting/stinging shower sprays and Mom’s delicate breast tissue and sensitive nipples
•    protection of cracked and bleeding nipples from harsh/irritating ingredients in toiletries
•    a soothing warm compress effect to ease engorgement, plugged milk ducts and pain associated with mastitis.
Mom may also wear her Shower Hug outside of the shower to hold therapeutic warm or cool packs with hands free convenience, and it is the perfect breast support to sleep in! It is nonrestrictive, super soft, absorbent for those pesky milk leakages and easy to nurse baby while wearing.
Other incredible uses for the Shower Hug shared with us by happy customers include:
•    perfect for wear during water birthing
•    comforts, protects & supports C-section tummies
•    eases cyclical breast pain & mastalgia
•    soothes breast pain related to breast cancer treatment & breast surgery recovery
The Shower Hug is made of an incredibly soft, double-sided knit terry velour. It is stretchy, absorbent and lightweight. It is the perfect fabric for wear in the shower, and it won’t get heavy or sag when wet. The Shower Hug stays in place without the use of shoulder straps, which means that there is no weight pulling on Mom’s shoulders or uncomfortable “digging in” of straps. We also provided an ample 4” Velcro closure to provide for size adjustability and to allow Mom to obtain her ideal fit and level of support over the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and enjoy browsing  The giveaway is open from July 27, 2012 to August 3, 2012.  A big thanks to Showerhug for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, and be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.


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Nursing Time Tea and Nipple Nurture Balm Giveaway from Fairhaven Health

Today we have a giveaway from Fairhaven Health.  Read on for details on this opportunity and an interview with Suzanne from Fairhaven Health who was happy to answer my questions about the company and shared some encouragement about sore nipples.  Fairhaven has chosen to sponsor TLB because of their commitment to healthy families.

TLB:  I know Fairhaven Health values the earth, using safe and natural ingredients, and being in tune with our bodies.  Where did these values come from and how are they implemented in your products?

Suzanne:  Fairhaven Health was started with the mission of helping couples achieve pregnancy naturally. We strongly believe that  by increasing fertility awareness (and helping women pinpoint their most fertile days in their menstrual cycle) and by helping men and women understand the role of proper nutrition and herbal support in optimizing reproductive health that many couples who are struggling to conceive  might actually have a chance of becoming pregnant without prescription medications and other invasive medical interventions. We also believe that natural products have an important role in supporting pregnancy wellness and breastfeeding success. As a result, all of the products we provide for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding, are developed by a team of experts, including medical doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists, and formulated to include the safest, most natural, and most effective ingredients available.

TLB:  Fairhaven Health clearly values family and supporting breastfeeding, aside from the products, how does the company support breastfeeding both for those within the company and publicly?
Suzanne:  At Fairhaven Health, we support breastfeeding as the optimal feeding choice for moms and babies. But, we also understand that for some women, “choosing” breastfeeding isn’t always easy. Pregnant woman are constantly bombarded with confusing messages about breastfeeding and formula feeding, and even when new moms want to breastfeed, they often lack the information and support (from peers and professionals) they need to breastfeed successfully. The American Academy of Physicians recommends exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months of a baby’s life, followed by breastfeeding in combination with the introduction of complementary foods until at least 12 months of age, and continuation of breastfeeding for as long as mutually desired by mother and baby. While we understand that these guidelines might be easily achievable for some women, for other women, achieving these goals requires a Herculean effort. We are committed to helping new moms reach their breastfeeding goals (whatever those goals might be, 1 week to 1 year or longer) and we are proud to partner with several amazing organizations that are working to normalize breastfeeding, provide moms with the evidence-based, unbiased information they need to make a truly informed choice about feeding options, and ensure that moms have the support they need from peers and lactation professionals to successfully breastfeed.We are a small, family-owned business, so putting this into practice internally is quite easy! Although we don’t currently have any breastfeeding babies in our small Fairhaven Health family, it is not uncommon to have someone’s kids (usually mine!) here in the office  after school, reading Harry Potter, making microwave popcorn (no judgement on the nutritional choices, please!), and creating extra chaos! And, externally, it is our great pleasure to support the work of the following innovative breastfeeding organizations in their efforts to make breastfeeding accessible to all moms and babies:

Cottonwood Kids: Many new mothers receive their first can of formula for free, from the hospital where they give birth. These “free” samples come at a tremendous cost in terms of breastfeeding success. Cottonwood Kids was created solely to assist in elevating breastfeeding in the eyes of families across the country and to help hospitals and birthing centers create a breastfeeding-friendly environment for their patients. Cottonwood Kids created the Healthy Baby Bag, a useful product designed to store expressed breast milk that is given to new mothers at the hospital where they deliver. Packaged inside the bag are essential breastfeeding product samples and support information for new moms. Fairhaven Health provides financial support to the Healthy Baby Bag program to help ensure that hospitals can purchase these bags at minimal cost and distribute these wonderful bags as free gifts to moms.

BestforBabes: Best for Babes was founded by Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigs, two moms eager to change the way breastfeeding is viewed in the United States. Best for Babes is the only mainstream nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of and removing the barriers (The Breastfeeding Booby Traps™) that keep millions of mothers in the U.S. from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals. Fairhaven Health is a proud to serve as Corporate Sponsor of Best for Babes.

And, last but definitely not least, we are thrilled to be part of The Leaky Boob community, helping to support the efforts of Jessica and Jeremy as they work to provide a safe, informative, and loving environment in which families can interact about all things related to breastfeeding.

TLB:  We’re giving away some Nipple Nurture Balm, what encouragement would you give to a mom dealing with sore nipples?
Suzanne:  Aaaahhhh . . .the only thing that we can say is . . .yes, it hurts so badly and yes, it will get better. Talk to your friends, your family and a lactation professional if necessary to make sure your little bundle is latching properly and then use as much Nipple Nurture Balm as necessary (it is completely safe) to soothe your sore nipples.

Suzanne on the left and Sarah on the right, known as Suzah! Represent 2/3 of Fairhaven Health's customer service team.


This giveaway is for 1 bag of Nursing Time Tea and 1 Nipple Nurture Balm; 5 winners; retail value is $26.90

Nursing Time Tea is the all-natural herbal tonic designed to help nursing mothers increase their milk flow and soothe digestive unease of both mother and baby. Nursing Time Tea brings together a select array of safe and proven ingredients to aid nursing and providing a rich spectrum of nutritive vitamins and minerals for robust and healthy breastfeeding.  Each bag of Nursing Time Tea is vacuum-sealed for freshness and contains a 1 month supply. All ingredients are organic and wildcrafted, and of the freshest and highest quality with no preservatives or additives. Nursing Time Tea is caffeine-free and has a brisk lemony flavor that is comforting and refreshing.

Lanolin-free and without harsh additives or preservatives, Nipple Nurture Balm is safe for both mother and baby. Organic herbal ingredients are combined with natural moisturizers to help provide soothing relief, heal affected areas, and even prevent cracks from reappearing.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and enjoy browsing  The giveaway is open from July 11, 2012 to July 18, 2012.  A big thanks to Fairhaven Health for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, don’t be forget to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to USA entries only.


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Snugabell Triple Prize Giveaway: Pumping, Style, and Care

Drawing from her own personal experience as a pumping mom, PumpEase™ and Snugabell creator/owner Wendy Bell has developed a product and company that offers quality support to pumping moms and now has a new line of maternity/nursing wear, the Toni Top line.  She brings together quality products that combine ingenuity with quality and fashion.  Along with a beautiful giveaway opportunity for Leakies, Wendy answers a few questions, sharing her passion, mothering wisdom, and her favorite pumping while traveling tip.  I’m so grateful for the support of PumpEase™ for TLB and all Leakies and hope you enjoy the interview and giveaway.

TLB:  What was the inspiration behind the name of your company and your products?

Wendy:  The name Snugabell comes from our last name (Bell) and the fact that our girls – Antonia and Michaela – used to ask for “snugs” when they were little, rather than “hugs”.  Actually, come to think of it, they still do!  The Toni Top is named after our daughter Antonia (Toni for short) and PumpEase is a made-up name that we came up with via focus groups and surveys.
TLB:  Where have you breastfed or pumped while traveling?
Wendy:  I am very inspired by moms that take their pumps “on the road”.  Although Snugabell didn’t officially start until my youngest was almost one, I’ve been a freelance patternmaker for over 13 years now so was always “working” even when my babies were tiny.  As a result, we didn’t travel much in those early years and thus most, if not all of my pumping was done at home.  As for breastfeeding – I did it everywhere:  at family’s homes, the mall, friends’ houses, wherever I was when my baby was hungry.
TLB:  What is your favorite travel/vacation tip for breastfeeding/pumping moms?
Wendy:  Bring extra parts for your breastpump:  membranes, flanges/tubes (in your carry-on in case your luggage is delayed or lost), extra batteries and a plug adapter if you are traveling overseas.




Wendy is giving away 3 fabulous prize packs:

Pumping Pretty Prize pack:  PumpEase in size and print of winner’s choice and Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace.  $63.00 USD
Breastfeeding in Style Prize pack:  Toni top 3/4-Sleeve Top in size and colour of winner’s choice and Breastfeeding With Comfort and Joy by Laura Keegan.  $101.00 USD
Soothing Care Prize pack:  Bamboobies Value Pack and Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter.  $57.00 USD

Currently Leakies can find these and other great products on the Snugabell website.


 Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and have fun browsing  The giveaway is open from July 7, 2012 to July 15, 2012.  A big thanks to Wendy for her ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter (PumpEase on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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Kangaroo Care teething ring and mommy necklace giveaway

New TLB sponsor Kangaroo Care is offering a lovely giveaway of a teething ring and necklace for mom.  Beautiful and original pieces for mom and baby, Kangaroo Care has something for everyone.  Varja, the mom behind Kangaroo Care, took the time to answer some questions about her company and share her favorite breastfeeding tip.  This experienced breastfeeding mom of 2 opens up about her inspiration and breastfeeding experience, supporting Leakies, and giving one lucky reader two of her lovely handmade items.

Varja and her children


TLB:  How did Kangaroo Care come to be, what was your inspiration?

Varja:  I started making breastfeeding & babywearing necklaces when my daughter was born in August 2008, but the idea to create KangarooCare brand and shop came only 2 years later, when I was pregnant with my son. My kids are my endless inspiration!


TLB:  Where are you located?

Varja:  I am located in a very “exotic” and very tiny country called Estonia, which is not Russia! 🙂 It’s an independent country and a part of the European Union.


TLB:  How are your products made and from what materials?

Varja:  I am using ONLY natural materials for making everything you see in my shop – apple and juniper wood beads, cotton yarn, 100% silk for the cords, etc. The beads that I use were made here in Estonia specially for KangarooCare and you won’t find products made out of these beads anywhere else!


TLB:  Does your family help with your company at all?

Varja:  Our family always tries to help everyone who needs help.


TLB:  Did you breastfeed your children and if so, for how long?

Varja:  Simona will soon be 4 years old and Jakob is 1 year and 8 months old, and I still breastfeed them both.


TLB:  What’s your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Varja:  Hot tea, sweet cake or a bar of chocolate, a comfortable chair and a bunch of pillows always help to normalize breastfeeding at the beginning!



Varja is giving away a Kangaroo Care wood and crochet bead rainbow teething ring and winner’s choice of any 1 necklace.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and have fun browsing Kangaroo Care’s site.  The giveaway is open from July 3, 2012 to July 10, 2012.  A big thanks to Varja for her support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, be sure to visit their Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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